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From My Heart to Yours
All my writings- articles, channelings, quotes on a gamut of subjects from the simple to the abstract
From my energy fields to yours
-Meditation transcripts and articles. A unique method of expereincing rather than understanding abstract subjects leading to their gnosis deep within
Reaching Out to the World
Published writings on a gamut of subjects - easy to read and user friendly
Divination De-Mystified
Articles on tarot, astrology, numerology, runes, etc and other esoteric fields
Dvyalok Workshops
Tarot, Bach flower classes, spirtual discourses and meditation groups with me! Also partipicant feedback!
Through poetry, parable, quotes & jokes by beloved Masters and from the world wide web
to the website, Divyaa and Dvyalok - My journey through interviews
-Byte size nuggets for soul growth
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It’s not my words that impact you
But their truth;
It’s not my knowledge that draws you
But its energy fields;
It’s not Divyaa who reaches out
But Consciousness;
Its not you I touch
But That I Am.

And That I Am as Consciousness and Energy
and Truth is in Love

As Divyaa this is My work
To be in Love with what hasn’t got a name
To hold the Love for you
To gaze with its eyes into yours
To embrace you in its fold
To permeate it drop by drop
To silently awash
To anchor you in its hold and empower you in its force.
To laugh its way into your heart and soul


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