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 “The serpent eating its own tail” -The sum total of 2012
‘All that makes up any event is inherent in its moment of inception; thus you can be in its seeming beginning, middle or end but see the whole circle for what it is. In this awareness each moment is complete unto itself.-Divyaa

Let’s use words to go beyond the words: ‘Two Thousand and Twelve’! For there are many articles, writings and channelings which explain 2012 beautifully, and instead of adding to what is already adequately explained let me reach you more subliminally. 

‘Christ’ refers to the sum total of its consciousness as does say ‘Buddha’ ‘Jainism’ or ‘Osho’ refer to all that encompasses them. These names, like ours, are only labels pointing to all that makes up each of us from the so called beginning to the current moment- and our future potentials! They are symbols distinguishing different strands within consciousness and pointing to a certain beingness or set of experiences within a larger reality. And in this can 2012 best be understood - as the symbol or ‘name’ or public face of what’s currently happening within consciousness- especially human consciousness! Similarly, the significance of Independence Day, Election Day or even your wedding (or birth) day lies not in the mere date or event itself; for they too are only markers referring to a far vaster process which begins long before, and continues long after! And in this too can ‘2012’ be better understood as a symbol of a sum larger than its parts; describing a shifting human consciousness and in that including its ‘past’ as the steps; the ‘present’ as what’s currently happening and its ‘future’ possibilities!

With this deeply within you, read not speak not and think not of 2012 as a particular year or event but of what’s happening within consciousness as a whole - indeed see within it the story of human consciousness itself! For ‘Humanity’ is but one more beautiful experience through which Spirit chooses to explore, express and revel in Itself - call it a journey, game or adventure within consciousness!  This foray can be described in many ways:  The game of separation and ignorance; The tangible material experience of All That Is; The journey of individuation from Self to self and back; The grand theme park of the universe called duality or The graduate school of Mastery! And in all these analogical descriptions we can glimpse the ‘2012 factor’ -  which is indeed encoded into its very ‘big bang’ beginning  - as that aspect of the game when its seeming separation and ignorance will be in its dissipating stages; as that aspect of the material experience which once wholly explored, enjoyed and fulfilled ( through the eras of art and science and technology) will seek expression beyond itself; as that inbuilt feature in its vehicle called the ego – which having developed from a  rusty car to a super model taking consciousness as far as it chooses to go through it – will  be ready to surrender its individuation and steering wheel to the  overall consciousness from which it arose! Indeed that phase of the journey when each human gears themselves for their ‘Masters’ degree; and humanity gears itself to unveil a new theme park where its diversity is not synonymous with conflict but with the beauty of its myriad aspects functioning in harmony! Oneness enjoying its different aspects! Each ‘one’ in sync and ‘at-one-ment’ with the ‘other’!  Each unique aspect 'in love' with their other aspects... harmony indeed!  The specialty of the human plane where differences add to oneness- like different notes making up a love song, and different strokes creating a masterpiece… beauty indeed!

Symbols don’t define or explain as much as point beyond themselves to what cannot be adequately expressed in the familiar words of our language. So allow the languages of symbols, be it the word ‘2012’ or mythology to unfurl their secrets deep within you.  We have all heard the story of Adam and Eve, their fall from grace, and banishment from the Garden of Eden. Yet at a deeper level mythology and its tales are encoded to be understood in different ways through the consciousness that hears them. And the expanding consciousness of 2012 sees not this ‘chapter’ of its larger story as sin or punishment anymore, but as that ‘beginning’ of its ‘current’ adventure in time and space!  Where the donning of the veils is not a punishment enforced by a higher power but viewed as veils of mystery, learning and play willfully chosen for their very experience! It speaks of the love, power and creativity of the human consciousness, its complete self assurance in choosing to go seemingly so far from itself in Self exploration - as the only way for All That Is to be ‘more’! The ‘apple’ (the yang aspect of consciousness and thus called Adams apple!) when cut as a fruit shows up a five pointed star embedded in its very centre -  symbolic of the material plane that the yin-prakriti aspect of Its consciousness chooses to further experience, express and expand the whole through! The dance Shakti does for her Shiva! The mirror that Shiva enjoys Self through! The tree of knowledge on which this divine (or should I say very brave!)  desire grew implies that the ‘knowledge’ we all seek so ardently is paradoxically the very origin of what we call ‘ignorance’; and the ‘mind’ that we all applaud so ardently is, as the off shoot of this venture, the origin of separation! They arise only as tools for this play within consciousness and thus once they have done their work, both knowledge and mind must be transcended into the pure beingness from which they arose- just like your game board and counter serve no purpose once the game has been played!  Finally, its much maligned serpent (symbolizing the inherent vibration within consciousness –the infinite and eternal ‘beingness’ of Itself in myriad ways)  tempts not as much as whispers that it will keep all of this intact within human consciousness for it to arise (the kundalini) as the game plays itself out. The symbol of the snake eating its tail represents the 2012 message well for they both show you the full circle… how the end and middle (indeed all stages) of any experience within consciousness is always encoded into its beginning and visible for those who choose to see!  And at a more prosaic level ‘2012’ represents that turning point within this larger circle, when what might have   appeared as hazy probabilities in the earlier stages is now palpably real! The orgasm has begun but yet to climax!

So use ‘2012’ as a symbol of the vaster consciousness it represents! View the microcosm of your reality through its macrocosmic lens! Use its larger picture to see humanity in its pristine glory! Know that its past, however checkered it may seem has perfectly served its purpose in the larger game plan.  Glimpse through it your past, present and future as Gods having an adventure! Know you are safe at ‘home’ even while seemingly out on a limb! Know that there is nothing you need to do to become Creator for we already are (and indeed wholly enjoying our creation); become aware that pure consciousness is our very fabric and the freedom we all seek our very nature- that liberation and enlightenment is not something out there for some special chosen ones in some distant future but indeed a very part of our beingness in the consciousness of 2012.

Hear it s message that karma is not punishment for deeds done, but aspects of the whole that each chooses to explore and expand for the whole! Know that blue prints and destinies are planned from complete freewill - freewill  of an order that you can perhaps not even imagine in your limited understanding of free will; know that this ‘planning’ is not done in some ‘past’ into which you are locked, but done moment to moment in connection with all that makes ‘you’. Know that desire is not a dirty word but the life force within consciousness, Divine Will indeed, which keeps the game, journey, adventure, exploration going! And as the game itself evolves so will its desires expand evolve and  transcend themselves - so seek not to cut short or suppress what you have chosen to do for the whole; for in their completion will ‘your’ 2012 be more apparent to you…will  ‘you’ graduate as Master…will you inaugurate ‘your’ heaven on earth theme park!  Will ‘your’ 2012 be in the Now instead of some future date!  Many have already touched what ‘2012’ (and beyond) implies- so tap into and further contribute to its critical mass!

Now let’s view the same through another symbolic language- the language of numerology! Just like an understanding  of the ‘roots’ from which words are derived opens up their deeper meaning, understanding the finer nuances of  ‘2012’s numbers can help us   understand it better! For numbers are not merely symbolic of the qualities and potencies they usually describe but at a deeper level - when viewed sequentially (especially from 0 to 9) - they tell the story of human consciousness! And by understanding what 5 implies in this story, as 2012 totals 5, not only does the above exploration of what ‘2012’ is all about become more obvious, but we also get a reference point, an orientation as to where ‘2012’ consciousness  stands in the larger story it describes!

5 symbolizes a phase of critical change and transformation within consciousness; that phase which  follows the consciousness of number 4 where it has reached an initial peak in its material experience .  Thus 5 plays out as that aspect of mankind which seeks to be ‘more’ than all that it already is; to explore self beyond the corporeal experience that it has so beautifully created and enjoyed; to indeed move beyond the four elements and all that is ‘known’ in search of the indefinable quintessence- call it ether, akasha or spirit! Thus is the new frontier called the 5th dimension where consciousness will be the buzz word! Thus is it a pathway only! And therein lays the challenge of 5- for it is a phase of transformation yes, but also of the tremendous change that allows transformation to be!  So come conjure with me the complexity of number 5 consciousnesses as it begins to move beyond the grounded, physical, safe and stable 4 experience! Conjure the disruption it entails in breaking free of all that is not required anymore; conjure the tumult it’s refusal to stagnate may cause on planet earth; for whether you  perceive it as unsettling or challenging… destruction or release…5’s destiny is in this moving forth  towards  its higher and finer beingness coming in!  Note: at 5 its ‘yet’ to come  in- it hasn’t ‘already’ happened- and thus 5 is the consciousness of living in the Now- for where it seeks to take you will only ‘be’ at  6 which is the consciousness of a higher material expression- love, beauty and harmony, indeed often referred to as the heaven on earth consciousness! At 7, consciousnesses goes through an even bigger or deeper change, towards an even higher experience on planet earth… the cosmic order of 8!  Peaking only in 9… to begin the game or adventure afresh thereafter… to… what? Nobody knows for that completed consciousness will decide its next adventure!

Of course when viewed in depth all digits play their part. 1 represents yang energy and 2 represents yin energy, and thus 2012 which is embraced   within two 2’s highlights the role of the divine feminine!  The first 2 is followed by the infinite power of zero, which allows the new 1 and 2 to arise in unity! Mythlogically we can trace the beginning of this aspect of ‘2012’ all the way to Draupadi’s haran (disrobing in the Indian epic Mahabharat!) For in retrospect we can see it as that symbolic catalyst within consciousness to end its experience of yang supremacy, and allow the rising of its yin beingness, towards the ultimate equality, merger, and oneness of both its yin and yang aspects- visible only in the distant 2000’s! At the very deepest levels of understanding: consciousness always steps into its games to direct them as it chooses! This is where true ‘free will’ and ‘preordained’ become synonymous! This is also the meaning behind our mythological ‘avatars’ coming to earth  to end  the conflict of adharma and dharma - when higher consciousness, not involved in the game, enters the consciousness within the game to keep it on track with its Divine will or Dharma! Dharma meaning its Divine nature… and thus adharma not meaning evil as much as that aspect of separation and ignorance that Spirit is ‘not’, but chooses to enter into briefly, in Divine Play!

The language of Tarot tells the same ‘2012’ story through its beautiful archetypes: from the ‘Fool’ pure spirit jumping into to play the human game, going through all the archetypes of ignorance, separation, knowledge and reunion to the ‘World’ card symbolizing the wholly raised kundalini of the divine human (esoterically known as the Adam Kadmon) -sprit and human as one- willfully experiencing an exalted plane in full spirit connection! The Magician card 1 and the High priestess card 2 reveal the yin yang inherent in all that appears physical and the journey through the seeming duality of male- female, heart-mind, action-stillness and the like into their ultimate oneness!  The Hangman card 12 also has a message: 12 is the number of measure within time and space -12 inches makes a foot, 12 zodiacs measure the sky, 12 hours make a day or night, 12 months make a year … and the hangman is about stepping out of this ‘time’ into the surrender of the Now and where it takes you…into a complete reversal of all that has been so far!  Judgment card 20 shows the goal of 2012- the reawakening or rebirth of the new human consciousness -is encoded into its beginning! The serpent eating its tail!    The first archetype of 5- the Hierophant speaks about constant upgradation and higher consciousness needing to be accessed through the ‘Word’ (be it spoken, written, heard from outside or within) so that each one can reach the second archetype of 5 - the Temperance card which portrays 5 consciousness at it best. As that human who having found that ‘quintessence’, merged its yin yang aspects, and gone beyond the seeming dualities   of this plane, has transformed itself through this alchemy, to move into a finely blended Higher Self and its higher experience in the Now! The image on this card shows   an angelic being with a human face; with one foot in the unconsciousness beingness of spirit, and the other foot on terra firma and its conscious experience! With an added touch many card users don’t observe…the wings are so large that they cannot be contained within the card!  Hinting at…?

So come beloveds use the symbol of ‘2012’ optimally- access your hierophants, resist not the changes any transformation must bring; feel its alchemy within you (hence around you) and enable self and thus human consciousness to fly into its next ‘chapter’… for 2012 is not some grand finale but the beginning of a new phase which in a deeper sense began at the beginning of time (and space) itself! In ending I will quote from an earlier article of mine: “There is much talk about a change in world wide consciousness ushering in a new dimension; but it must be understood that this new dimension is not some mumbo jumbo mystical plane that will descend from the skies- it only implies a critical mass of humans thinking the ‘2012’ way and thus ushering in an enhanced dimension to live in- in layman terms each of us makes the world a better place! Remember we don’t exist ‘in’ a dimension; our consciousness ‘is’ the dimension!  So yes set your inner radios to the ‘2012 frequency’ and turn up the volume of ‘more than the hundredth human’ humming “Don’t worry, Be happy”! Look for your own personal symptoms of an expanding consciousness!  Do you suddenly feel a sense of ‘all is well with me and my world’? Do you find a lack of interest in conflict? Do you find yourself unable to blame, judge and condemn quite as much?    Has brooding on some nebulous past given way to looking ahead at exciting possibilities instead? Are you having sudden feelings of connectedness - with love meaning more than your relationship with lover, child or dog? Are you smiling a whole lot more?  Don’t think you have gone cuckoo! It’s the 2012 consciousness and even as you tap into it, will it become more tangibly yours!”

Divyaa Kummar www.divyaakummar.com

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