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Come beloveds into this meditative Awareness

I Am Source ... even in seeming separation...
I Am the Universal Font...

This very awareness revitalizes the alive ever- present connection and brings our way deep inner regeneration, rejuvenation and healing. Once the work is done at the source, the whole river comes clean.

I Am All Knowing ... throughout the illusion of forgetfulness...
I Am Light ... even whilst in seeming darkness...

This very awareness connects me to the guidance that is always present, within, and all around. The universe speaks to me from everywhere; a stream of wisdom flows into my life, my vision becomes clear

I Am One ... in spite of being many
I Am One in diversity … I Am One through the different forms i adopt

This very awareness brings about deep acceptance and non judgement; I move into the gnosis that Self is All, the All is Selfless! I come into harmony with all the people, places things that I Am ... relationships are enhanced...

I Am Still, At Peace ... in spite of being in constant motion
I Am Safe at Home ... even whilst out on a cosmic adventure

This very awareness, this truth in the very fiber of my being, helps me move from the ups and downs of duality into the detachment of the trinity I Am . I move from the twins of fear and pain into the equanimity of witnessing...

I Am (on) a Journey... without a destination
I Am (on) a Quest ... without a goal
I seek knowing there is nothing or no one to seek ... this paradox
takes me beyond the seeking & the seeking self

This very awareness brings joyfulness into the Now ... I don’t miss the flower because of the greed for the fruit. I seek because it’s my very nature, my dharma, my reason to Be... i find fulfillment 'moment to moment' ... rather than at some perceived 'end'...

I Am Divine Consciousness; I am God ... I am Hu Man
Hu = Spirit/God; Man = mind/man
I Am Spirit ... in tangible form

In this very awareness I straddle both my divinity and humanity.
I surrender all that happens though a ‘me’ as the play of the Lord; I move into self acceptance; I live in at-one-ment with what is....

I am eternal, constant, unchanging
I Am changeless ... in the face of all change
The only constant is not change, but the changeless, for change is but an ephemeral experience in changeless Self

This very awareness helps me to embrace change as the mirage it is ... I discover a deep sense of anchoring and constancy... even as I enter more wholly into the flow called life

I Am Love ... in spite of many disguises... playfully exploring Itself
I Am Love ... even as I seek it through a beloved

This very awareness removes the veil of finding love on the outside and through another; I realize to be loved, I must BE Love! And the Beloved is then everywhere!

I Am eternity and its timelessness ... even whilst i live within time
I Am Infinity and It’s vastness ... even whilst I live in the boundaries of space
I Am Light and its weightlessness ... even whilst I live in seeming density

This very awareness makes me feel light – I register zero on the scale. This very awareness makes me feel vast as the sky; eternity is no longer ever-stretching time but timelessness.

I Am Nothingness ... even though I am All That Is.
I Am Silence ... even as I reverberate as The Word.
I Am beyond word or image ... even though every word and image depicts Me.

This very awareness helps me straddle both Silence and ‘The Word’. It helps me use words to go beyond words! It helps me be silent to hear The Word! It establishes me in deep inner silence even whilst I live in the outer spoken world.

I am free … I was never bound
I am free ... even in the confines of name, form and physicality
I cannot be contained ... even whist I experience Self through the constrains of identity

This very awareness, this soul memory releases me from identifying Self only through the body; it releases me from the limitations of physicality; it frees me from the expectations and attachments of the personality I appear to be. It releases all claims of any identity... liberation is not for the I but from the I.


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