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Thank you for making this course so dynamic and interactive! It has certainly infused me with a lot of clarity . My cards and I are totally charged -  soumnya 2017

Thank you! This class has been a nine of cups and you are have been both the heirophant and high priestess in one of a teacher! Had a 3 of cups of a time and I feel like the World Renee

 I second that! And I feel like the Sun ..liberated to pursue Tarot more freely !

 Thank you Divyaa....the class was superb....has completely changed the way I think....and the way i initially used the cards, its been an eye opener in more ways than give magic to the tarot ...Meeta

 Definitely all of the above plus new meanings of Tarot cards and newer ways of reading them which actually develops into a whole new perspective.  Thanks mam kamal

Loved the advanced course as all your teaching of the beginners class comes alive in this one ; the roots you sow in the beginners really sprout tall here; the foundation you lay in the beginners really allows us to build our tarot to its highest potential through this class; thank you divyaa for the amazing exercises and fun ways you use to broaden our tarot vision , it was a fun class yes, but really helped me take the promised leaps

 Divyaa mam you are an amazing teacher . I have never met or known of someone who can give so much to her students. You not only give your all but you are somehow able to make us understand even the most complex cards and nuances with such ease . Charu

 Yes ! Everything else aside, you make an excellent teacher . It is amazing how much you can get across Renee

 Thank you mam , I have to agree that while the classes with you are fun and power packed it’s your ability as a teacher that stands out Sonal


D!!LOVED THE ADVANCED TAROT…It literally was…Creatively playing with something i lovean opening up of a world which was bound up in a ton of notes ;-)and... yet again...THANKKKKK YOUUUU with deepest love and heartfelt thankfulness anju

Hi Divyaa, Loved the ‘advanced’ classes :) i really thank you and my dear friend Hamsi  who pushes me to do something that i enjoy! i was really like a student absorbing , soaking all that u have openly shared in so many ways.. Love Naina

The advanced Tarot class was extremely rewarding.........It seemed to fill in all the missing links. Spreads were very great and fun to do. Most importantly as a teacher you managed to convey it all to us so well! Highly recommended! Love bela

Hi! Di, Advanced Tarot class was a joyful learning experience to me. My tarot journey was for self healing, divination and knowing myself better. I went through a Tower phase but it was necessary for my growth. Now I am enjoying the serenity, peace and generosity of STAR. Thanks to you DI for this wonderful metamorphosis.I always prayed for guidance and help to Sai Baba of Shirdi. He send me to you. Tarot and your guided meditation has changed my life. Sheekha wants me to join your tarot III classes please, please make it happen fast. love sushma.

Hello ma'am, I wanted to tell you, I thoroughly loved the advanced tarot was very eye-opening, in-depth and a completely new way of looking at our cards....
Grateful to have got a guru like you :) looking forward to tarot 3! Warm regards, reshma.

Dearest Dee ,Thank you so much for a gateway into the wonderful world of Tarot.Tarot 2 opened us  up more into in depth meanings of the cards and opened up different ways and approaches to different spreads.Plus we got a whole lot more meanings to the  cards and a further understanding of them.Doing real life spreads also helped us interpret the cards, so that was helpful.
Thank you ,Loads of love ,Maadhuri

Dearest Divyaa,  Thank you for a wonderful learning experience and all your love and blessings. It really added to my understanding of tarot and thank you for your very thorough and in depth approach to doing a reading. Doing those readings with your guidance helped to see how to approach certain cards and not get bogged down by a too literal approach. I am seeing that one has to just have fun with the cards and read them lightly, touching upon their essence. wish you much success with publishing your book and if ever you need a designer for it, I'd love to do it. Would love to do the twice a month meetings with everyone so let's work on making that happen.Lots of love, Devika

Thank you Divyaa jiThe insights That you give to your pupils in reading the meanings of The Tarot is Fabulous. I was intrigued by the Learning and when in the first class I picked out the Wish Fullfilled card ,I knew I had arrived I used to look foreward to the class and when once I would become late I would Curse myself for the GYAN missed by me which you would understand and so subtlety again give out the meaning that I missed out .I really Loved you for that and pay obeisances to you for that .I got more attached to the class because of  your presence, who bring out the Simple Truth of a Master Amongs us, who is like a friend as well as a tough Task master when need be. I would be very glad to come for your wednesday Meditation Class.I would be More then greatful if I can be of any use to you in your Tarot Journey .All The very Best for the Book That is Comming Up I know its gonna be a Great success. May GOD shower his Choisest Blessings on You. My Guru (OM SHANTI From Lokesh

Hi Divya,These classes were more on target and fun in learning, feels we learnt more here than last class - thankyou so much for it.It went from 3of cups [sharing and togetherness/making more friends] to 3 of pentacles [ learning more skills ] to Hierophant [ understanding the nuances.]Love Neena-Await Tarot 111

Dearest Divine DD,May ur eyes b the twin lamps of Light n Love
to spread that fill harts n still minds! U r 1 of those incredibly lucid speakers who leaves a wordswoman like me speechless with your mastery. Got so much From U in Taro 2
, now wanna assimilate.Seeking blessings,warmly,vv

Respected Madam,  I wanted to Express My THANKS towards your Goodselves-that Love and Divine Blessings extended towards me. I also wanted to share my experience about Tarot 2Actually Tarot 2 Was even more Fabulous, We didnt understood when u usedto say about tarot Advance, AS it will be more fun type.. Yes It was more light, games and Fun, But by doing so You Managed toprogram our minds like an computer and from next day onwardsthe New new things started to pop up in minds which You Taught us.It was  an experience like an pop corn when cooked on heat, it startsto pop!- pop! in one corner and then POP! in other, It was the same it popped in one portion of brain and then the ideas flashed likePop! in the other area of brain..Then I realized that it was permanently installed into permanent memory of our brains .The class seemed light for us, as You had taken all the pains urself by making noteseachtime for each one, That was painstaking and while doing so you took all carein making difficult cards easy for all Individuals.It was so wonderful and Unique way of Training, never thought of such easy method of taking difficult things inside u so easily. Everything was something new whichwe never thought off.Thank you very much for being there, Nobody else could have done the way u Did. It was all so easy for us,as you had absorbed all the pain, And especially the day when u had Temp. 102  (Maybe more)which was reflected on ur face, at that moment We thought that the class would be called off. but Dont know how u managed with the same Enthusiasm, And the Class went of Smoothly, That was something really great and Divine. Without this divine power from the universe this miracle was not possible.Lots of more to share but feeling short of words.But in the end Sorry for If we caused any trouble, and for not being of any help to u, I feel sorry for all that.Thanking youYour StudentTaavinder singh

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