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An all-knowing state is what many aspirants view as the penultimate of their spiritual journey, and it is somewhat startling to realize somewhere along the way that there is no such state as ‘all-knowing’. Not even as ‘Godself’. And paradoxically it is this knowing, this recognition that there is no thing like an all-knowing God or Self that truly comes closest to it!

All That Is-‘God’- is a continually creative state of being anew; bringing to life, as Creation, its all potential…and even as that is realized, there is a new expanded pool of potential to further explore from! Expanded universes forming the basis for yet more expansion! Indeed creation is a state of being where the Whole…God…chooses not to know it all- to indeed burst out in the adventure of exploring its infinite potential…every nuance, every possibility, every probability through inestimable, never-ending combinations and permutations – and thus in your terms, unknown to even Source…the Whole…!

And this mystery of the unknown is the bliss of any creative venture- it is the propellant of the creative force- it is why creation is! Ponder on this through the analogy of your own life- what meaning would it have, would you indeed live it through…if you knew its details moment-to-moment ahead of time? Would you indeed play a game if it were charted out before hand, every throw of the dice and every move preset and you only had to do the motions? It is the unknown that beckons surely?

And thus ironically, the much-touted ‘bliss’ of God does not rest on It’s all-knowing state but quite the opposite! Whereby ‘God’, ‘Spirit’, the ‘Whole’- ‘All That Is’ –call it what you may, can sit back (centered, witness, still) and yet enjoy the unraveling of its own mysteries, the glorious surprises of its potential state! And in this then lies the secret of joyful life…not to seek to know it all, but to enjoy endless discovery! Not to feel inadequate without answers, but to view questions as vehicles to new frontiers! Not to rest in accomplishment but to seek its further explorations! Thus fear not the unknown… nor seek its end, but make place for it in your lives and welcome the opportunities it offers! That’s the point of creation- to endlessly explore all That I Am.

And lets take a clue from ‘God’ towards this- a God who is surely having his cake and eating it too…safe at home yet enjoying a glorious adventure! Be the witness! Enjoy your life and its creative endeavor much as you would a movie with its romantic scenes and violent melodrama’s…its funny dialogues and its tearjerkers- from the vantage point of knowing that the ‘you’ is safely ensconced in his seat within. And just like a God who does not know all that ‘he’ will discover through his big bang, but bursts out in complete abandon wholly secure in the knowing that it is only Its own glorious aspects that will unfurl, may you too rest in the knowing that the unknown poses no risk or harm but only the realization of potential commanded by your highest self!

Thus dearest aspirants on the spiritual path- do not aspire to merge with the Whole so that you may know all! It quite defeats the purpose! A state of all knowing is embracing the unknown; and without this joyful embracing of the unknown you cannot be an all-knowing God! Mull on this paradox…because even as you become one with ‘God’ ...'you' will begin a new game, a new creative endeavor that no body… not even ‘God’ knows...

Divyaa Kummar
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