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Close your eyes, all of you and the moment you close your eyes, make an intent to feel your most expanded, beautiful, loving, blissful self. Newcomers whenever you don’t understand something I have told you open your eyes and look at me. Keep your eyes closed through the meditation, I have explained you why…. The mind does not have the outer distractions to focus on and thus turns inwards automatically… and usually you fall asleep, but in mediation you enter the alpha state. Do not worry if day to day thoughts are coming. Let them pass by like clouds drifting….

Feel a fountain rise within you. See your energies expand. Feel a brightening in the room. And in spite of all this feel ‘still’, at rest, nothing happening and yet all around you, within you, you are OM, you are joy, you are bliss, you are like a fountain pouring out your own sweetness.

Focus on your first chakra, the root chakra, the muladhara chakra. See it pulsating red. And you three (in reference to some) see it a pearly white. All of you see it a red, pulsating, beautiful, glowing red. Understand that this is where you feel joy and fulfillment. Become aware consciously this is the chakra of tangible abundance, also become aware, this is where you feel safe, secure, protected.

And from here emit strands of your energy down into earth, deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper. Feel earth embrace you, gather you. Feel yourself being secured and planted. Feel you going through the many layers of red fresh soil to be gathered into the ultimate mother’s arms. And as you keep going down you will plant this self, your current self, your current energies into a layer of pure white crystalline rock. This is purely symbolic because where you plant yourself is Source, which is within each of us therefore the very core within Earth. For whenever you go deeper you go higher! They are the same!  Plant yourself here this firmly. And even as you do this to day, view Earth’s energy rise through the soil and come up into you, all around you. Gaia Earth is with us today. Her energies are present. Those of you, who can tune in, connect to these energies of Earth, Gaia, solid, safe, secure, protection, nurturing, abundance, joy, fulfillment of the material plane. She actually sits in front of each one of you, Earth, Gaia, Maa, Prithvi. She has come in a beautifully adorned form. And she asks you to look into her eyes and see in her reflection all that you are: joy, fulfillment, abundance, fulfillment, bliss of material plane.

From this root chakra, I want you to conjure or imagine two strands from either side, what you would call your left and right, emit and you will stretch them along the surface of Earth, so to say. Let them go vast and far and wide. Do not seek to stop them. Let these two strands from your root chakra stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch  and stop, stop do not go further. Allow them to hook or link into wherever your strands have stopped, into earth energies and you will receive from there all the gifts of Earth. You will receive from there joy, you will receive from there fulfillment, you will receive from there pleasure of being, you will receive from there abundance, you will receive from there security, safety, protection, nurturing. Allow these energies to come along these two strands into you now. See them enter your root chakra. See the red become redder, see it pulsating, coming alive.

Earth sits in front of each one of you, so that you may work with your muladhara today. View this red become a beautiful, glowing ball or lotus. See it begin to open and flower and unfurl, even as you receive all of earth’s gifts, all that you are at this chakra. See it fill you; fill up your body, your blood, your organs. Feel your own joy now, the joy of being who you are. Feel your fulfillment, feel the pleasure of being you. Feel your abundance, so full that like a flower, a rose, which cannot help but emanate its sweet fragrance, you emanate this abundance all around you in your life…in your homes, in your career, in whichever area you seek material abundance. But it must be your fulfillment that spills out.

And like the tiny bud within this rose flower so  safe, so protected by the petals all around it, feel safe, feel secure, feel protected by the petals all around it, feel safe feel secure, feel protected by all the beautiful rose petals around you. And this is this also the chakra of trust. All of you feel trust, trust of self, trust of who and what and why and where you currently are. Trust implicitly that Earth is with you, that you are at the right place at the right time wherever you are in your life. Trust that whatever you have done, wherever you have gone, wherever you are going, is what you Higher Self chooses for your highest good. Trust this implicitly at this root chakra. Know that every step you have taken, every event that happened, every person that has come into your life is only a step up to your God Self. This is the trust that this chakra demands. Trust. Allow all this to fill your body: your joy, your fulfillment, your abundance, your trust, your security, and protection and see it all flow out of your crown chakra , pooling again around you like a fountain, again entering your root chakra , flowering, watering that rose. And even as you have done this, become aware how your energy feels, have expanded are glowing. Watch your energy field, your aura around you grow, so that you mirror for Earth all that she is. Feel a little Earth, each one of you. Feel yourselves to be Earth Herself. View even as you feel this, the Gaya in front of you has merged with you. There is no separation, you are Earth, you are Gaya, you are Prithvi, you are abundance, you are joy and bliss of the tangible experience, you are its abundance. And again see this fill you up, rise within you, pour out of your crown chakra all around you, pooling around you and once again entering your root to nourish the red chakra.

Now slowly, slowly, slowly take your focus up to the second chakra, the sacral, the hara, two fingers below your navel. For all newcomers, it’s a good idea to place your hands on this. And again view two strands from here emit on either side of you and see the go out into the air, into the realms, see them stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Allow them to stop where they automatically stop. Do not stretch, more then where they stop. And wherever they stop of their own accord, hook into that realm , that dimension, trusting that it has stopped at that point from where you most require the energies for this chakra . And even as you do that, receive from this chakra now. From where you have planted your energy hooks, receive into this chakra all the wonders of the sacral chakra. Receive wisdom, information, knowledge, knowing. That is why it is known as the gut, so receive all the knowledge, all the information that you need to transform into your wisdom, into your knowing, into your gut knowing, at this chakra. Understand that all the answers are within you to be found here, therefore receive all that you need answers for. Understand that this is the chakra where you hold your fears. And therefore by this very act of receiving clarity, answers, awareness, knowledge, light, automatically there is no space for fears. See this chakra releasing fears. See it crumble, see it open. See your feras being released, shattering apart. Understand how this is done. You have made no effort to focus on your fears. You only have focused on wisdom, awareness, light and automatically your fears are releasing. Release them, release them - all your self doubts, self negations, the empty chatter and yet only focus on it filling and filling and filling with pure yellow golden light. And now observe this chakra as a pure yellow lotus or circle. This is also the chakra of balance but what you will call your health, vitality. All of you, who are suffering from any physical ailment, receive into this chakra whatever is required to heal thyself. This is also the chakra beloveds, for beauty. View your beauty at this chakra. View your most beautiful, glorious, radiant self. Feel desirable. Feel sensuous. View your glory. See it. Taste it. Feel it. Touch it. Revel in your beauty at this chakra and you will find others reflect this in their eyes. Feel energy enter you, feel vitality enter you, feel pure, yellow sunlight enter you at this chakra. See it fill your body , your blood , your organs, see it pour out of your crown chakra into a pool around your feet , again entering you and coming up to your second chakra , so that this cycle is forever on.  And even as you have done this again become aware of your energy field, your aura and watch it glow and glow and glow and glow. Understand that the flow is always ‘on’…the energies are going up your spinal, out of your crown, flowing out like a fountain, pooling around you and entering again your muladhara and your sacral.

And even while this is on, now focus on the solar plexus, your third chakra under your rib cage. Very, very, very vital chakra for the work we do. This is where you hold your view of self. From this chakra you will not see two strands leave you, you will see 360 strands leave you, like a circle, like a star. They will leave your from this chakra. You will allow them to emit far and wide, connecting you to all that is, to every other self. So what you will imagine here are 360 strands like a circle, like a star, pouring out from your solar plexus into the universe, each strand connecting to that self from where you require a quality, an aspect, strength. And then make an intent to receive through these 360 channels , 360 strands, 360 aspects of most beautiful self, whom you are connected to receive from each one that which you require most now for your self empowerment, for your strength, to claim your creator hood.. You are the power that you seek outside. You do not need to view this power through your power over others, through success, through the power of money. Feel the power cruising through you even now. And even as you tap into your power, you will view success, abundance, money, equal relationships. This is the creative power. Allow it to fill you up. Allow 360 aspects of self to send you that aspect, that quality that you most require in the now, towards self empowerment, so that you know that whatever you will be is. See it flood you, flood your body, your organs, your cells. See it rise up the spinal canal. See it flow out of the crown, poling around you and entering again And even as you do this watch your personal energy field, your aura all around you expand and glow and expand and glow. You are sitting in your three most beautiful expanded bodies already. Feel the expansion of your self, feel your joyful presence, your abundant self, your beautiful self. Feel the balance, feel the beauty, feel the inner wisdom, feel your power.

And now slowly focus on your heart chakra. Just gently become aware of this heart chakra. Do not try and view what kind of strands lead, do not direct. Your minds cannot reach where your heart holds. You will merely view the energies reflect on your heart chakra much like sunshine would reflect on your body when you lay in the sun. Conjure your self sitting in a beautiful space and the sun shinning on your heart chakra. Focus here on what you call pure love. Make an intent that at this chakra you will receive the highest, deepest, purest feelings that we have chosen to experience through creation itself. Allow yourself to be filled here with unconditional love, non judgement, acceptance, gratitude, thankfulness, forgiveness.Let us fill your heart till your heart bursts open with the sweet, sweet sweetness of this love. And even as it fills your body, your blood, your organs, your cells even as it goes up the spinal canal and out of your crown, pouring around you, you feel love for self. Understand that each and every aspect that you have experienced till now, each and every quality that you have explored is what you are in the now. In this knowing, at this chakra, focus on loving this gorgeous, glorious, strong, empowered, balanced, wise, healthy, vibrant, beautiful self. Fall in love with yourselves beloveds, fall in love with yourselves beloveds at this chakra.

In front of each of you is a physical duplicate of each of you, in the now, current now. A physical duplicate is sitting across each of you. Look at her, fall in love with her. See the beauty, taste her, give her a kiss on the cheek, smell her fragrance, touch her hands, her palms, her shoulders. See her quiver even as you do. Blend with self, fall in love with self. Employ all your senses. Let this not be spiritual. Fall in love with yourself. View your beauty, taste yourself, touch yourself, smell yourself, hear yourself sing the most beloved song. Fall in love with self. Fill yourself up with self love. And even as you do this, as you are filled with self love, watch the duplicate disappear, merge, blend. There is no other outside you. Watch your pink heart chakra. See it like a beautiful pink lotus, pink rose, pink orb. See this pink in your blood, in your body, in your organs, in yourself. See it emanate outside of you. See yoursrlf sitting in a pink ball. See the pink ball sitting in a pink room, see the pink room sitting in a pink world, and see the pink world one with creation. Try and keep your attention newcomers, it is a little long, but it will serve you well. Now slowly watch your personal energy field…it is glowing and glowing and glowing.

And now focus on your throat chakra. Again from your throat chakra, six strands go out, six strands, three what you would call upwards and three what you would call downwards, like a star formation. Do not worry if you cannot see these. Just know. And allow them to stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. And stop, stop, stop whenever it is comfortable. Hook on and receive from there, from six different realms, six different dimensions, all that you require at your throat. Understand this is the chakra from where you experience your individuality, who you are , how you are special, what’s your purpose to be, what is your very unique expression of the God Self. At this chakra we want you to become aware that you are a unique expression of the whole. God chooses to explore and experience and express itself through you. Claim this, revel in this, enjoy being who you are at the throat chakra. Understand that you contribute to making the whole you as you are now. This is also the chakra where you hold jealousies, comparisons with others. So even as you fill with your unique self, release all comparisons, release jealousy. Release release, release. Those of you who wish to employ a hobby, who wish to find a passion and activity, focus on this chakra and make an intent that, that task will come to you, that passion , that expression, that only you can do, and which in which you will find joy and fulfillment and abundance and strength and beauty and balance. Make that intent at this throat chakra. See the throat chakra as a blue, a feroza, a turquoise blue. And watch your aura, your energy field glow and glow and glow.

And now slowly take your focus up to the third eye where you would wear a bindi. View a diamond over here. View a diamond in your third eye. And allow this diamond to reflect from wherever in the Universe, whatever is required for your third eye. This is the chakra of pure intellect, pure seeing, not knowing, but seeing what you know. All of you, who wish for intuitive, psychic powers, focus on that intent in the diamond; allow it to receive what it requires. This is the chakra of being the seer, not only who sees mystical apparitions, but the seer so that you may see whatever is required by you in your day today life, so that you may get day to day clarity. Make this intent at this chakra. Understand this is a very, very important chakra because what you see within this diamond, whatever image whatever picture you see of self is what you will meet on the outside as your self , as your people, as your friends, as your loves. So today in this diamond, having worked on all your glorious aspects and selves, see the highest potential of who you are , would like to be , choose to be. See yourself secure, safe, strong, abundant, joyful, fulfilled, healthy, empowered, and successful. See yourself with complete clarity of your life path. And allow this fountain to pour out again all around you and enter you.

For the last time, as your own heightened energies enter you, focus on the red muladhara, focus on the yellow sacral, on the gold solar plexus, on the pink heart, the blue throat and the deep blue, indigo third eye. And let this all pour out of your crown all around you, know that you are your most expanded self, your most divine self. Your own divinity pours out of you, around you, permeates you, emanates from you, and emanates into your homes, your careers. In this be thankful for the experience that you have chosen through this life. And so it is, and so it is and so it is.

Before you open your eyes, we’ll make one last intent. You will ask at each chakra - to fill with whatever is require in the now and to thereby remove what is not required comfortably in the now. And that each chakra is optimally balanced for a joyous journey in the Now. I shall repeat. At each chakra you add and fill what is required and cleanse and remove what is not required, and you balance out the chakra, all chakras.

Feel your divine Self, feel your divine presence, allow your divinity to fill you, pour you, emanate around you. And even as you open your eyes, be consciously aware that this new you will attract to you the new, in keeping with the person that you are. Teachers , guides, students those who will help you, those whom you can help, those experiences , those incidents, those events, those homes that are fully aligned with the new energy field.

MUSIC PLAYED: Newcomers may open their eyes…the others will connect to this music and emanate the energy so that each one in this circle , Hamsi, Anju , Monica, Niku emanate your energy so that each one in the circle can make the most of the energy work done today. You need not know how to emanate…its happening automatically, automatically. You are so full that your fragrance is spilling out and filling them, like the flowers here. I want the four of you to focus on your solar plexus. Just know that you are all that is and automatically your fragrance is working with all your other selves, just the way they want it.

All the others just be in a state of receiving, just receiving, just fill. And the five of us must only emanate, only emanate. New comers see yourself being filled with something there are no words for. I want each of you newcomers to see your most joyous, fulfilled self, see this joyous, fulfilled self , head thrown back in a joy that you have no words for. Keep that image.

Anju , Hamsi, Monica, Niku open your eyes and look at your group. With eyes open, maintain this love that you are sending. Look at each one. Yes Anju will also need to turn around but she will not break the connection, as she will look at each one with her eyes open with this love. Emanate to each one Anju.

Whenever you all are ready, you can open your eyes.

Was it too long for some of you?

 wo or three of you were not receiving. Identify if it was you. Two or three of your were blocking out. Others were receiving very beautifully.

My deepest love and thankfulness to each one of you.



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