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I am going to take you through a guided meditation… guided meditations work in many ways. I have spoken about it before, so a small reiteration… that through a guided meditation actually we are able to experience or become more experientially aware about the intellectual truths and the mental concepts that we have been hearing through the years. It works very much like seeing a movie. A lot of people who saw the movie Secrets and or What the Bleep all went wow in the understanding of what they may have hearing or reading for many years… but when you see it in the movie somehow it clicks, and you understand it deeply… and that’s really what a guided meditation helps you to do, because you see it like a movie within you, and even more important you are taking part in the movie… so, at very deep subconscious levels your participation makes its understanding more than intellectual truth. Also, once you close your eyes, your focus turns inwards as there is no outer activity for the mind to focus on and this helps you come into a alpha state of consciousness which and aids experience rather than intellectual understanding…

Thus what I have been doing with few friends and students is holding groups where I take them through guided mediations on intellectual concepts, and what we are really doing is using words to go beyond words, because words are only finite means of expression and the finite cannot touch the infinite. So through guided mediations –we use words yes- but to touch the essence beyond words and each get own inner Eureka’s somewhere down the line. Because all of here have a lot of information, a lot of knowledge, lot of gyan- But now these universal truths need to resonate in our energy fields. They need to be what we are resonating within and therefore without. And that is really what wisdom means. Wisdom is not intellectual understanding. Its when your energy fields are resonating to what you are hearing day in and day out.

Also- guided mediations are a beautiful way of raising your energies or maintaining already heightened energies... And this is simply because energy follows thought. And what we are doing in a guided (or other kinds) of meditation is a very clear honed wilful focus on our deeper aspects… higher aspects… on our divinity. Our very focus and awareness of these deeper aspects brings alive this Self within us… as awareness and focus is in itself a life force…and we experience that which we know through words. And of course if your energy fields are ‘raised’, all of us here already know the laws of energy,…if you are vibrating at a higher finer frequency you are attracting like wise ; and more important your energy fields resist anything to the opposite. They resist the lower anger, judgment, sorrow…etc etc automatically…. they are in a state of resistance to anything but the joy of self!

In analogy - think of a camel that can traverse the desert more easily due to his store of water within him. Through regular meditation –you are actually creating and carrying this strong vitality energy field within you and so as you traverse through your day it doesn’t get dissipated through the ups and downs of day-to-day events…you have a tank full of joy and blissful Self! Of course one doesn’t need to do `meditation’ as a formal process…I can just connect instantly to, my higher self, my deeper self, my Godself … whatever words you want to choose…but this is as quickly dissipated through the very next problem or stress that arises… and through mediation (guided or otherwise) we have so to say… been in that ‘space’ of our higher divine self for a longer time…. so our finer vibrations are actually filtering through our spiritual bodies our mental bodies, emotional bodies, physical bodies, cells, molecules… through all that ‘time’… They are actually going deeply to our sub-conscious and activating the unconscious mind … and when the unconscious becomes conscious we experience what is called supra-consciousness! This is why meditation makes us feel in very heightened states of being… Raised energies are akin to moving from beta to alpha, theta, delta and even gamma states of being…it will be different for each one …but through regular practice of meditations we all can touch the higher frequencies…and indeed regularity trains our bodies so to say to more easily access these…with less and less effort… to it being our natural state of being! Much like we initially work out to develop our muscles and then they just are…but a work out always aids in maintenance!

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