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The recognition of the Natural Great Completeness does not provide an escape from the experience of being human. Rather, it brings an end to the restless desire for something more or other.

Someone was discussing their fascination with extra-terrestrials and astral realms and higher life forms and dimensions ...and a discussion arose on whether this interest & exploration implies spiritual growth as it is often considered! Many on the spiritual path develop a fascination for other realms and dimensions, their games, their life forms....and somehow think that the exploration of other worlds and dimensions and life forms implies spiritual growth.

And yet at the deepest of levels it must be understood that the exploration of other worlds and realties ....is just another 'game' you are entering; another illusion you are focusing on; another Maya you are getting yet into! Many of those other worlds and realities maybe more expanded ... of higher vibrations and thus closer 'home' ...but yet they are part of the illusion! And no- there is nothing wrong if that aspect of 'All That Is'... fascinates you...but be in awareness that it is just another aspect of self… a part of the game… a different game and thus very fascinating… but part of The Illusion.

So enjoy, explore, and experience it in that awareness! In the conscious knowing that just as different people are drawn to different aspects of the physical/human game (and this is what creation is all about…oneness exploring its different aspects) people are also attracted to other games…astral realms… aliens…etc! In this awareness yes it can be mind-expanding if viewed as another facet of self exploration. It can be expanding if that game enables your own. But in getting too involved in it or in imbuing it with a grander tag than your humanness and getting attached to that beingness… by using it to escape from your humanness…in replacing physical desires with these 'extra terrestrial's ones… in thinking it is the ultimate…it can become another area to get stuck in! Then it becomes more dangerous … as we think our engagement with the astral/higher world is taking us out of maya ...that we are closer home or evolved.... but we are indeed getting further entangled! The danger is not the alien/astral world.... but our unawareness of it being part of maya...

This is one of the reasons most Living Masters …Gurus… do not highly emphasize this aspect; because it can so easily become another pull/bait/attraction to keep you within the game… rather than moving beyond it! You swap the human game and its desires, attachments and illusions ....with another set! Indeed some stop focusing on the human game they came to play and master and use to move beyond illusion …and make this seemingly larger alluring reality their main focus! It is not that these Living Masters are not aware of these dimensions…but they allude not much to it…they underplay it… because they want to lead you out of the game…Maya…illusion itself…not merely into a seemingly higher game ! They want to lead you to beyond self…not merely into fascinating aspects thereof! They want to move you beyond Consciousness…not to merely a finer expression of it! And knowing how humans love mystery (why they chose the human game ;-)))…and how they love the seemingly 'higher'... they keep you away from it till you are beyond getting enraptured…entangled; till you can see it for what it is… another aspect of Maya/illusion to take a peek into…but not get attached to that experience....and indeed to not mistake it for The Absolute.

So stand not apart from it; if it beckons
Embrace its experiences if they come your way...
Dwell in it not however
Know it for what it is
Mistake it not what it isn't

Ultimately it will not beckon
Not because it is 'less' meaningful or more
But because nothing will.

And no you will not be bored
but complete
You will just Be
In every NOW!
Wherever it currently is!


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