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Self-responsibility unravels: we all begin by placing responsibility outside self, feeling and saying: “You are responsible”.

Then at some point in life, this sense of responsibility expands to an acceptance that we too play a part- that both the other and self are responsible and we move to feeling or saying: “We are responsible.”

Authentic spiritual growth however begins from the turning point “I am responsible”! In this we move from ‘you’ are responsible and ‘we’ are responsible to complete Self- responsibility.

Once we have truly imbibed this it expands to the deeper understanding that ‘No one is responsible’! We realize the Divine is immanent in everything and everyone and everything happens or not as it must.

We then take one more leap - to the eureka that there is ‘nothing to be responsible for’!  Eastern and western concepts like Maya- the play of creation, Shakespeare’s ‘the world is but a stage’ and even quantum physics theory of the ‘Now moment’ have tried to ‘describe’ this deepest of understandings but truly, can only point towards it. In analogy, it is like getting up fro a dream of your house being burgled. Who would you hold responsible for what? This is the awakening spoken about as enlightenment!

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