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I paste my last speak at the Sundays meetings…to which I have added a bit…to include you all…in this thankfulness… that fills me as I stand poised at yet another new threshold!

Beloved friends, present at the meeting and those who may receive this on mail

I wish to thank each of you individually for the very vital role you have played in my journey: my journey to Self, and in helping me prepare for my larger mission of reaching out in whichever way its unfolding…

I get a sense of déjà vu; hurtling back 4 years ago when I was first sitting here …and while nothing has really changed, everything has changed…. A few days ago I was thinking: what has this all been about? My journey as one of the mediums and leaders of jade fire group…? And I realized that a very vital part was the blending of all our energies; blending of our strengths, our potencies, our very consciousness, blending of something for which there are no words. So that each of us has become a sum larger than our individual parts; that’s what we are each using wherever and however we are reaching out to people…

Of course, today is not an ending but a beginning. It reminds me of the Big Bang: expansion through dissolution. So we’re all going to unfurl our individual unique purposes, our special missions. We’re all going to do only what we each can do and yet, wherever we’re reaching out or wherever our paths are going to take us …Jade Fire, whatever Jade Fire means to each of us, is going to be more and more strengthened and ‘alive’….

I thank Ellaeenah and I thank Sohrab and Zaf and I thank all of you beloved jade fire freinds…and as I am sending this as mail to my other groups I thank beloved oxygen group…from where I literally started. They are the mothers who birthed the new Divyaa. I thank Tuesday fellow travelers for their continued zest and zeal and love for each Tuesday over 4 years now! Who literally set the pace for more and more…and facilitated me to come into my own! I thank my fellow meditators …wordlessly…through ‘That’ we each become! I thank tarot lovers for their role in being part of my passion…! And I thank each one again for showing me how in every reaching out there is so much learning and growth…and how much, how much have I learnt from all of you!

I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, all of you; thank you beloved masters each on of you, thank you for showing me a world of empowered, joyous, fulfilled beings. Thank you for showing me fellow travelers who know that every now is perfect; we’re perfect as we are now and yet, there is so much more to grow and to know.

I’m going to read out a small poem of what this journey is for each one! My own started years ago through satsangs and avid reading of spiritual texts …of all kinds…I call that Phase 1: very academic, very intellectual, yet a profound backdrop for the seed to quickly flower. And it did in these last 4/5 years…for it is in these years that I can say that there has been a change in consciousness. I think I speak for all of us; none of us can ever be the same again; we’ve changed the way we think, the way we feel. That’s really what the last few years have done for all of us…and I thank Jade fire and Seth …I marvel at the way ‘both’ aspects came into my life…almost simultaneously… for the interplay that occurred within me through both these ‘energies’…I would view it in the early days as a dance, with each master whirling me into the arms of the other…and then twirling me back…and I view now, on retrospect, how I was initiated …tutored to dance on my own…with all of you whom I reach out to!

These are 2 poems I’m going to read to you; one poem is from an e-pal- a Shiva Bhakt a modern mystic and a writer. It’s a very simple beautiful poem and shows how we have been traversing chakra by chakra, over the last few years.


Now that I’ve bought the new car, acquired a bungalow, I felt great;
But the man in the corner of the street, he smiled only at the first chakra.
(This is the abundance we all tapped into).

Now that I’m married to a beautiful woman, I had a wife and it was all fun;
But the man in the corner of the street, he smiled only at the second chakra
(The joy and love of life... )

Now that I’ve won the election, I’m the mayor, damn it!
But the man in the corner of the street, he smiled; he was seated in the third. (Your power at the more mundane level)

Now that I’ve turned to poetry, I feel it;
But the man in the corner of the street, he smiled; you know the heart.

Now that I speak it well, I am good;
But the man in the corner of the street, he smiled; you have found you’re speaking God.

Now that I meditate, I know at the brow;
But the man at the corner of the street, he smiled: What do you know?

Now I rose to the seventh; to the highest high;
And the man at the corner of the street, he was center-stage; and he was I.

I think we’ve all gone through these 7 chakras and we’re still going up and down sometimes and we’ve all come to center-stage, so I thought that this would sum up for today. Thank you shail!

And a small Rumi, because I can’t go without a Rumi.

I woke one day and looked in the mirror. What did I see? Me.

I looked at my friends, family and relationships and what did I see but me.

I looked at my world and what did I see but me, again.

I died in the physical and integrated into the spiritual and what did I see? Oh my God! You’re a splendid mirror of me.

We think we mirror God but the Whole mirrors what we each are. And that is one realization that we have all claimed over the last few years! So enjoy…explore…all your myriad facets!

Thank you, all of you.
Thank you zaf and Sohrab
Thank you, Ell
Thank you Jade Fire
(Ellaeenah: Through Divyaa I learnt I could have a female friend. I never had one before and I don’t think I’ll ever have one who’ll be so good and strong; someone I so respect for her strength of wisdom.)


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