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“A New Consciousness”
“I can feel it in my fingers; I can feel it in my toes”

“Don't worry, be happy.”

Suddenly everybody’s singing this song, and there is much talk about a change in world wide consciousness ushering in a new dimension. And perhaps you look around and wonder, or even scoff, but by understanding what is really meant, you can instead add to this happiness quotient rather than to the doubts and worry.

Your consciousness is not some mumbo-jumbo out of reach mystical aspect of self - it only implies your belief system! The sum total of what you think and feel about self, life, the world, universe and God. A new dimension is not some mumbo jumbo mystical plane that will descend from the skies- it only implies the critical mass of human consciousness - enough people thinking the same way! And as enough of us expand our belief systems, we expand human consciousness, and indeed usher in an enhanced dimension to live in! In layman terms each of us makes the world a better place!

And if you really want to know the state of your current consciousness: look around you! For your current reality is a mirror, a physical reflection indeed of your personal consciousness. And those areas of life which appear to be like misshapen eyebrows, not exactly in the shape you choose, are literally showing you where you need to thread away your limited thinking. And as you change your limited perspectives and move beyond “what has always been” to “what is there currently to know”; as you move from “this is what I am” to encompass “what can I become”; as you move out of the safe pond you have lived in and dare to dream for more… your relationships change, your social political and economic environments improve, your planet indeed progresses!

When was the last time you looked at life and were stunned? Stunned by the realization that you’re alive, stunned by the infinite order that exists? Stunned by the realization of life’s gifts? And as enough of us make this stunning change within, it indeed reflects all around and hey presto- we have a new dimension, an improved human experience to then further explore and add to!

Don’t worry, be happy- yes it is a catching refrain! And a word of warning: consciousness is more catching than the latest fashion trends! This is often called the ‘Hundred monkey syndrome’ based on an experiment (by Ken Keyes) which initially observed this critical mass effect! On a selected island, Ken and his team would feed monkeys their favorite food of sweet potatoes; purposely dropping them onto sand which monkeys dislike- thereby enforcing them to remove the sand before eating! Over a time period they observed not only new born monkeys instinctively wash their potatoes before consuming… but soon the majority of monkeys even on other islands doing the same! Ken realized that when ‘enough’ monkeys began to think that way…it had ‘spread’ to most monkeys!

Beloved readers, humanity has seemingly gone past the hundredth human humming “Don’t worry, Be happy”! So look for your own personal symptoms of an expanding consciousness! Do you find a lack of interest in conflict? Do you find yourself unable to judge and condemn quite as much? Has brooding on some nebulous past given way to looking ahead at possibilities instead? Are you having sudden feelings of connectedness - with love meaning more than your relationship with lover, child or dog? Are you smiling a whole lot more? Don’t think you have gone cuckoo! It’s the new consciousness and even as you tap into it, will it become more tangibly yours!

Divyaa Kummar

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