OUR JOURNEY WITH THE PLANETS & NODES- how the planets work in our charts
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The Sun is the center of the solar system. Similarly your Sun’s placement reveals the core of what you have chosen to be ,achieve, express as; your primary drive!

The Moon’s placement  represents your inner, emotional life & the subconscious; your responses based on the ‘past’; what you have already done & developed, hence what is instinctive &  natural to you.

Mercury’s placement represents your mental life, basic attitudes and communication. It shows how you receive process and disseminate information.

Venus: your love nature-how you express love & approach relationships;what you aspire for in life as good or beautiful; the social activitiesyou are drawn to.

Mars: Your energy, will, grit & assertiveness. It shows how you aim &  empower self toward goals;   your fundamental passions & areas where you tend to be most active.

Jupiter the king or guru shows your values, deeper philosophy & where you feel confident& lucky! Also which area of life you have chosen to expand , receive in  & contribute  to others! Administration skills!

Saturn the taskmaster: shows where you feel restricted; your obligations & challenges;  yet it equally rewards discipline, hard work and perseverance in these areas!

Uranus shows your areas of originality & unconventionality. Where you seek ‘freedom’- that which transcends known limits; and areas of sudden changes!

Neptune shows areas where you seek perfection - an higher ideal! As ruler of the ocean, namely the unconscious it also depicts spiritual aspirations, dreams & areas of illusions and going beyond them .

Pluto: shows areas where you make your most fundamental & potent  changes- your compulsive behaviors & the ability to transform this deeply unconscious nature.

The South node (Ketu) shows areas already traveled in your soul journey; where you may rest or get stuck in; North node (Rahu) points to areas you have chosen to explore & experience and may resist or enter deeply! They are two ends of a continuum, not opposites!

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