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Dearest All

Awakening to my own infinite nature and sharing it with ‘other' aspects of self – towards their own discoveries, journeys and awakening would perhaps best describe my current beingness. So yes I call my self a spiritual facilitator, but that’s just a term… a pointer perhaps to where words can’t go! And I find this … going beyond words… increasingly playing a role in my reaching out- and yet words are required to get us ‘there’! And thus I embrace both aspects as and when required- reaching out through ‘The Word’ (weekly discourses, occasional workshops, tarot classes and writing (various magazines, newspapers, mailing lists); and through ‘My Beingness /Energies’ (guided group meditation sessions and personal sessions which play out in eclectic ways)

From my heart to yours: it is not really about finding our divinity as much as it is about our divinity finding us …indeed engulfing us in its ongoing embrace! All you need to do is be open to the steps ‘you’ bring your way! Thus ‘spirituality’ and life need not be two separate compartments but a joyous whole pervading your very being and reflecting all around you: personal lives, environment and world!

And ah to those who ask me how did it all come to be...truly...it all just happened ..! And continues to! I cannot truly point out a beginning... and certainly there is no end. Thus I tend to reach out passionately and simply – so that it ‘happens’ naturally and with ease for you too! Indeed “automatic” is a favorite word amongst those I reach out to - in reference to how they enhanced life- and- sense of Godself.

My own journey, completely intuitive and spontaneously unraveling within ...incorporates both traditional ancient wisdom and the more contemporary 'new' age understanding.... and is a mix of Gyan, Bhakti, Kriya, Karma yoga…! And science…! And life beautiful life…!. The path has been pathless, leading to zen/karma yoga...simple life beautiful life being lived through a 'me'. Everything has changed and yet everything comes back to being the same ...i chop wood and carry water based on whatever the ‘wood’ and  ‘water’ implies in 'my 'life.And thus I reach out through this eclectic blend…calling it simply: The Larger Picture! For that is all it truly is…! Or takes! Looking at self, life, the other and God through a larger (and larger) lens! Somewhere along this wondrous journey i 'met' Babaji....and became a vehicle for him to reach out in ways He deems best...be it through discourses, writing, simple guidance or energy work/meditation- a personalized form of Kriya which Babaji does with groups through a 'me'.

My dream is to establish Dvyalok where each one may come and find their Upaguru…the guru within! Where each one can create a path tailor made to them! Where enlightenment is the means and the goal is Love, Joy and Fulfillment in the here and now! Where you divine light glows stronger by the day sparking of another’s and another’s… yet wholly open to receiving from another and another…each one unique and inviolate and yet merging into One…a Dvyalok indeed… heaven on earth! Consciousness reveling and exploring itself in myriad ways!

Dvyalok… enabling each step of the journey from personal consciousness to universal consciousness to beyond…none better or higher or lesser…

Dvyalok…divine wisdom, divine experience, divine fun, laughter and joy; divine Love…

Dvyalok…eternal rest …in the infinite activity of here and now!

Love from my heart to yours, Divyaa Kummar. 2007

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