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Abundance is your birthright

Abundance! An aspect of life we all resonate to! And the combination lock that opens up this universal storehouse is as easy as 123! 1- The acknowledgement deep within us that abundance is our birthright 2- I am creator: fine tune the art of manifestation 3- Abundance consciousness (and moving away from lack consciousness)

Let’s get the first digit quickly into place: and know that life is about fulfillment! That destiny indeed is a plan unique to each one based on what they want to experience in each life and thus allows you every opportunity to have it all! We indeed choose those time and space coordinates to be born into, which gives us all the props to enable this. And it is only your belief that life is about pain, problems and lack that comes in the way. At this point, also become aware if you are fumbling around with the wrong starting digit…in believing that the material realm is ‘less than’, inferior or ‘bad’ compared to the spiritual. Indeed spirit permeates the material world which is made up of consciousness and energy, and only your guilt in enjoying the material world or your belief in holding it separate from spirit distances it’s abundance from you!

Having that in place lets move to getting number 2 into position! For truly abundance is synonymous with claiming your Creatorhood and fine-tuning the art of manifestation. For then you become the source…and manifest from that vantage point. More so you move away from greed and its pitfalls for as creator you do not feel the need to hoard, increasingly becoming confident that abundance will come as and when you require it. At this point you may well wonder where is this creator within you? Which part of you is creator? How do you find this much touted Creatorhood! And the answer beloved reader is that your Creatorhood is in your belief system: your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings and the very lens you view life through! For these become a moment – to- moment command to energy that surrounds you into becoming the material people, events and things you call your reality!

This works according to certain universal laws; invisible to the naked eye yes, but just like you see the effect of gravity in the apple falling down, and the effect of electricity in your lights coming on, you see the effect of these universal laws through life! And simply put, the point of first creation is within you! And your outer material reality, its abundance or lack of, is only the point of second creation; indeed the reflection of all that you hold within you… your feelings and thoughts… of fulfillment, joy, wellbeing, or fret, fuss and fears. And as creator you can consciously choose your thoughts…choose to be co-creative, focus on the positive, become aware that you impact energy through your every thought!

And thus we come to the last digit on your combination lock! Abundant consciousness! Embracing an 'abundance mentality’ implies giving up ‘scarcity thinking’ and a refusal to think in terms of limits. And you may well wonder how one does that when there is not much money in the bank? Think of all that you do have! Enjoy it, and feel rich through the various areas of your life…friends perhaps, or skills…it is the essence of having plenty that you need to tune into. If you feel bountiful through any area, if you have a sense of well being, if your focus is on how much potential there is…it will be reflect as the more material abundance in your life. Do not begrudge another their abundance or success- know that there is more than enough for everyone for there is no scarcity, only limitlessness. Indeed giving and receiving are different aspects of the same flow of energy …so give that which you seek, and keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your lives!

Abundance is an attitude! Reflecting in material ways! Thus know it is your birthright, know it is another expression of spirit, know you have come to experience fulfillment more and more! For only those who ask for more can get more and only those who know there is more, ask! Quote Rumi: “Know that you have come for the best of days, for life that only gets better; how tasteless the wine not poured from this cup…”

Master this combination beloved reader, and tune into abundance as easily as 123! Ayn Rand knew this years ago: “The world you desired can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours.”

Divyaa Kummar

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