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                 MEDITATION – UNION OF OUR BODIES – 07/08/07

I just want to remind you all that we’ve done many methods over the last few months ‘to connect’ with expanded aspects of self immediately. So feel free to use any of them, the mantra’s, the chakras, the ball… whatever… all these ‘meditations’ help you get into theta states…to expand your personal energy fields… and soon you build up  that instant ‘connect’!

Now view above you, high in the sky, so to say a round ball, like the moon glowing. Let this be some where up in the sky above you, a large moon, glowing. And yet firmly seeing that, come back to your consciousness in the current self, the current body.

Become aware of your physical body, your physical self. Now become aware of that energy sheath around the physical self that we are call the etheric body. It is about an inch outwardly, exactly the shape of your physical body. Tap into this. Feel it in whichever way you can. View it if you like but become aware of this.

Now around that along the same shape so to say, conjure yet another sheath, yet another body we will call our astral body, or what is your emotional body, both being the same. This is far vaster and larger, perhaps a couple of feet more. It is the emotional body. It is that part of the ‘mind’, if you wish, that part of your ‘energy field’ if you wish, that part of ‘you’ if you wish , where you feel, where all your emotions are stored.

Now become aware that even here in this emotional body, there are two distinct bodies, what we call the lower emotional body, and the higher emotional body. Become aware, beloveds, become aware of the slight differences. So first tap into the lower emotional body. This is where you store and feel your day to day emotions, even what you call the lesser emotions, the pain, the anger, the worries and yes, the day-to- day positive emotions. Now focus on the higher astral or higher emotional body, which is pure love, which is pure love. Love not as the emotion, love not as the feeling, but purely all that is. That love which chooses to explore all its nuances …which chooses to explore all that it is. And allow your lower emotional to be fully infused with the higher emotional. Allow this force of love, ‘it is it is’, free will, describe it which ever way you like , but allow this love to permeate your lower emotional body. ‘Be the effect’ of the higher emotional in the lower emotional! Feel certain stillness, feel a certain expansion, feel a certain ‘love’. And in this, the lower emotional body ‘automatically’ releases what is not compatible with this. Those of you who need colors may view the lower emotional as pink and the higher emotional as light turquoise green.

Now become aware, distinctly aware of yet another sheath, yet another body, our so called mental body, wider, vaster, a certain stillness, Shiva, so to say.  Feel stillness. Again become aware that there are two distinct mental bodies, one lower and one higher. The lower mental body corresponds to your current mind, the lower mind, the limiting beliefs, the limiting thoughts and ideas. And the higher mental mind is all the highest potentials of what you can be….highest beliefs. Archetypes indeed for the human game!  It’s where you store the knowledge or knowing of creator hood, of being abundance, of being love, of being power. This is also where you store the universal archetypes to tap into as you expand from the human game!  And once again permeate this body into your lower mental. See your higher mental permeate your lower mental. Be the effect of your highest self, your highest potentials. And allow in that, the more limiting beliefs to automatically dissolve and dissipate…

And now become aware of one more body, one more sheath, what we call the spiritual body. Do not try and label it. Do not try and define it. Because in any label, in any definition, you limit it. Therefore, just be aware that this is all that I am. And now become aware that, as you have been doing this, this ‘spiritual body’, this expansion, this light is merging with you from above. You have expanded to that, and ‘you’ and this moon and your spiritual body are merging, so to say.

And yet the ‘moon’ we saw initially is distinct from this spiritual body. And this moon today is symbolic of your soul, what you all call your soul. Yet see how you are literally connected to the soul. See the fluidity. Feel how moment to moment you are connected…to all your bodies back to spirit! Your soul flows into your spiritual body, which flows into the mental, which flow into the emotional, which flows into the etheric and which manifests into the physical. You- current you, your energy signature, is that entire range from the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric to current. It is your energy signature, your vibration. It is like your first name in the universe and yet the soul is like your surname, your family name in the universe. They both have a uniquely distinct energy signature. And now view all ‘around’ the moon- what you will call your past, present and future aspects- all rising out- in the same way as you have emerged out to current self. And therefore each past and each future self has their own individual first name energy signature. And yet all of you share the surname, the family name, the soul energy.

And now look above the soul, the moon is also merging into something. It is merging into what we will simply call... spirit… for today, Divine Spirit, God Self All That Is. And therefore you soul while it has its own surname, it merges into what we call the one God, creator, Divine Spirit. Therefore feel how you are in energy terms always connected, literally, moment to moment, to creator, to soul, to spiritual body, to your highest potentials and Love.

In this knowing now draw wholly, consciously, quiet in the reverse the way we started. Become aware of your soul, the moon. Feel its love, feel its abundance, feel its wisdom, feel its empowerment. Feel its urge to explore all the facets of self.

Descend into your spiritual body, Tap into this spiritual body consciously, invite it, and see it infiltrating, permeating your mental body. Feel your expansion as this mental body, the higher mental body, and see it permeating into your emotional body, the higher emotional body. If you need an extra term, you can view the mental body as Shiva, and the emotional body as Shakti and the spiritual body as Void. Each of these aspects that you have been exploring week after week, are in your body, in your energy fields. You are constantly connected. And allow all these to permeate your etheric body, that sheath closest to you, inches around you . Understand that the etheric body is a real tangible body in energy terms. Most of you think tangible as physical, but tangible is not physical. Physical is a reflection. It is this etheric body which is ‘real in energy terms’ and your physical body is only its reflection! Whatever is in the etheric body must be in your reflection of the physical body. It is indeed the template!

And therefore, work with the etheric body, beloveds permeate it; fill it with the divine creator, with the soul, with the spiritual body, with the highest of your mental bodies, highest of your emotional bodies. In this template, the etheric body, view your most glorious, physical current self, shape, color, style that you desire. If you wish to be with child, visualize it here, in the template, this body filled with the pleasure and bliss of conceiving. View your abundance here beloveds and it must reflect in your physical. View your wisdom, view your love, view your joy, view your beauty, and view your vitality, good health. If any of you have an area where health is not optimal View the positive in the etheric body and it must be in your physical.

And now come back into current body, viewing your current body in terms of this spiritual body, void, in terms of this mental body- Shiva, in terms of your emotional body, love-  as Vishnu or ShAakti…view it in terms of all the very best you have explored for Godself and Creation…as soul. And of course while you have viewed them one ‘outside’ the other, all these bodies actually go one within the other into the creator you are –source! So the Creator has within ‘him/her’ your soul, and within that soul is your spiritual mental, emotional body, within that your etheric, and within that you. You have never left home. You are not far away. You are completely enfolded within me.

And now become aware of what you call your aura, your energy fields. See them swirling, beautiful colors, your most expanded selves. With this image firmly in mind, sit in your class today; go out on your outings today. Do this moment to moment wherever you are going, wherever you are walking, know it is this aura that is always present. It is your focus on the limited that makes it that. So become aware of all these bodies that are always one within the other… you. Walk into every room, into every situation, wholly conscious of how creator, soul , highest visions of you, the deepest love that is , is always walking along with you, is a part of you. Walk into important meetings with this aura, walk into classes with this aura, walk into wherever you are going with this aura. Use these auras beloveds, use these auras. Send them out to humanity. When you are going for a walk on the roads, walk with this aura. So that those who need it will receive from it. Be in 24/7 touch with these auras, and you will palpably feel this Self in current physical incarnation! And now from this power of your most expanded energy field…send these vibrations  to Earth, to Gaya. Let her do with it what she requires….

My deepest love and thankfulness to you all…





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