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Expanding your consciousness is balancing of karma; Expanding your consciousness back to universal consciousness is finishing karma!

SANCHIT- Simply put sanchit karma is your sum total of balance karma from all your lives.  This is stored in your causal body (the soul); and it is from this accumulated store house of your karma’s- that you choose a portion to explore, experience, expand, disempower in every current life.  Thus sanchit karma operates through your prarabd karma.

However when viewed deeper, 'your' Sanchit Karma is ‘your’ reason to Be… indeed your purpose as an unique individuation of the Whole. It stores or describes That portion of the Whole that ‘you’ have chosen to explore experience, expand, disempower for the whole! Or that experience of Itself, that the Whole as individuated as ‘you’, for! Thus there is no judgment against any seemingly negative sanchit karma- it is the role you as the Whole are playing for the Whole- towards its Self exploration. As the Whole individuates into zillions of units of consciousness- into zillion ‘selves’ – each individuated  unit/each self- often called monads- willfully choose to explore a certain range of Its ( The Whole’s ) attributes-qualities  and nuances … willfully choose to know All That I Am…  and thus its flip side of all that I am not! 

If viewed from another angle sanchit karma is that part of the game of separation... of Dharma –Adharma that ‘you’ as the individuation have chosen to play- as the Whole for the Whole! Dharma at its deepest refers the inherent nature of… God/Self … the Cosmos/ Universe; It refers to the attributes of God…Love, Abundance, Wisdom, Will, Beauty, Freedom, Expansiveness, Stillness, Momentum Play… etc etc etc; thus it refers to the laws of the universe! Adharma is only that which is not in sync with That I Am! And indeed it’s something I/Self/ God choose to create…and enter into… towards ‘All That Is’ paradoxically becoming more! Thus in deeper terms karma is the ‘battle’ between dharma and adharma… not the battle of war… but the battle within play… that creator willfully enters into…!Towards this, the One All knowing Whole Self, willfully splits Itself into infinitesimal units of consciousness, which ‘forget’ their original beingness in order to play the game! And that portion you choose to play out- in separation and ignorance- is your sanchit karma! In analogy, it’s like playing the card game of bluff! You deal out cards to self which then have to be played away! In the process you sometimes add further cards, which too have to be played away!

At this point let me elaborate that ‘karma’ is ‘stored’ in energy terms. Everyone has a personal energy field- and 'your' sum total of consciousness makes up 'your' personal energy field- for your energy field is nothing but 'your' consciousness viewed in terms of energies vibrating at different frequencies. Thus… simply put of course… your energy field is a weave of energy strands, vibrating to different frequencies… reflecting different aspects of your individuated consciousness (and making up your different energy bodies.... called the physical, the etheric, the emotional/astral and the mental body). Having understood this it becomes easier to understand that those energies, those aspects of your consciousness, those beliefs, those attributes of your nature  - that have merged back with the Whole;  those vibrations that are in sync with their highest potentials within the Cosmos -with their original nature- Dharma; those units of consciousness which have thus finished their part in the game of separation … are what you call balanced karma! Indeed when you take it deeper... as those vibrations of ‘you’ the individuation, become one with the ‘universe’, they do not remain 'separate' … and thus do we say that karma is ‘complete/finished’! In analogy, view this pictorially: consciousness that has yet not expanded back to universal consciousness…  energies that have not yet been assimilated with the Whole… are like a curvy strands ~~~~~~~~ and thus still ‘sticking’ out from the perfectly aligned cosmos! When they are in harmony with the cosmic energy field... as they submerge into ... assimilate back with ... abide therein ... become one with ...  universal consciousness… they do not ‘protrude out’ in separation! They are literally in balance with the whole! And thus we say that karma is balanced!  Sanchit karma is the sum of your ~~~~~~ yet to be aligned or yet to merge aspects of consciousness and their ~~~~~ vibrations!

PRARABD KARMA: Simply put this refers to that portion of your sum total of karma (SANCHIT) that you choose to come with… to work out… to experience, expand or disempower in any current life. This is sometimes referred to as your blueprint or your current life purposes. Together with Sanchit, it is also referred to as your destiny!

When you take it deeper, you understand that your sanchit operates through your  prarabd karma and your prarabd ‘operates’ through your ‘sanskars’- there is no English word which does full justice to the word sanskars- so what it really means is your sum consciousness… your mindscape… your energy field… that that you are born with.  In day- to -day terms it refers to your core beliefs, your latent (subconscious) impressions, the grooves -pathways within your mind and your desires and fears...

Thus you come encoded with your sanskars … sum consciousness… to experience it, and through that, to enhance & expand certain aspects and disempower & move away from others! So yes, you come with certain weaknesses! What you may refer to as negative karma but are really only limited beliefs you have willfully come with in order to disempower them through this life experience! And you come with adequate strengths, what you call positive karma to enable and support this!

Thus your personality is also part of your prarabd! Indeed you choose to be born at a certain time, date and year - as that time, date and year bestows upon you certain qualities and opportunities and challenges! You need some of these qualities towards your life plans... as strengths to enable you and others you have chosen towards bringing into balance. So it’s quite in reverse- you are not what you are due to your planets, zodiac sign, numbers etc but who you already are chooses that birth chart… as a door into having those qualities , opportunities and challenges that you require towards you prarabd- your current life plan!

Prarabd also operates through your desires and fears- because as a soul you know that once you are born you enter the game- don the veils-forget all of this! Thus your desires are your soul reminders to yourself as to what to enter into…explore … towards your ‘prarabd karma’; as are your fears –aspects- you have chosen to face and disempower! As your prarabd encompasses a life time- you have within it different schedules to engage in different parts of your prarabd (current life time plan) and that is why your desires change through the years. Indeed that all famous chemistry between mates is also a soul induced trigger towards getting you together with whom you need to enter into relationship as per your prarabd!

In energy terms you are encoded with these qualities, desires, fears …so that you may play them out- engage in your prarabd- your current life plan! Your energy field holds its requisite ~~~~~ (causes) which you hope to align through this life. In physical terms some aspects come through your genes, some through the environment you are born into. This is why the ancients spoke about the first seven years of a child’s life as being important for their sanskars- as this is actually when you are setting up the props of your life plan! So whatever sum consciousness you have come with (brought from your sanchit) is grooved into your current mind/manas as brain waves (causes) in these formative years when your sense of self is less and ‘you’ are open to being the chalice for your true soul purpose!  Even whatever limited beliefs (karma) you have chosen to explore are actually grooved into your current mindscape at this time so you may then play them out (through their effects!) For example and very very  simply put to give the gist -if you have chosen to move away from core feelings of lack- you may experience lack in your childhood environment so that it becomes something you then work out or keep experiencing till you move away from it  ; if you have chosen to work on self love you may be born to parents who fight, or don’t love you…  or ….the ways are many… so that you then operate from that lack of self love- experience its results in your physical life- maybe failed relationships or inability to marry etc …till you align the ~~~~ lack of self-love! No wonder brain waves are called waves ~~~~~ as they are literally that~~~ protruding out from pure consciousness!

Somewhat off the topic , but a good place to take you deeper… understand that there is really no linear time in the larger picture; thus all of this is happening simultaneously through whom you call your ‘past present future’ selves. As each current self, through his/ her prarabd aligns some of their ~~~ yet unaligned consciousness with the Whole... it goes from ‘your’ sanchit karma! And as whom you may call a past or future self does the same- it goes from ‘your’ sanchit karma!! Thus the point of power is always in the Now! We can keep taking these topics deeper… so just another nugget…o think…sometimes, you are your grandparent! In your language- reborn as the grandchild- with similar issues to work out! You need the same genes etc…and thus you take birth in the same family!

In summation, your prarabd is what you choose to explore experience, expand and disempower – to align with the Whole- through this life.  Thus it can be viewed as your current life plans and purposes; thus is it often called your destiny - but do remember now- not some destiny planned for you by some outside force –god or universe- but something you have chosen with complete free will –as a soul who can see the larger picture of your role in the macrocosms- towards your growth and merger with the whole that you really are. Towards this you come with certain tendencies, qualities, a certain energy field…and put in a certain  environment... even people and events...  all as props to enable the completion or alignment of your prarabd karma! Thus prarabd karma is your current life path towards merging your sum consciousness with pure consciousness!

KRIYAMAN KARMA refers to your current karma- thus to your current actions, and their causes & effects; thus to your current state of consciousness which is viewed outside through your actions and the 'life' events they create.

So, from your sanchit karma -   from that store of ~~~waves which you have chosen to experience, expand and align back with the cosmos; or that portion of the game of adhrama/separation  that you have chosen to play out-  you choose a certain portion for each life as your prarabd. From this, in your current life, you sometimes your give into rather than move out of your limited beliefs and move further away from dharma to adharma and  sometimes you disempower limited beliefs and expand that aspect of your consciousness to merge back with the whole… either way ….your sum consciousness in every NOW is your Kriyaman karma! And thus this Kriyaman karma, your sum consciousness in the Now, is what will reflect outside as the people, events things you call your life; it is the energy field that will attract like wise!

Indeed Kriyaman karma’s importance is that it is the only point in the karmic ‘chain of cause and effect’ (the game of separation … the exploration of your beliefs/consciousness and their/its experience) that ‘you’ can affect. It is indeed the point of power, from where ‘you’ reduce/align your sanchit and finish/balance your prarabd!!

And how? Through the different paths of ‘yoga’- for yoga means to reunite… realign! Thus each path is a way to reunite self to cosmos, to realign the individuated ~~~ waves of adhrama back to the perfectly aligned larger sea of consciousness! Thus are the paths of yoga … paths to karmic resolution! In a deeper sense, paths towards expansion of your consciousness back to the Whole that you are! Each path plays its role towards impacting your Kriyaman karma (your causes/beliefs /consciousness… their actions… and thus effects…life beautiful life). None is ‘better’ than the other, and you are drawn to paths you require in the Now! Indeed the paths you ‘choose’ will be part of your prarabd! 

Karma yoga is life itself… life’s’ experiences… and how you respond to, reflect upon, make changes and learn from them and thereby expand your consciousness! Thus life itself is the best teacher or coach in this game of self exploration and expansion…or what we call karmic resolution! Indeed this path, much ignored these days, plays the most vital role in the human journey because we have chosen physical life as our very board game! All other paths only aid this! And many lives are spent through this path alone, till individuated souls are ready to accelerate the expansion of their consciousness and thus put in gyan or kriya etc into their prarabd!

Gyan yoga is the path of wisdom, the path of conscious awareness- also called the path of mind expansion. This enables your Kriyaman karma most directly by adding geometrically to your expansion of consciousness!  It is like hiring a personal trainer or specialized coach who can help you with the finer nuances of your current level of consciousness! Gyan yoga enables you to see the larger picture, gives you insights into self and the Cosmos, and through every eureka you expand your mind…your consciousness… you enable your Kriyaman … and thus in your terms are ‘finishing’ your karma! Because at its deepest karma is only expanding consciousness  back to the Whole! (The role of gyan yoga in karmic resolution is explored in-depth in another writing which I will forward at some pointing this series of articles on karma)

Bhakti yoga is the path of Love … Love for guide, guru, Master, God yes, but also love of self, others and all that makes up our worlds. It is the path of surrender… and as ‘love’ makes you one with ... as ‘love’ makes you surrender to...  that which you  love… it ultimately makes you one with All That Is…with Pure Consciousness… Divine beingness…and thus through bhakti too you expand your consciousnesses … enable your Kriyaman karma… fulfill your prarabd karma and reduce your sanchit karma … through this route! At this point let me elaborate that all of us explore self through all paths through our many lives - and in each current life- we choose as our prarabd that path or combination of, which is required for our soul/sanchit… towards its expansion back with All That Is! In simultaneous terms, each soul is exploring self through all paths simultaneously- so each current life, each prarbd's experience and learning -is impacting the individuated soul/sanchit.... in multi pronged ways!

Kriya Yoga, is the path of impacting your personal energy field directly… it includes any sort of energy work…  pranayam, hath yoga and  of course meditation! It is also called the raising of your kundalini… which is just another term, or another way of looking at, the expansion of your consciousness back to the Whole!  (This is also explored in another article on my website) Thus kriya yoga works directly with the ~~~ yet unassimilated waves of your personal energy field; with your sub-conscious mind and its limited beliefs- with your brain waves!

In summation - all paths, all religions, all texts, all spiritual endeavor… are means to this one end: call it karmic resolution; call it expansion of your consciousness back to the Whole; call it the merger of self with Cosmos that you truly are; call it the game of separation /adharma coming to its natural end…! And your Kriyaman karma is your current tally if you choose to see it as a game; your current consciousness if you see it as the expansion of consciousness… it is what you change… enhance… impact in THE NOW… and thus your point of power or entry point into all that you call karma and its resolution!


Agami Karma refers to what is commonly called your ‘future karma’! Simply put it refers to the direction you are heading in- what your consciousness is developing into - how you are evolving! However, while agami karma refers to ‘future karma’- do understand that this ‘future’ karma is being made or shaped in the Now!

As you are what your consciousness is (an expanding consciousness) ‘good’ agami karma - will lead to you coming with smoother blueprints(life plans) and enhanced life experiences; and a stagnant or depleting consciousness – ‘negative’  agami karma - will likewise lead to the need for challenging blueprints and their learning experiences.

The best way to enable positive agami karma is two pronged: to move away from ignorance, separation and it’s limiting beliefs and separative consciousness; and to expand your mind, energy field, and sum consciousness. Again, this can be done through many routes, be it gyan, bhakti, kriya or karma yoga. Meditation enables this geometrically, because meditation literally soaks your subconscious mind with higher and finer energies… and in that helps you release old worn out patterns of thinking… and thus you are literally creating positive agami karma –a finer energy field and an expanded consciousness through it.

At this point let me briefly introduce the difference between your conscious mind and its beliefs and your subconscious mind and its beliefs. The conscious mind is that part of your consciousness you recognize, are aware of and identify with; your subconscious mind is that part of your consciousness you are not aware of wholly; yet your sum consciousness- thus agami- is made up of the contents of both and this is also why meditation aids - as it literally ‘speaks’ to … seeds… your subconscious mind in ways the conscious mind cannot currently understand!

If viewed as a cycle: from our sanchit karma (the original storehouse) we choose our (current life) prarabd karma; this is impacted by our Kriyaman karma (current thoughts, feelings and actions) and thus we shape our agami karma (future consciousness). Agami karma thus works in two ways- if we are heading towards a limiting and stagnant future consciousness-it becomes part of our sanchit which we then have to work out at some point! If however our consciousness is expanding back to its original pristine state - we first begin to experience it’s commiserate finer and higher life experiences… till the point our agami is more and more in tandem with pure consciousness! When this occurs- our consciousness becoming one with universal consciousness- there is no sanchit left to work or play out- and our samsara wheel draws closer and closer to the finale! At deeper levels, agami karma is about humanity moving from adharma to dharma…from separation back to source; it’s what is currently referred to as the ascension of humanity!

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