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Come beloveds, lets view Consciousnesses ‘journey’ into existence ... lets understand the  (simply put) 3 step  foray that  Consciousness adopts to enter the cosmic play and  ... play it in in full swing!

a) Ignorance/forgetfulness of Self -Willfully moving into ignorance & forgetfulness- donning the veils - creating Maya (The move from Self Awareness)
b) Separation from Self -Willfully separating from Self - dissolving unity consciousness – creating time & space (The move from Oneness & its here and now)
c)Individuation into selves-Willfully adopting a range of identities-  creating personal consciousness- creating the ego/personal mind (The move from Universal undifferentiated consciousness into individuated consciousness)

Of course we use linear terms but they are more simultaneous in nature- often called the big bang – Consciousness throwing the dice and entering into the game full swing!


Thus our journey from the cosmic play back into/as Consciousness comprises of incorporating and reversing these very 3 steps that I as Consciousness adopt to enter into the cosmic play of forgetfulness/separation/and individuation...!

a)Awareness! The shift from ignorance& forgetfulness to Awareness/Remembrance - moving into increasing awareness of self and Self (path of gyan)…this awareness increasingly dissolving the delusion/hold of Maya on us....

b) Oneness/Union with  All That Is! Unity consciousness! Bridging the seeming separation! (path of gyan)

Of course as Awareness (gyan) increases... the separation automatically starts to dissolve (bhakti). Some start with bridging the separation (path of bhakti) and as they increasingly become One with the Beloved/Self …Self awareness (gyan) automatically starts to happen! Both weave together at some point and both in tandem work wonders and through a series of inner shifts we make the shift from abiding in ignorance to abiding as Awareness …we bridge the gap of separation into Unity Consciousness/Oneness/Love..


However, the grand finale back into/as Consciousness...the leap from the willfully entered into cosmic play back to Self....only happens through the '3rd' step: dissolving personal consciousness !  Thus even as awakened beings and in touch with our I am ness... this is the step that becomes all important:

 c) The move from personal consciousness …loosening our identities…dissolving our ego/individuated selves! I  as Consciousness was smart enough ;-) to create My individuation's with a firmness…indeed bestowing on My individuation's a certain stronghold to better play the game…so that I could truly explore, express, experience all nuances of Self  though My individuated selves… or it would be one big cosmic mishmash soup! If I as an individuation could easily dissolve my personalization and its role…the cosmic play would have been quite shaky! Thus as we bridge the awareness and separation…as we fulfill our role in the cosmic play…then only does this dissolution automatically begin to happen…! It is the tricky part of the game (and as God/Consciousness having created the game it could not be less surely;-))… the more ‘you’ try to dissolve you are there! Allow Consciousness that flows from Awareness and Oneness to do this part…allow the ‘other side to work for you so to say!


We can also see this foray as : Non Self to Self to self - back to Self - to Non Self:

Non Self/ No thingness /Void... becomes  Self/ I AM/ All that is ...becomes self/individuated personalized selves/ego-mind ….and then self dissolves or expands back into Self/I AM/All that is….and by abiding here…even I am ness dissolves into No Self…no thingness.... events happen deeds are done but there is no doer thereof!



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