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Greetings from the Energies that you call Buddha.

However you must understand it is not Buddha the identity that is present; but the energies of Buddha that come for you- because all of you here are ready to accept that whom you know as Buddha is One of the beings who resides in or makes up what truly is the Buddha Energy. He is one of the identities that reached the perfection of MY Divine Intelligence and Wisdom in the physical- who realized this state of being, and that is what truly Buddha energy is- a state of Being. A state of Pure Knowing. We are thus present as the energy, as the energy of what you may call pure wisdom; and pure wisdom is too wise to limit itself to one identity! Each one of you can ‘be’ a Buddha or more accurately experience this state called Buddha. It is indeed your ‘goal’ if there is any- the conscious awareness of That you are…That I AM. Buddha!

You often know Buddha energy as Divine wisdom, Divine intelligence. An aspect, which is known by many of you as Gayatri and even Saraswati. Of course this is for your understanding only, as Divine intelligence is inherent in Divine Love and Divine Will; one cannot be without the ‘other’. Divine ‘will to be’’ is possible through its inherent wisdom! Yet without the ‘‘will, life-force, vitality to be’ how would My intelligence …design…come alive….? And how would I creatively be That- what you call Love ? You may see this in your own lives- when you love another-child, lover, friend-, no one teaches you what to do….it is by divine intelligence that your love experiences and further creates itself?Will, Love, and Wisdom -none is higher or more important than the other, and all that you know as creation is made up of all three aspects That I Am….

And on what you call Wesak, humanity focuses on one of these aspects- My Divine wisdom, Intelligence! Wesak is an opportunity to receive divine wisdom- be it as information, knowledge, knowing, seeing…! There are other portals-what you call festivals and occasions to receive the concentrated energies of my myriad aspects such as love and will and beauty and peace and joy and… (What you call Christmas is a portal for love, and what you call holi is a portal for the new beginnings inherent in god self…energy reinventing itself…)

And who is to decide what ‘wisdom’ each one receives on the wesak? Who decides ‘what, why, where, how’ each one needs? It is I. I Divine Intelligence that knows. The One intelligence. Yes, it permeates each one- and in your terms, decides what each requires in the Now of what you call the wesak. This decision is made by Divine intelligence for Divine intelligence…! And each ‘’one’ in this wisdom asks for and receives what is required for the whole!

Wesak is thus ….a portal…an opening…for this Divine aspect to- in your terms –come through from the higher realms to planet earth and humanity. Portals are created to help dimensions receive energies of higher vibrations. The universe, its planets, align perfectly for those vibrations to be received optimally. Wesak is a flooding, a downpour in your terms of Divine intelligence. Each festival is only one such portal in physical terms.Now in your time frame you consider time in sequential moments-and there fore we proclaim certain ‘days’, or ‘occasions’ as the open portal. But as all of you here are aware of simultaneous time- you may better understand that what you call the ‘moment’ of the full moon peak –any full moon -is in linear time open or extends over 2 ½ days prior and post….and the wesak full moon peak remains ‘open’ or is a moment that extends in linear terms 5 days post. Because it is a gift of Divine Intelligence, to divine intelligence within each one- designed perfectly by Divine Intelligence-Divine Design! Of course if you are beyond time and space completely-‘all’ portals are ‘always’ open! But at your level of being that would require too much… energy …modulation in your terms… most cannot access this flexibility as yet …and it is thus said a portal has ‘closed’.However you are ready to go beyond this physical interpretation of an open portal- and understand it as a switch of focus. A portal more accurately is a switch of your focus. It is not merely a physical opening as such-but your accessing what is already there. As all already ‘is’, your focus allows you to receive, draw that which you focus on. A belief is also in these terms an open portal! Or an opening of a portal! And on wesak the focus of humanity is on Divine intelligence-Buddha-Divine wisdom. As enough of humanity maintains this focus - critical mass is reached- whereby its energy can flood your planet. This is why festivals are ‘declared’ days- so that critical mass humanity maintains the required focus.

But come now, we will take you the ceremony of wesak. Be there; be present in your physicality. Each of you will arrive there at different points, and thus come across initially a different stage or scenario…

Visualize, if you feel you are visualizing…yourself in the Himalayas…and on the inner realms where are these Himalayas...? they are a symbol of the highest vibrations possible in what you call ‘your space’. Feel the purity of this ‘space’ …the vastness of these vibrations…

-Now view the people gathering…hundreds, thousands… infinite people…view them come and gather and collect…there is not one word spoken, there is inner silence! And in this silence do they ‘automatically’ form …are guided from within… to form the divine design best for this moment- and to sit as a five pointed star.

-Facing them is a large flat rock- a stone platform almost-and all eyes are single pointedly on it. This is focus. This is the switch of focus that creates the ‘portal’….to in your terms…’open’. And as enough humanity maintains this focus it opens a portal wider and wider to flood you with our energies of divine wisdom…Buddha hood.

-Become aware of the many Masters present, surrounding the platform, mingling even…feel their presence…see them…

-And observe you are all looking up in the ‘sky’…in complete inner silence and focus- every presence is focused on the skies from where you know Buddha energy in physical form will appear. Your focus and transmuting collectively to a higher frequency allows this to ‘take place’….

-The skies light up- the glare is too much for any of you- you shade your eyes- and these vibrations and yours mingle…and then there is a split moment of complete and utter darkness- a lull and then a gust of breeze imperceptibly felt- a split moment -before hands fall away from eyes as you may indeed behold the Buddha…

-Divine intelligence. Conscious awareness… takes a form you humanity may recognize It by…the physical Buddha…sitting on the platform…all Masters present glowing more visibly… and why are all masters present…because they are love, will, creativity, beauty, compassion, peace….every aspect known to mankind indeed… As divine intelligence cannot be present without its other aspects! Each is inherent …inherent….

-And in the energies of Buddha-conscious awareness- they glow more visibly…as do each of you. Inhale these vibrations beloveds…encompass, allow to mingle with yours…

- And understand what was the split moment of darkness. It is but the split moment that you call existence itself! The game of separation and ignorance- through which you must pass before you may ‘become’ consciously aware of That you are, I Am. What you call the ‘I am not’…must be experienced for it to not exist! The split second lull of the separation before the gust of unity …and yet feel how fleeting it is…is it…and you complain why ? why the ‘I am not’ experience?! It is what brings that movement ‘again’… ….the ‘expansion’….there are no words..

-And the many many many people who gathered- are but all different selves…who you may call past, present, future selves; who you may call ‘others’ as ‘other’ experiences of Self; every experience through existence…coming together to Know their Divine Design in full consciousness
And the star it symbolizes this divine design-and opens itself to layers of interpretation …

Now- a merger with wesak energies- buddha - divine intelligence -design call it what you may: close your eyes.

Focus on the platform- this is the still point within each one. View the Masters, embrace every aspect of Godself. View the masses- embrace every aspect of self. Be present.

View Buddha – as a symbol of all that we have explained- view ‘him’ radiating gold and silver- and allow a strand from your heart chakra connect to the heart center of Buddha. Receive Divine intelligence, riding on Divine Will, in the form of Divine Love-but know that today your focus is on divine wisdom. You choose other portals to focus on other aspects.

Receive, in surrender to this One Wisdom, that which your individuation requires in the now. Whether it be answers, information, knowledge, experiences, awareness, knowing, seeing, real-izing…. so that you may consciously know That you are-That I AM. We emphasize consciously because unconsciously each is of course already fully aware. Today you are choosing to consciously become aware of your godself. To be Buddha.

Allow yourself to receive in surrender- don’t say less, or enough or even more more more! Surrender to Me- Buddha- Divine Knowing- to this Highest Potential -Intelligence- to know what My each individuation requires. It may appear less than what you wanted, or a slowing down, or stepping back or a surge forward, a hurdle, a fast pace-matters not- I Divine Intelligence design what is best for the Whole-and thus but naturally for the individuation you view self as. Receive the gift of Divine Intelligence- perfectly designed- from Divine Intelligence to divine intelligence within each.

Now connect your energy strands to each and every ‘person’ gathered. In the current room and the wesak ceremony. Feel it-view it. Your energies are coursing through each other- connecting to every presence-in different designs, formations –some times encircling, sometimes leaping across- diagonal even…you are connecting to every aspect of self-you are somewhere giving and somewhere receiving and somewhere sharing…exchanging… it matters not- this is the true oneness of wesak. Do not view what am I getting or am I giving more or who or what…it matters not. Be in surrender to the oneness of wesak- bringing together each aspect of self in My beautiful Design. Bringing together what you call past, present future selves and ‘others’- bringing together different points in time and space! True oneness!

Now each one view ‘yourself’- your unique individuation directly in front of, and eyes locked in embrace with, Buddha. YOU know this is ‘possible’ in -yet if you, need an image view Buddha sitting in infinite 360 degree juxtapositions-with each one of you being in one of those lines of vision.

View your glory-open your eyes- (each one was asked to do this with their eyes open looking into Buddha energy)-look at the glory That you are. View each intricate piece of my design. View your unique contribution. And even as you view and acknowledge and claim your uniqueness will you paradoxically be able to view and acknowledge the uniqueness of each one….! This is Divine intelligence surely! This is Divine design surely! Where in the uniqueness of each is reflected the uniqueness of ‘another’ and the whole! Only I divine intelligence could design this. Now be in surrender to this design- do not seek to be x,y,z- this, that or another…do not compare with others, remove words like bigger, better, more less….

Now enter Me- Buddha. Enter the conscious awareness of That you are. This is what meeting god is! THIS AWARNESS! This is the unity you seek, the home you want to reach. This is the Love you want to feel and the will that you want to make yours. This conscious awareness. This is the beingness …you may call it experience- repeatedly, infinitely, infinitesimally- I design with my divine wisdom. And you wonder why creation?

Now- rise upwards within My central canal- the inner column of light within me- you may call it the Buddhic or the universal chakric system- rise up ,up up up…float up up up….out through My ‘crown chakra’……keep floating in complete surrender…and look ‘down’. Yes look down at all that you ‘know’ receding. All that is comfortable becoming smaller. All that is familiar minimizing. Allow yourself to feel trepidation or fear. Do not suppress. If you say you are feeling none, ask yourself if you are truly present where we ask you to be or are merely doing another esoteric exercise. Then willfully switch your focus. Consciously switch your focus to what you will call ‘above…. The higher, finer, purer….the glory and beauty and love and will that I AM…YOU ARE. Focus on this splendor-this expanse, this freedom. Revel. But to do this consciously you had to willfully enter that split moment of what you experience as fear. The last lap is done! Fear of the unknown willfully rendered Redundant! The unknown entered- and paradoxically even as you surrender to the unknown, all that is known, all that you have been, all that is safe and comfortable, all your experiences can be entered into ,experienced simultaneously! Fearlessly now…. you are now shooting up up up like a cork popped out of a bottle….

This is the wesak energy we bring to you today…. remain in this silence a few moments …

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