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7th august 2005

Greetings. I am again being asked to maintain a light link, and speak in Divyaa consciousness.

What I am receiving, is that we are going to show you a few simple ways that you may effectively determine or practice silent communication with self. ‘Channel’ for self. As your masters just told you this is what you are all ready to do. We shall outline a few simple methods today.

First some background. Most of you over here are aware that words are merely a tangible chalice, so to say, bringing your way subtle energies, contained within their finer vibratory and light forms and what you then call “information.” This information, however, is partaken in individual ways, allowing it to trigger within you what you need, what you are encoded for. And that is why the same words so not convey the same information to all. That is why finite languages, become infinite ways of communication and information. That is why a few words give you reams and reams of wisdom. That is why the same words become rich, diverse, unique, varied, in what they bring to each one.

And this is how the ‘masters’ work when they speak: through their energies, their vibrations, more than the shells of their physical words. And they bring, to each of you, what you need in your now. So the same words will mean something different to all of you, depending on what you need in this moment in time. That is why it is more effective than merely ‘reading’ transcripts, books; which while they do hold the energies …are not as alive and vital as the speaking exchange.

However, over time, when your focus is on the words themselves, you develop a certain trained or learned response to words. You attach certain preconceived notions and meanings, sub-consciously. And these then dilute the vital authentic information to be released within you. Most of you here, who are seeking wisdom, must be aware of this. If your focus on the empty word shells, on the literal translation, word to word, what they logically mean-on what each word precisely means- you limit yourself… not allowing vital inner encodements of knowing to be triggered, then you limit information from your inner vital self from being released, which is what truly ‘channeling’ is…receiving beyond words and yet translating into words!

And that is why, when you attend channelings, talks, and we speak not only of the ‘spiritual’- it is the energy of the speaker, their passion, vitality, which reaches out to you; whether they are in touch with their Masters or higher or merely inspired selves, it matters not. And that is why often you will find, when you go to such talks, though you may not understand literally the words or recall every bit of information that has been shared, you grasp it at the deeper level. And that is why those of you who come to channeling, and complain that you did ‘not understand’ it all, still find, over time a deep grasp & comprehension, of otherwise what you would call :complicated subjects!

Usually when you read, because the energies are not all that palpable, (they are not missing, but they are not that palpable) and so your focus is on the empty words or shells. Now in this awareness, even when you read, you must try and determine the energy of the person, who wrote or spoke.

I am being asked to share that as a writer, I often wonder, that when I write one line, how does it even begin to describe, what I would like to convey? And I find that it conveys so many different things to different people, because it opens within you –allows to trigger information within you… from where you start to as far as you can go…!

I ’m also being guided to share that words are ultimately symbols, like a tree. The word ‘tree’ will tell you so much. It’s tall. It’s green. It’s flowering. It has fruits. You don’t have to use so many words and one word tree takes you to all of that! But if you have a completely intellectual approach to words then you differentiate between the subject ( you) and object (which is being conveyed) , and there is the separation and you can never be ‘That’ which is being conveyed. So allow consciousness to speak to consciousness And that is all channeling is and how channeling for self will begin.

We shall outline for you, one simple procedure. Of course, there are many.

Choose a concept that you find difficult or you need a deeper grasp of and sit with self so you may communicate in silence.

Then use, one or two words to define the concept you seek guidance on so that you have an energy to focus on. (Later you can drop this and the subject itself comes!)

At the same time, do not think about it, intellectually or deeply, so that a preconceived notion, does not limit you

And the best way to use this exercise is not to test self, not to see, if you are getting the right answers, if you are getting, those heavy intellectual explanations. But to trust whatever is coming, is being triggered from you, what is required for you in the now.

Because you are willing to move away from the shells and their preconceived information, you perceive, not think, but you perceive outside the box, so to say. You will understand in image, color, form, strings. What I can only say is, ‘stuff will come’ to you, and you grasp somewhere deep within you the vital inner information being triggered.

Some of you may get words easily, but for most of you as you begin this channeling all this ‘stuff’ will pool somewhere within you. When you conjure pooling, most of you will think, pooling in the mind, but the mind is in every cell. So allow it to fill your energy fields. Conjure, if you need visualization.

Yes, then there can be a small gap for your conscious mind to ‘interpret’ what you have so beautifully received. Do not fret. Initially the gap between what you get and the conscious interpretations will be longer but do not worry. Know that the process has begun…it then becomes instantaneous... or simultaneous.

Sometimes, in the beginning, the answers or guidance comes a few days later! As thoughts and words for you to mull upon. It may come up as a “Eureka,” answer in your bath! Or you may find that when sharing the concept or issue with friend, your explanation or clarity is so much better. you may also practice by jotting down whatever comes, don’t try to make sense, don’t say it sounds like me…and read it some time later!

And also when it is within you, at what you would call sub-conscious levels then when you attend talks or read or come across that topic, your grasp is so much stronger, because it is like the fertile soil within you in which these seeds then take far deeper growth and you get so much more from the talk or book!

I am also being asked to share that, that is how my channeling began. And indeed takes place till date. Often words, figures, dreams are triggered into a pool, somewhere within me, (and I am always complaining to Ellaeenah that the information is “already there” but as Jade Fire had explained to us today, that is the channeling of the new age-when lower and higher mind meet and can access and transfer information…).

However these are words and we are going to carry out a small experiment. I will connect, and emanate, two distinct energies, fields of information if you like.

I will give it just one or two words so that you have something to focus on. You need this initially. Later this requirement falls away. But as there is no more detailed words of wisdom being imparted- you will allow your own interpretations, your own encodements to rise.

Do not worry, if you do not give some heavy detailed answers. Now you must continue this exercise at home, for a couple of days. What I am getting that the energies chosen are going to be concepts, all are familiar with but none here understand wholly….

I will request 3 “Oms” so I can connect more palpably to emanate these energies.

Divert your attention within and we emanate the first wave of information on the force of love. Not the emotion but the force of LOVE, where there is no feeling. Beautiful. Some of you have allowed it to trigger within you. Look for it. Look for small signs. It may come in a book. The words need not arise ‘within’.

We shall now emanate the second wave of information. Allow it to trigger within you. What we emanate is a concept many of you find confusing. Free and completely divine will. Yes, it’s a paradox.

You may go home and sit with these two energies, and then you may share with friends, what you receive.

I am also being asked to tell you that the same format can be used not only used for wisdom, but for issue resolution because that is where channeling for self is most important. The procedures will remain mostly the same.

You will sit with the energy of your issue. You will give it one simple word for your energies to focus. You will not dwell too deeply for the answers, or what it means. (Today many of you were fortunate to get answers, from the Masters. But you must all get your own answers soon, my dears.)

You will then allow the information to be triggered of within just as you did for words of wisdom.

But because personal issues are more palpably ‘present’ in the sub-conscious mind, you may get words, images, clearer now

They may not seem to fit and you will say “Oh my God, I am gong wrong.” But no, my dears, without the ‘words’ coming in the way, it is authentic information, from the cells being released. Trust that.

What you may then do is play a game of association to begin with. You may see what those words or images do you, at that moment in time. Fire may mean warmth, anger, passion, love, spirit, glory…. It depends on what it means to you. Do not get stuck in what it should mean. What is the first answer that comes to you?

If you have asked for example, the issue you have taken is -joy in your life. You may get snow. You may get a hard day’s of work and you may feel “Oh my God, I am getting the wrong answers. It does not fit with joy.” But no, my dears, what does snow mean to you? You are feeling old and left out. Is that what your answer is? Or is snow a beautiful vacation in the Alps? So is your answer the joy for you, its not the day to day emotions, but sometimes to touch once in a while. If you get a hard day at work, do you feel enervated? It’s telling you that, that what you require, direction in life to find your joy. But if the hard day’s work makes you feel tired, the universe is telling you, you need to take a break, to get in touch with joy.

Many of you are disappointed! so many combinations, and you all want quick fixes, direct answer from the Masters. But, my dears, though it may take longer, for it to arise within you, once the answer comes, there is sure knowing, grasping- even if u cant initially put it into words! Whereas, when you get an answer from outside, that procedure is yes, quicker, but you spend so many weeks inside, mulling…! And go to different sources!

And the other important point to consider that when the images have risen within, even if your conscious mind has not interpreted it, issue resolution has begun, because inner communication has begun, in silence within self!. Of course it has to rise to the conscious mind, for any issue to be resolved there must be conscious resolution. But know, it has begun and opportunities to view it will come your way…
For those of you who work with symbols, you may find tarot cards, numbers, planets, Gods, Goddesses arising. Use them because they are compressed masses of information. Allow it to trigger what it does trigger within you.

I am also being asked to tell you a nice way of what you call: an instant connection. The connection of course is always there, so this is so that you can become aware of your connection…with that aspect, higherself, or master that is required in the NOW.You will choose a chant, or word or affirmation. Do not make it “Om” where you come across it very often. Choose something more special. Whenever you feel deeply connected whether you are in meditation, or party or you are deeply in love. Wherever there is joy, you must constantly put that word into your energy field, so that it gets encoded with that ‘connection’, with those palpable energies- and then, whenever you require an instant connection to channel, whenever you require an instant connection for issue resolution, by just repeating that word, you will find the magic of instant connection!.

Happy channeling all of you. May we find more of you on our platform!

I am finding a very strong link with Meherbaba. I am not channeling but I am getting words which are my own feelings. What I am getting is that some of us here are aware that we are copying a book with the beautiful energies of Meherbaba. While part of the reason needs to remain unknown at present, so that the knowing can come within each of us for self…. What I am getting is that whilst you are just copying/writing, you are not really reading and focusing on the empty shells, and so the energies of Meherbaba are filling your energy fields, and they are triggering vast inner encodements.

Each one will receive something different. And I am receiving from him such a force of love that I am tempted to say here and now “ I am in love”..(El says and he is that old man and I say yes…) Sounds so silly but I would like to tell him “I love you.” I know that the very words “I” and “you”, separates us but there is no other way of saying it.

And I love all of you and I love you, Mayank. We might fight, but the energies in our cosmic temple are beautifully aligned and we are in full support of each other’s life purpose. It will unfold dramatically now. So be it.

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