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'Creatorhood’ and 'Self empowerment' are current buzzwords and have become synonymous with the power to manifest- indeed the complete power to shape your life and even world. Yet at their deepest ... what do they really mean? What is an inherent aspect of ‘complete’ power?

Complete power only comes with complete responsibility! When you claim responsibility for your life (events, people therein,) environment (yes that political system you find corrupt) and world ...can you shape it. Without claming responsibility you do not really reclaim your Creatorhood... and it remains but an intellectual concept you have picked up...

Think of it in practical ways- business men/women know that only when they take complete responsibility for their business- do they have the complete power to run it their way; a housewife knows only when she takes complete responsibility for the running of her home is she completely empowered to run it her way; think of it in personal ways-if I am redecorating my home and do not agree to take on all the responsibilities that entails- if I share those with my husband- then I will not have the complete freedom to do it my way-but will need to incorporate his methods too….

Thus Creatorhood is not only about manifesting! As creator – you hold nothing outside of you responsible for anything… …not fate …not the other…! And it is in this complete self responsibility…that you naturally become completely empowered! When this understanding first hits us- when it sinks- this may make you feel ‘oh my god’ There is no one to blame-no person event or thing, nor fate nor ‘god’...i can hold responsible …. as it all come back full circle to me! But soon… it hits you aha: - If I am completely responsible for creating my life… then I am completely empowered to change it too…! … -I am not hostage to situations, people, things, karma, outside me…. - The point of power is not outside me - not out of my ambit- but within me and in the now! -And the powerlessness (we have all experienced when we cannot manipulate situations - be it corrupt politicians- l - terrorists- difficult people-‘unfair’ situations –betrayal etc etc ) loosens its hold on you…. and you move into creatorhood- complete responsiblity and THUS complete empowerment...

Radha Saomi WOW!!! (as always). I wish we teach this 1st instead of ABC at school or instead of 1st learning to speak Mama & Dada...
Shail Gulhati wow. great write, and right!!!
Punam Seigell Badlani So True~~!!
Dimpy Sudan Made my daughters read this... age 21 ..23...28...all agree & found ur words..."aha"...:)
Jaimin Shah Dee ... ur write-ups are always thought-provoking ... :)an important distinction to note is that one should take full responsibility, and so therefore, he or she will become powerful ... it shud not be the reverse of it ... want for power to do things ur way should not propel u to take full responsibility ... in businesses run by good managements... See More, at least some power is often passed on by the top most person (who takes full responsibility) to the persons working for him or her when it is appropriate ...power can be 'delegated', responsibility can never be given to anyone ... it can only be owned ... and with the purpose to make a difference ... when it is collectively owned, u may differ from others in ur views about how something should be done ... but the purpose remains one ...
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