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Hello everyone, I wish you a happy new year…

I am going to speak on what may appear a somewhat strange subject for the New Year meeting. As most of you know I usually touch base with self- call it channeling or call it meditation- to arrive at what I may share with the group here…. and instantly I knew I would speak on death!

And even as I rushed out, part of me was wondering “why death for a New Year topic-not a great idea divyaa”; but part of me knew that it is so that we, may truly feel, other than intellectually, that death is not an end…not some great finale and not a dissolution …. but that it is, or indeed can be, synonymous with all that a new year means to us: beginnings, new birth, new life, new opportunities, a fresh open door…all potential ahead…a ‘new’ time and space ahead for us to explore! And by associating death with New Year we may inculcate somewhere deep within us…again other than intellectually, the paradox of death and birth, end and new, loss and gain being one and the same!

Association is a potent subliminal tool- I have been exploring it through the tarot- so next time we hear of, or confront ‘death’ we may think of it in terms of what a new year means to us. This would take away the sting and help us at some point, to embrace the coming and going of ‘death’ like the new years that come and go!

This is important because I am not only speaking about physical death, though that too, but death in day-to- day terms …death of any event, relationship, any loss…any ending… any change! And through understanding physical death in the ‘larger picture’, we can better deal with its day-to-day representations in the ‘smaller picture’ of life! That’s what spiritual knowledge is about! Not for the sake of knowledge; but towards using the macrocosm to understand, and thus better, live out the microcosm! The purpose of knowledge is not to add new information or new beliefs but to bring about a shift in consciousness. Knowledge is about you. It must change your state of consciousness or it will be meaningless.

But back to my subject of the day…We are all aware, intellectually at least, that in the larger picture death is not in death as we think it to be- but that death, in fact, renders death null and void! Death kills death! Through death we know that there is no death! And it indeed becomes the doorway to eternal life or being…eternal growth! And at some point when we have truly imbibed this, when we know deep in our core that all we thought of as death is transformation, growth and new birth, then we begin to mull on what is death? What is this concept known as death? And it slowly dawns on us, that if ‘death’ exists at all it is in stagnation, inertia and fear! All these states arise out of so called separation and ignorance, but that is the only ‘death; there is.

And the deeper implication of this understanding can be startling in day-to-day terms! We realize that the endings, loss, change… that we feared because they were death, are not death, but opportunities for growth; and that ironically it is our resistance or fear of them that is the true ‘death’! We realize that ‘ death’ is in our so-called comfort zones, or what appear as comfort zones, but are really the ‘death’ of stagnation, inertia fear and resistance! We realize death is in our patterns! Death is in our conditioning, death is in our reluctance or refusal to move on, accept change… grow… expand…e xperiment…! Having turned ‘death’ of the macrocosm on its head so to say, it dramatically changes the view (and thus the way we would deal with them) of deaths in the microcosm…! And this impels and motivates us ‘automatically’, to ‘conquer’ fear (view it, go through it…) to become aware of our stagnation and inertia…our areas of death!And paradoxically by understanding ‘death’–on this side of the veil or the other-we live better lives! And this is what conquering death really means: not that there will be no death (changes, losses, endings) but that we embrace them as new life, opportunities, growth…

There is a beautiful story in our Indian mythology of how Brahma, the creator was looking down on his creation one day, and feeling something wasn’t quite right. Life was choking instead of expanding as per his ‘plan’. Saraswati points out to him that his problem in forgetting death; and when he asks what ‘death’ is he is explained how it is the opportunity for new life and eternal growth! Thus he creates the maiden ‘mrityu’ to confer death and when she is first informed of her role to be, she is horrified. However Saraswati explains to her that as ‘death’ she would indeed be the eternal mother and bestower of eternal life; and thus does mrityu indeed become MA Kali. If you ponder on this a while, you will understand that ‘death’ was introduced, as opportunity for infinite growth and expansion. So think dearest friends, that through death, creation is! If there was no ‘death’ …that would be death surely? Think of it? No fresh starts! No new games! No new roles… Endless fears?

When we real-ize –make real other than intellectually- that the change or death we fear is the release and growth; and that fear or reluctance is the death, we will automatically be motivated to embrace ‘death’ or render it null and void -whichever way you view it!! But how are we really going to real-ize this? How are we going to make this change at deeper than intellectual levels? Will one talk on death do it!? No no, not at all! We must take it ‘home’ with us and view it off the academic or spiritual blackboard! We must see it all around us in day-to-day, mundane ways and associations!! And neither do I imply that we must pour over transcripts overly seriously and make study groups to discuss them. You must take home one point, any point that in a days channeling session seems to hit home for what you need in your current now, and view it all around you! Bring it alive in personal ways! Seth has taught me the power of analogies, personal analogies…!

In the subject of death we are lucky, we have been given so many ways…associations over the years to ‘get comfy’ with death, that we need not view death only in those rare and horrific situations of life. All of us present here are aware, that we live in a field of energy-and energy is in a constant state of flux…change…and so we are literally surrounded by death or new life…moment to moment! Everything around us is constantly dying or being reborn - moment-to-moment! We see it in nature…the sun setting, the waves crashing to rise, the seasons changing! We have also been explained how the atoms and molecules in our bodies are constantly changing and ‘dying…so that we may indeed be! Seth speaks on this in great detail and explains how every seven years we have a literally ‘new’ body, as all those cells that made up the old you; die to enable this constant renewal of the body! (This is why -very often- when you think of the old ‘you’, one can literally not feel it!) Indeed our very universe pulses in and out to eternally be! So if you really think of it, ‘God’ (the whole –all that is- that i am call Self what you may) dies every moment to eternally Be! Anew! That is indeed how all that is, can be more! Think of it! It is how all that is, can expand infinitely and eternally! Through what we call death!

However all of these are associations of the macrocosm, far away from the realties of life, and to make this come alive within you, you need must associate with it in personal ways! I recall some of mine…I was looking forward to eating an array of chocolates from one of those boxes with different flavors and realized that the first chocolate must ‘die’ for me to enjoy another! As someone who deals with words…it always strikes me how a word dies to make a sentence! My channeling must die, for the next to start! I recall a meditation from my very early days: Shiva’s dance; showing e how each step dies so the next may be, and it is through a million deaths that the fluid grace of a dance is! Even this morning, I was cutting some flowers to keep afresh in my vase, and it struck me…I am ‘killing’ a part so that it may live longer, better! And then it struck me that this is all very well from the flowers point of view, kill of the leaf or stem for it to be, but what about the leaf? And I realized that because there is no ‘separation’ there… the leaf doesn’t consider itself separate from the whole…it doesn’t even think of this! And it is us, who separate areas or our lives, (relationship/careers etc) from the whole life plan, which we worry about its death! As the flower, we would embrace those aspects, which made the whole self …bloom…!

Another beautiful analogy or association with death is the concept referred to as the ‘small death’. This refers to the physical sexual orgasm! And why is the orgasm referred to as the small death? Yes because of the ‘death’ of the ego (implying a surrender of the resistance of ego)…that leads to the orgasm…but also because it implies that the energies being harnessed, collected, hoarded through the motion and experience of the creative act…must be released to enjoy the bliss of orgasm! Bliss of being! At a deeper level this has a very important message to me! Usually we think of stagnation and reluctance to move on only from ‘negative’ challenging or difficult situations! But it is equally vital to move on from any pinnacles we may reach! From those phases when my dreams have come true! When I have it all! This is when the most lethal stagnation can take place…and like in any orgasm ...it is only by letting go can I experience further bliss!

To completely switch track-there is however the flip side to all that i have speaking, because there are some who want to die! Some who seek to die so that they may in that find love, knowledge, god…. ascension…? But if you view death like a new year, it can be a sobering thought for you. Do you change over night? Are you different on the first? You are where you were a few seconds before midnight…and it will be the same with ‘death.’ And like a new year confers on you a whole new outlook- a new point of focus-a new time and space continuum psychologically- an opportunity to review, to re-plan, to restart, renew, regenerate…afresh this is all death will confer upon you!

And there are those who want to die, to rest. And I must tell them that death is not the route, became death will bring you to eternal life and creative endeavor. And if your concept of rest is doing nothing…then there is really no rest in that, as it soon becomes boredom, the devils workshop, prison indeed-and death. Think about it for yourself, and you will discover true rest is in play! When you truly want to rest you will go for lunch with friends, see a movie, play a game! Because you can be witness and player and in that creative role is rest!

And there are those who want to die so that they may ‘know’ everything… Have all the answers… Become all knowing. But of course there is no such state! If at all a state of all knowing exists it is in knowing that there is no such state! Not even in that state of self we call God! For as God, I choose to explore all that I am, all my nuances, every potential, every probable combination and permutation, and in this inestimable fathomless desire I burst out into the ‘unknown’! That’s the ‘point’ of creation to explore ‘what’ I am! Think…(whenever you are trying to understand the macrocosm make a microcosm analogy- so think) would you play a game if you knew that : first throw you will throw two and move two spaces…and your friend will throw six and move six paces and you will then throw three and she 1….you get the gist? You would throw up the game! So if you wont play game you know, why would you as God!?? And this is the bliss of Godhood! Where God-the whole- Self- All that is…call it what you may- can sit back centered witness still, and yet enjoy the unknown…the unfurling of all I am! Confident in the Love I am, and the will to creatively be it!

And even as I speak, this brings me to my last association with ‘death’: the fear of the unknown! Usually this is the last frontier we will breach, and I am guessing that once we more deeply understand death, and become more aware that the unknown is a part of your very being, part of existence itself –present in every life, so called after life, and in the state you call god- will we move forward from it… And in that will we truly understand that a state of all knowing is embracing the unknown! And that without this joyful embracing of the unknown I cannot be an all-knowing god! Mull on this paradox…because, there will always unrealized unknown potential… potentials to actualize in this realm or another! This is what being God means! And for those of you who will ask me “how about when we are one with the whole, when the game is over, then surely I will be all-knowing…?” my answer is that as God I will then (in linear terms) create a whole new game…that nobody, not, not even ‘god’ knows…!

Question from the audience: what about those who want to die to end the pain of life?
Divyaa: use the new-year analogy- as the pain will not magically cease! For those who wish to die to end pain, they will find that pain is not the physical sorrow they link it with, and the pain of the unresolved situation would be with them on the ‘other side’- and they will only get a chance to return and deal with the situations that they call pain. At such times we do not help the other by commiserating with the reduction of their pain, but helping them to understand the root….

The tarot explores our spiritual journey beautifully, and today I shall end with the symbolism of the death card in tarot: It shows a figure in black- black to represent the eternally unknown potential. -He rides a white horse- white to show conscious awareness of the need to move forward (depicted by the horse.) He carries a flag symbolizing the mystic rose of love- as it is love for all that I am and can be that takes me through a zillion deaths!
More interestingly: there are four tiny characters (often missed at cursory glance) in the way of the horse. The emperor who symbolizes rigidity and ego has been ‘trampled’ by death. The priest who symbolizes a power coming from an outside source and one who doesn’t look within for change, is in the way! (If the card were moving he would be the next to be crushed.) The young maiden, symbolizing a student, like most of us, partly understanding death and thus on her knees to welcome it, but turning away in fear last moment, and thus we guess the horse would hurt her too. Last but not least, is the young child, wholly on his knees arms open with flowers, embracing ‘death’ and we see the horse will ride past him!

I wish you a happy new year…and a passionate embracing of whichever opportunities will make it meaningful for you in personal ways…

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