OUR JOURNEY THROUGH THE 12 HOUSES OF ASTROLOGY -Indepth look at the houses of your chart
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An horoscope is made of 3 main ingredients: Houses ( where it happens) Planets ( what happens) Zodiac signs (how it happens)

There are 12 houses - each symbolizing a certain area of life!
12 planets- symbolize the drives, impulses, desires that operate in these different areas of life, based on which house they are!
12 zodiacs symbolizing the attitudes, qualities and manner in which you carry out these desires in the different areas of life!

Astrological charts are a storehouse of vital information & depict the blueprint of your life if read at depth!  Your ‘time of birth’is merely a door that brings you into the life scenario that you have chosen to currently experience & explore self through. Through a combination of houses, planets and zodiacs astrology describes the possibilities you have laid out for self. Also depicted are your strengths & challenges; influences of your environment from the womb through life; your areas of learning and contribution -both of which are usually referred to as your life’s purposes! Even the dasha’s (transits) are not a force you are stuck with but  time tables you have laid out to optimize this learning and growth!

Thus you are not what you are because you chart says so! The planets do not rule you! It is quite the reverse! Your chart is based on who you are, and have further chosen to be!Like the movie “If it is Tuesday, it must be Belgium” you’re not in Belgium because your itinerary says so- your itinerary says so because it is what you planned! It doesn’t rule you any more than your chart does!

Each house denotes an area of life; thus the 12 houses (when understood deeply) cover every aspect that makes up the experience you call life! Each house of your horoscope has a certain zodiac sign which influences how you approach that area of life!
For example the first house denotes THE SELF, and if the zodiac sign is Aries you will be impulsive, dynamic & aggressive in approach to self!
If the zodiac sign is cancer, you will be softer and nurturing!
If the 2nd  house of  POSSESIONS is Aries  you will have an Arian approach to  financial matters;
if it is Gemini  your intellect will be what you value & bring you value;
If it is Taurus- it will be material possessions that will bring you inner  security.
If Aries is the 7th house of RELATIONSHIPS, you will be Arian in relationship dynamics!

Once you have explored this and understood how you have chosen to explore the different areas of life, you will look at the  planets sprinkled in different houses!
These planets will show you the energies with which you have  chosen to operate in that area of life! Some houses may not have any planet, which does not make it a non-functional house, but only an area you have not chosen to do much ‘self work’ in;Yet ‘planetary aspects’ (planets in opposite or adjacent signs) impact it so no house is completely devoid of  self growth!
For example if you have Venus, a  harmonizing planet in the 7th house of relationships you have chosen to explore harmony in relationships;
If the zodiac sign is Aries you will express ( and expect) love in Arian ways! If Taurus, then physical & security aspects will play a role!
If Pluto the planet of change is in your first house, you have chosen to bring about great change in self;
& based on the zodiac, you will adopt the manner in which you do this!

As a beginner to astrology you may not be able to do this by yourself and the reason I share this approach to astrology is so that you may, in this awareness, not opt  for merely ‘predictive’ readings  but  also ask your astrologers to explain to you the strengths, challenges, opportunities and possibilities that you havelaid out in the different areas of life- and in that optimize life! And soul growth!

House 1- The house of Self, the core personality; how you meet life; physical countenance, how you come across to others; your sense of self!

House 2- The house of Possessions, finances, wealth, what you own; your resources (thus even education, fertility) what makes you secure; your sense of worth- that which helps you establish your emerging sense of self!

House 3-The house of Communication, environment, siblings, networking, transmitting ideas; your move from personal self to your immediate environment! The house of the mind-  going beyond merely the physical.

House 4- The house of Mother, home, family, roots, protection; that which gives you inner security! This planets & zodiac of this house will denote how you  view your mother, as different from your  siblings perhaps!

House 5- The house of Pleasures, romance, creativity, children, expression! All that makes you enhance your unique sense of self!

House 6- The house of Service- moving from enhancing self to aiding others thus service, dependants, pets! Moving from outer to inner purification thus house of health, disease and enemies! Moving from free flowing pastimes to structure and perfection!

House 7-The house of Non-self - the other! You are now moving beyond self to others- thus the house of relationships, partnerships, marriage, union; thus also yoga! Thus of mutual contracts-even legal!

House 8-house of Occult, mystery, death, sex, fears! The move from external to inner areas! From surface to deeper areas! Also the house of inheritance- not only material! You map it all!

House 9- The house of Religion, spirituality, truths; thus the house of long journeys foreign lands and what lasts! The house of your god image! The move from personal consciousness to universal! The house of the abstract mind, beyond ‘knowledge’ of the 3rd house!

House 10- The house of Responsibility, duty, authority figures- father! The house of vocation, career, ambition, politics, honor; the fulfillment of the individual personality before going beyond it.

House 11- The house of Community, friends, co-workers, groups, sharing, altruism! Now its time to function as part of a larger  brotherhood. You are dissolving your sense of personal self, and thus also house of the mystic and visionary.

House 12- The house of Dissolution; thus the house of the unconscious! Thus house of dreams, hidden aspects, even drugs; or the house of karma and patterns and compulsions; also the house of divine calling.


(This page is from my 2009 Divination Calendar)

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