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Many of us think of our 'purpose to be' in terms of that one over riding theme; but at its deepest - each truth that becomes yours, beyond its mere intellectual understanding, is your purpose to be! And whatever truth you are experiencing in the now is your current purpose!

So many ask me to help them find their 'life purpose' and my answer to them is: " Your life purpose is whatever is happening in your life Now; whatever makes up your Now- your current desires or fears are your purpose to be! Whoever (relationships or lack of) and whatever (events, situations) is part of your Now, is your purpose to be! It is so simple and yet we seek some deeper answer; we seek some seemingly grander purpose! And yet, the Now is our only true purpose... and as we fulfill the reason for whatever is in our now, it becomes the step for the next 'purpose' to appear!

So yes your current fears are your current purpose too- for it is what you in this Now have chosen to disempower and move away from. Whatever is the root that you have chosen to move away from - rises as fear - so that you then need to tackle it! And as you do, the fear subsides, the purpose for it to show itself being accomplished!

Your desires are the whisperings of your soul to move towards what you as soul have chosen to experience... or at a deeper level what the Whole chooses to experience through 'you'! Desires work as your 'purpose to be' in many ways: in the fulfillment of your desire, the desire was for that experience and that completion at soul levels and as the purpose gets accomplished the desire starts to fall away; sometimes however you don't get what you desire, but the desire was only the carrot for whatever you learnt or experienced in trying to fulfill it! That (experience) was the true purpose of that desire! In the same way whatever relationships and areas of life make up your Now -are your current purpose to be- towards some completion perhaps; towards some learning perhaps; towards some experience that you require at soul levels! When the purpose gets accomplished then you find those relationships or areas of life being weaned from you!

So what is your purpose to be? Look into all that makes up your Now!


From the other end of the spectrum in the larger context, your purpose to ‘Be’ is simply being…! Many consider devotion to be their allegiance towards their masters & gods but in its purest expression, devotion is your ardor to ‘Be’! And by your very ‘being’, through what you may call existence, through this devotion, you are fulfilling your purpose to Be! If you understood this well, there would be nothing more to ‘add’ towards your purpose to be!
In this joyous commitment to all that you are do you best you encompass masters and gods and indeed ‘serve’ them best. Your purpose to be is your allegiance towards all that you, as Spirit from Spirit, Individuated towards. Your purpose to be is being all that you have chose to ‘Be’… do, feel, experience through your many lives! Feel free my dears, for your purpose to be is not a narrow line of, ‘must be’, ‘must feel’, ‘must do’…’must not do/be’… it is being yourself… all that you consider or call good or bad… acknowledge accept and revel in all of self and you are fulfilling your deepest purpose to Be!


And now let’s take it a little deeper! Your 'purpose to be' is not some singular purpose as you imagine - but that ‘sum’ which only you can be for the whole!

Each 'one' is a unique exploration of the Whole for the Whole by the Whole! And thus each 'one' is seeded in individual ways to desire differently - and thus explore different aspects of the Whole... That I Am. Thus we each play a unique role, that only we can play in this grand exploration of Self! Indeed our purpose through existence is to 'be' what only we can be at every step! To take 'back' a unique inimitable view & understanding of Self! To express and experience Self as only we can!


Your purpose to be- what you call your life purpose is two pronged- what 'you' as a soul  -through any current life experience - have chosen to ‘learn’ and what you have chosen to ‘contribute’.

Both are part of ones 'life purpose' though many ask about their purpose only in terms of what they can contribute, offer or do for others, the world or God! But an important part of your life purpose is the learning - enhancing your strengths, moving away from certain weaknesses and in this expansion allowing soul growth and contribution to the whole!  Indeed at every step, as you fulfill what you have chosen to learn, you are more easily able to fulfill what you have chosen to contribute too! The means for 'contribution' then come about in myriad ways - sometimes-specific vocations or by just by being whatever you are wherever you are! 


Now let’s extend that two pronged look… because purposes can be viewed from many points of view and from many levels! 

-So when you are referring to your purpose to be, it is what you have planned for this life, the potentials and possibilities you have encoded into this life! What is often called our BLUEPRINT OR DESTINY! So you can understand your purpose to be through the terms blueprint/destiny! It is the same! Different words only, which lead you, back to the same place!

This is based on your KARMA - what you have chosen to learn – limitations & Ignorance you have chosen to disempower and the awareness you have chosen to expand! So your purpose to be can be viewed through the label of karma!

Your DESIRES are encodements towards exploring and fulfilling your karma or blue print… as it is through desiring something that you as a human (who has forgotten soul plans) will be propelled to explore/experience something… so your purposes to be can be seen through your current desires!

All different concepts, labels, words... but they bring you back to the same place!

Purposes can also be viewed through terms like PRARABD AND SANCHIT KARMA: Our prarabd is our current life purpose that we have chosen to learn and contribute in this life. This is chosen each life from our sanchit karma - our over all soul purpose- that which we, the individuation of the whole, for the whole, individuated towards! That portion of the overall I AM experience exploration that i the individuation do for the Whole… is my purpose to be!


Also, each of us is an extended multidimensional being… beyond the ‘me-notion/self’ we think we are. Each 'one' of us exists within a larger milieu, be it those you call 'others' beloveds & non-beloveds comprising of your family, environment, city, country, world, planet or universe.  And thus 'your purpose to be' is both - your personal growth and expansion (pictorially this can be viewed as a vertical line moving upwards from self to Godself) - and the role you play in the larger milieu that you have chosen to be part of (pictorially this can be viewed as a horizontal line moving outwards encircling each aspect that you have chosen to be a part of (together these lines also create the cross)

We can view this horizontally and vertically: Horizontally I am current self/personal identity - but also the different groups I belong to. I am my family, friends, work organizations, other affiliations; larger society; country, world, the era i birth into, humanity, cosmos etc…! Vertically we can view this in terms of being current self/personal identity/ego; higher self/buddhi; soul; monadic self; awareness /consciousness/God! Thus our purposes are manifold - at every level of being, I have a purpose to be! To learn and contribute! And this will play out in seemingly mundane ways through our day-to-day life! And if we can live life in this gnosis that whatever situations we find ourselves in have a deeper purpose… for self, all the selves we are, and for the Whole (Self).... everything gets imbued with a meaning… nothing is seen as useless. In the 'vertical line’ we have our monadic purposes, soul purposes, personality purposes… one within the other… the 'lower' selves purpose always in alignment with our higher selves, functioning through the 'lower' self as its desires, impulses and encodements! Thus based on our monadic purpose to be - that overall exploration of and contribution to the Whole that we individuate for- do we further branch out as souls with commiserate soul purposes!  And based on what we at soul level are exploring and contributing to the monadic self, do we further branch out as current selves... with commiserate life purposes based on our soul plans!

Accordingly we are born into a certain backdrop - a certain era, world environment, cultural background, family etc. which best provide what we need for this self-exploration! And through this Self-exploration we contribute in unique ways to the several 'groups' we are part of - family, career, social, city, country, world, universe...! As long as your energy field frequency is lower than the critical mass of any group-be it your city or world or the era you have chosen this life to be in - you are being impacted by the larger; once you have expanded your energy field beyond the critical mass - you shape the group in meaningful ways. 

The examples can be zillions, as this will play out in different ways for different people with different purposes at multidimensional levels! This is when I feel the limitation of written interaction… there is only so much that can be ‘typed’… and so much more could be expressed verbally! So just as gist please and go deeper than the examples: Sometimes our death propels society into taking up a cause - and that is also a contribution to society seeded at soul levels! Sometimes one comes with a disability and invents something to over come it, there again is much learning and contribution; but these are extreme examples… just for you to view extremes in our lives through your purpose to be. But it plays out in completely mundane day-to-day ways too: Sometimes we rebel and change things in the family… or we are in a constricting situation to learn to speak out…or sometimes to learn to be accepting… its diff for each one! Sometimes you have an unhappy marriage so that you seek ‘more’ than domestic happiness, which as a soul you kept getting stuck in; sometimes you are happily married and have to find the spiritual balance that you require at soul level; sometimes you have come only for the physical experiences so your spiritual purpose is to not be spiritual! Sometimes you come to enjoy the material world because in your spiritual journeys you have shunned or condemned the physical… so you can be born into a situation where you have to embrace the material world and its luxuries! Sometimes you choose a life of not finding a sexual partner try as you might as one of your purposes is your own inner yin yang balance… or it can be for another reason all together… which one doesn’t need to know why… as the learning within all our situations is happening without us needing to know what the learning is!


Thus indeed everything that makes up every Now, is towards all of this!  The best way for you to know your many purposes is to become aware of what up your Now- for all that your 'Now' entails is towards all of this - either as learning, experiencing, expanding, disempowering or contributing!  If at all we do want to know the purpose of any situation just reflect and what the situation has brought to you, what is its gift, its learning… for self… and if you go deeper… for the other! Oh I could go on and on with example, but the point being that whatever situations we find ourselves in, have a deeper purpose for self and all the selves we are and Self! And if we can live life in this gnosis, everything gets imbued with a meaning… nothing is seen as useless…! Also listen to what beckons you- what are your desires- do not follow the herd! For example someone once asked me if I would like to join the 'walk for Bombay' marathon - and when I declined he was quite horrified that a 'spiritual' facilitator like me wasn't interested! I told him if there was a 'meditate for Bombay marathon; yes I would gladly participate as that's something I enjoyed and could thus contribute to! So each one contributes in different ways - some by being businessmen, some by being in service, some by teaching or dancing or acting or cooking... whatever be the vehicle based on their monadic, soul and current purposes. Indeed by living in this awareness - that everyone's Now is perfectly shaped towards their life, soul and monadic purposes - judgment goes flying out of the window!



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