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Dearest all

It’s actually all in reverse!

'We' desire growth, evolution, God... when God consciousness desires us to turn the corner and start returning 'home'!
Thus first God... Consciousness seeds in us the desire to set forth and explore to forget Him/Her and dive into the game...
And when we as individuations have played our roles in the cosmic play; and as unique probes each, done our bit and sent back to source a unique range of its qualities.

Then does God... Consciousness seed in us the desire to return rather than set out further...
Then are we drawn to the path…

And as God... consciousness prepares us further towards dissolving unto Him/Her
Then does the seeking heighten and the yearning deepen

And yet it is only when God...consciousness is ready to wrap up the game through you;
Only when God... Consciousness desires the final merger... mating... union... does it 'happen'
Till then the mating dance... the foreplay... is what He/She desires...
and we remain 'here' separate yet closely entwined in divine embrace
In surrender
In love
Which has no goals

And now through a beautiful peom by St teresa of Avila:

He desired me so I came close.
No one can near God unless He has
prepared a bed for

A thousand souls hear His call every second,
but most every one then looks into their life’s mirror and
says, “I am not worthy to leave this

When I first heard His courting song, I too
Looked at all I had done in my life
and said,

“How can I gaze into His omnipresent eyes?”
I spoke those words with all
My heart,

but then He sang again, a song even sweeter,
and when I tried to shame myself once more from His presence
God showed Me His compassion and spoke a divine truth,

“I made you, dear, and all I make is perfect.
Please come close, for I

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