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Know that you have come for the best of days, For a festival of roses, for what only gets better… How tasteless the wine not poured from this cup…  RUMI

MANY HAPPY RETURNS TO... SELF! This is what it means when we wish another 'many happy returns... of the day... 'We wish that each year each birthday... is a step closer... to Self!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YES TO YOU, BELOVED READER for I am going to speak on birth, and why it is linked to annual celebration. Many wonder at the reason for these festivities- especially those who consider birth a bondage; and many who view its celebration as a meaningless frivolity, a passing self-indulgence at the most! Only a handful use the occasion in true commemoration of self and yet these celebrations have great reason to be. For every birth is an affirmation of the love will and creativity that gives rise to humanity. Every birth is a beautiful mirror through which the Divine views its infinite potential. Thus is every birth special- as a tribute indeed to the very unique and very extra ordinary contribution that only each individuation can make towards the fulfillment of the larger Whole. And unknown to you, it is not only ‘you’ who celebrates but spirit as a whole that revels in every opportunity of being! And this is what courses through you, on your day of birth, in the face of all rational, which might try and suggest or convince you otherwise. It is why you feel instinctively within you a celebration, even if you know not why. So rejoice in Self my dearest friends- it need not be a big bang every time- you may celebrate in stillness and quietude, allowing it to ripple forth in honor of the portal that allows ‘All That Is’ to infinitely and infinitesimally ‘BE’!

Macroscopically every birth is the holographic birthing of a universe; and what you consider as your birth date is only this NOW surging within you in linear time and space! Inviting you, as reminder of you will, to get in touch with the passion that made Consciousness as a ‘you’ burst forth as a universe ready to explore itself; asking 'you' to claim your all- potential more palpably and take charge of what you call your destiny-your plans to express, experience, expand as only you can. You do not receive the torch of life to merely burn it out, but to add to that living torch, to existence itself, a meaning, a quality that is uniquely your own.

And whenever this joy of self-exploration, indeed your very purpose to ‘be’ shows signs of dimming, danger signals will flash everywhere. On personal levels it often reflects as dis-ease, depression, fatigue, inertia, irritation, anger and the like; and on larger levels, it builds to social disorder, epidemics and even war. Next time your birthday comes around use the milestone to revitalize self and breathe life into your special abilities. Seek them out, try them, test their rough edges and activate your strengths to joyfully advance in your chosen worlds of expression. Do not instead hesitate, falter, and hold back. Do not allow fear instead of trust and thrust to guide you! Reflect in the beautiful mirror of your life, the splendor that the Divine reflects in its universal mirror! 

For in this self-development does the universe develop - it has not been created in some distance past, but is even now, in every moment created afresh through each of us. Through our expanding feelings, thoughts, beliefs and commiserate action; through aligning with our purposes to be; through reaching for the highest potentials we carry within us; even if that be to move beyond the 'self' that we celebrate... TO MOVE FROM PERSONAL CONSCIOUSNESS AND CELEBRATE THE UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS THAT I AM. And in this living endeavor do we each play our part! Happy birthday dear reader… many happy returns… to glorious SELF! 

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