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Drop the “oh my god what do I do about personal desires!!”   Many of you continue to berate desire…classifying it as good and bad desire; and even fret when your so called good desire, for example, universal good, gets you in touch with the personal desires contained therein. You are then uncomfortable with your desires for ‘personal growth’ and ‘glory’ which you experience within that…you struggle to remove it…you fret it’s being there…! You make a distinction between the desire to work for universe vis a vis for ‘self’…

My dears, personal desire is the wonderful tool We have together created, so that as individuation's into Creation, We don’t become a cosmic soup and a mish-mash but are able to organize and focus: “each” individuation (soul if you prefer) impelled by what you call personal desire, towards those particular aspects that ‘they’ have chosen, to experience for, and contribute to, the Whole! Our Whole! Don’t you see that without this personal desire how would We indeed function in perceived separation? It is ‘self ’as in fact, however large or small, that personal desire must be there to propel it towards its purposes to BE. Otherwise how would each ‘self’ (My individuation's) indeed discern what to do towards ‘Being’? What you call personal desire is indeed the viscosity, the setting-quickening agent allowing my universe to flow ‘smoothly’… it is intrinsic to what you call ‘evolution’!

This ‘personal’ desire that many on the so-called ‘spiritual path’ struggle with, is if you like to see it in practical logical terms (which in your eyes gives everything validity!) an organizer! Something akin to those websites you have on your world wide web…each devoted to expressing a certain range of the web’s aspects…so that together the world wide web can indeed express All There Is without disorder. Can you conjure, if they were no websites, how would you delineate the experiences of the myriad aspects contained within the vastness of the web, how would you put in order the experience of the vast array of its facets…? what you individuated for…or else we would all be doing and contributing to all (all experiencing all) and there would only be one cosmic blend and why would I indeed individuate and Understand that personal desire is what we implant in ourselves, encodements, so that when you go through separation after separation, your original purposes to BE towards the Whole remain intact within you…it is what propels you to ? !! So my dears…I am practical, far more than you give Me credit for…

We shall expand: each of you comes with many encodements. Depending on many factors which we will not go into here, but the large gist you are all aware of, certain probabilities are chosen from amongst these, constantly, and triggered of as ‘desires’ towards which you then ‘work’. These desires are at many levels, what you call spiritual or not...it does not matter one bit. Through fulfilling each of these, each a valid experience spirit chooses to experience, you incorporate what you term as larger and larger desires; your so-called personal desires themselves expand. But note, please, it is still as an individuation, your personal desire to work for the universe which impels you forward into doing so, not another’s desire…!

It is purposes to Be, ‘plans’, through desire then, that you ‘remember’ your contributions towards the myriad experiences for spirit, which you as higher self, choose before each ‘birth’. Desire is what keeps their ‘memory’ intact within the embodied self/you. And we repeat, that to spirit, all desires are ‘equal’… if all only worked for the universe… who would dance for spirit? Who would rise ;-) in love?

If there is no desire on your part, it is not part of your ‘plan’, perhaps for this life or perhaps for any…and if there is even the faintest desire, it is part of your encodements. These encodements then get ‘turned on” full volume… or less, conjure a dial if you please on a transmitter, according to many factors which is not the topic under consideration. So in your analogy, yes the abiding desire to channel will show an encodement, but where the dial is pointing to on the scale of 1 –10 depends on many factors pertaining to your current reality, efforts…

There are very fine lines here my dears, so tread carefully… many will jump to erroneous conclusions. There are sometimes what you call desires, inclinations picked up from your environment… which is fine also…! But there are clues for you to appreciate these fine lines…whether your ‘desire’ is an encodement towards your larger purposes to Be. (Again, this does not have to be what you term a ‘spiritual’ desire, it maybe rising in love with a handsome man;-)) Firstly, if it is an encodement, then you will feel a certain sense of quietude (not to be mixed with passivity.) Because any encodement that is triggered, and is being experienced, infact gives you a sense of elation, empowerment, expansion …so the quietude is the lack of confusion and turmoil about the desire itself. (Not about the process of fulfilling the desire). A certain surety should we say…you would feel you have come ‘home’ in a small way, even in the effort towards it… and not the sense of “where or where am I going with this…! What or why am I doing?” A subtle difference. Often the ‘purpose’ has been served, and you continue to ‘hold’ on to the activity it entailed… and wonder at the sense of disquiet you begin to feel. Secondly, as you work on, or begin to experience, an encodement, it will more easily so to say become part of your life; become part of your life we repeat, again we are not saying it will easily become successful. Again a fine distinction. You will find those, what you call ‘serendipitous’ ways, in which it brings your way what’s required towards it. Thirdly, if it is not an encodement, it may not be that deep a yearning, as consistently desired to be experienced…it will then be like what you call a passing fancy. These what we will refer to as inclinations, are often part of the different ways you seek towards fulfilling your desires… trial runs… surfing…

So my dear understand that desire for personal growth is fundamental; it is inherent in every life form, from a tiny organism to what you consider the other end of the spectrum: human! It is how My universe functions, in separation and individuation. It is indeed how and each aspect of Creation creates… so that individually we each desire to contribute to a unique aspect, which We can then together experience. So yes... personal desire that sounds so exotic, is infact a mundane practical tool of My organization!

Also understand that when you grow, any of you, every ‘other’ grows…! It cannot be any other way. It cannot be. Because We are One, and the separations, individuation's are only akin to different ‘tape recordings’ if you like, towards encompassing a plethora of experiences each well delineated; but the master tape is one. Again remember those above-mentioned myriad web sites, but the World Wide Web is one. See how brilliant We are? What a plan? And you worry about the desire for personal growth? Here is nothing like personal growth in the larger picture; this is My masterpiece! Your growth is Mine. And his and hers and everyone’s and everything’s. You cannot be selfish even if you want to! What you call personal desire is only the tool We have designed towards Our unified growth! 

You cannot work for self, alone, even if you want to! Stop grappling with issues of individuation, you all have the vaster picture now. If you are spirit, and I am spirit, and all are spirit, then all are doing spirit’s ‘work’…priests, cleaners, channels, your page three movers and shakers …all are different aspects of being ME; any of us, tunes into spirit, and makes an intent, or prays, or evolves, or receives from spirit, it HAS to be for all! And All will ‘receive’ in their own ways… yes, in their own realities… yes, at what you may classify at their own ‘levels’… yes! But be aware you cannot tune in, evolve, pray, receive, grow… without others doing so!!! As We are all One!!!
So evolving, praying, receiving, healing can never be what you view as selfish or for self-alone. If your light /knowing increases, all’s light increases. It has to. Each individuation may feel it or not, differently…and it will affect them or not, differently… depending where they are in the Now…but everyone’s ‘light’ has increased.

If you pray for your beloved, you pray for all without even knowing it. Because when your beloved receives your love and energy, all do. Love radiates from one to another in ways far beyond your perception. Energy cannot be restricted and more so it is neutral…When you heal a friend, you heal the world. You cannot heal one and restrict the ripple effect. This is not a beautiful spiritual ‘saying’, so for once we say: take it literally!

Your personal desire maybe towards your chosen one yes, and you may feel it is for your husband, your friend, your child…that you pray or heal, but by the very action of tuning into spirit, and helping one, you are reaching all. Your desire towards helping, sharing towards specific others is only your personal contracts being played out. Encodements indeed, so that the universe is always impelled, through each individuation ‘desiring’ towards healing, praying, helping his group of beloved “others” and hence the universe as a whole! That is indeed evolution!

In the same manner, any (what you call) ‘cleansing’, any ‘weakness’ removed or handled, fears resolved…affect all. You cleanse resolve for all! Why you may ask? Because my dear when you resolve a fear/weakness it is less prevalent in your energy fields, and thus in your planets energy field, and thus galaxy… universe…you get the picture? And so you are ‘resolving’ at far vaster levels than you think! You are making it easier for all concerned! If you have for example reduced your fear or that of your friend, you have reduced the strength of its vibration from the universe. It is the same ‘concept’ at ‘work’ above…when you ‘increase’ knowledge, love, or the so-called ‘positive’ within you or a friend, you add to the strength of its vibrations all around for others to ‘tune into’.

So your evolution is not concerned with only your higher selves! Because at every, what you perceive as, ‘higher’ level, they are all increasingly one! All higher selves become one with Masters who become one with universal consciousness… so at every step, with every breath, My universe is constantly cleansing, expanding in knowledge and love…Everything is for everyone; so any and all help from each of you… towards ‘self’ or any other… reaches all! What better plan could spirit have come up with?


So yes…let us take your interlinked query; why the desire to excel or in some to shine or in many for that taste of glory?  How does that fit in with being One and All? Yet you all go through moments of desiring this…! And then fret about it! Yes we do realize we have clumped together the above three sentiments, which in your mind might each have a very different meaning, but the distinction will be largely based on the personality you each are. The more understated opting to excel and the more flamboyant for glory! That is all.

Now… My dears, I revel in All That I Am! I glory in it moment to moment…it is indeed my reason to Be! There is indeed none other (reason to be) if you really understood Creation! So why are you so confused with your desire to shine? It is intrinsic surely, if you are a part of me? Indeed an aspect of me? In fact it is through your shining, your moments of glory that I revel and radiate! That is why I have manifested! To shine through each and every aspect of mine again and again…or else I am Glory Itself and why would I individuate? Indeed if you did not, each of you at different moments choose to shine…I would be in trouble! Creation would indeed be dull and drab and plodding and I am Love and Creativity and Power! These each has their own glory and luminosity! Every time you are confused on why you as an individuation ‘feel’ something, ask yourselves why have We individuated?

Yes, having said that, there will come a point when this grandeur that you will, as an expression of ME, reflect and emit, be a different sheen from what you emit as personality. You will sense, feel, experience very markedly the distinction in the shine you emit as personality, and the luminosity you emit as an expression of Me. The best we can differentiate it in your words is the former glory is more akin to one of your light bulbs and the latter more akin to the glow of stars and moons and suns…Once you experience this, you will not be so enamored by the glare of the bulb. In your self (or even in another…!) it is but a step…

So, it is okay my dears, to want to ‘shine’. Always understand your shine is what adds to My radiance. It cannot be any other way. Your desire for glory is, if you understand the above discussion on desire in the larger context, a desire to optimize your reason to Be, your contribution to the Whole!

But yes, again, there are fine lines; conscious living my dears, conscious living will show you these constantly: do you want to out-shine another? Then that is not indeed magnificence but hostility. Do you want to claim it only for self? That is but fear. Do you want to prove a point to someone, to the world? That is but lack of self worth. Do you want to just shine like the other, at anything, as long as you shine? That is but powerlessness. Do you want to excel? Because you enjoy doing what it is you want to shine in…you want to BE that what you chose to Be for the Whole in all its glory…! Ah yes…then you are on the right track!

 We remind you always…conscious living, be aware of your reasons, motives. In this desire to excel, shine, opt for glory… the ‘munificence’ of… only then will you truly be able to ‘glory’ in it…if it is the lack of its endowment that makes you yearn for its glory, it comes from void. The ‘others’ as the Whole… so that together We the expanded Whole shine forth in all Our expanded glory! Recognize, if it is in a ‘talent’/quality/aspect you are indeed any ‘other’ but be aware if it is not

Your true, most potent moments of glory indeed will be when you become one with what you choose to glory in and radiate out. When you the personality are not. When I shine through you. When the personality shines without spirit it is akin to frivolous glitter compared to gold…it will tire you out, the other out, itself out… it is but a step. Endeavor to not get stuck there… And perhaps different from what you conjure this glory as, it will be softly glowing, oh so softly and tranquilly…

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