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 “Too blessed, to be stressed! Too anointed, to be disappointed!” Erica Jong 

Feeling down? Wondering where to go from here? Incorporate a hobby this winter! Yes simple as it sounds, the creative endeavor can change your sluggish spiraling to an upward beat that has a snowballing effect. This is not as frivolous a tip as it might first appear to you- because an improvement in one area of your life can quickly cause improvements in other areas as well. Get positive momentum on your side and one good thing leads to another!  

When you are feeling out of sorts, all the meaningful advice of friends, family, self-help books and columns like this - asking you to claim your Creatorhood - may appear somewhat daunting a task; and you may well wonder that while it sounds attractive- how exactly do you start? And one of the easiest starting points is tapping into an activity that brings you pleasure... something that’s fun... what we usually call a hobby! Whether it is writing, painting, cooking, computers... whatever it may be. The key points are that in a hobby there is no pressure to perform, it needs to go nowhere; you indulge in it purely for self-fulfillment… you feel good when thus engaged. And feeling good is what this is all about! As you do so in one area of life, it spills over into other areas of life! You raise your energy fields through one such activity and it further draws in more to feel good about in different aspects of life! This reinforces your internal feel-good-factor and you turn the tide in more meaningful ways.

Another way to introduce these above states into your life is to learn a new skill- join a class or find one online - whether it is tarot or graphics or dance or… whatever! Something you enjoy, not a skill you ‘require’! Inspiration brings in the above feel good factors into your life and often you develop a hobby out of this, passion enters your life and its magic spills over into your relationships, careers and family equations!

Many of us keep waiting for some passionate buzz to call us and say, “Hello, this is fulfilling hobby number 1, lets fix a date!” Do not await that call- browse your inner World Wide Web and hit download on something that draws you or which you are curious about…and more often than not, the ardor develops! If nothing beckons… think of a fairy godmother looming in front of you and in somewhat of a rush alas, and granting you a minute, no more… to think of three skills or activities that could magically be ‘you’! And you maybe surprised at what latent ideas you may have been fostering deep within you!

Passion of course is a great frequency to be in - it is positive focus, it is expansive, it makes you one with what you are passionate about and almost any self help book or spiritual guidance, eventually leads you to this very place! Distinguish between Passion and obsession please, for passion is expanding, empowering and elating! It is focus and freeing! Obsession is instead depleting, disempowering and disheartening; it is chains and chaos and thus a negative focus drawing in more of the same! When confused ask yourself: do I feel 3E’s or 3 D’s!

The words of the Carpenters Oldie Goldie hit I feel on top of the worldruns through me as i write this… and if you want to experience being on top of the world, take a small step towards it rather than wondering how ones reaches that peak. Tap into feel good factors! Build up enthusiasm! Expand your energy field just that little bit so that it goes on stretching as a ripple effect into your life- and view it reverberate like a chorus of joy into your relationships, careers, spiritual endeavors… life indeed!

Introspection for today: What really inspires you? What do you wish to explore? Do not limit your self with practicalities at this stage. Then, once you have felt that flutter, incorporate it into your life through any activity pertaining to that (however small in comparison) or through meeting like-minded people! Bring inspiration and its wondrous energy signature into your life!

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