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Let’s view dharma, adharma through the ‘no me/ego self’ angle: Dharma = being in sync with our true (divine) nature, living as authentic Self and all that flows from this state of being. Adharma = being out of sync with our true (divine) nature/authentic Self, living the duality experiences of indivuated/ ego self and the thoughts, feelings & actions that arise from this sense of separate self. Thus automatically, as ‘me/ego/personal identity’ dissolves, so do feelings thoughts & actions that we deem ‘adharma’ and one increasingly move into abiding in Dharma!

Let’s go deeper: No me/ego self/personal id = thus no one to judge things as good & bad = thus nothing like bad/ ‘evil’= thus all living in sync with Authentic Self = a state of Dharma!  

Thus imho when the scriptures say that the ‘lord comes to earth, when adharma rules or when ‘evil’ in mankind is reaching some zenith’- it actually implies that the ‘Lord’ comes - not externally but internally as expanded Universal Consciousness within each of us- enabling the me/ego/duality self to dissolve and thus increasingly abide as Authentic Self… thus usher in a state of Dharma in mankind! The "coming" of the Lord is not a second coming of Jesus or any avatar but the realization of our own Lordship

Thus imho when the scriptures say that the ‘Lord comes to earth, when adharma rules or when ‘evil’ in mankind is reaching some zenith’- it actually implies that the Lord comes not ‘against’ evil or on the ‘side’ of good, but as Universal Consciousness enabling personal consciousness to dissolve and thus enter a state of Consciousness that is beyond duality/opposites and its seeming good & evil! And this (no me/ego self/personal identity = no one to judge things as good & bad= nothing like bad/ ‘evil) is what’s called the victory of dharma over adhrama or seeming good over seeming evil! 

Let’s go deeper:  When we are able to view Dharma as our eternal authentic divine nature, and adharma as the shorter term play of opposites/duality/maya (with the ego as its means and thus not our authentic nature)… we can better understand that  the adharma that is peaking for which the lord comes in the scriptures is not ‘bad/evil’ but refers more to the deepening of the ego/self personal consciousness/me experience and its separation & ignorance (& thoughts, feelings & actions stemming from there!)

If we truly understand this, we will not view this is a ‘war’ between good & bad … we will not wait for a day where there is no ‘bad or evil’… we will not wait for the ‘victory’ of good… we will view it as the interplay of duality that is the inherent nature of the duality experience! Duality – creation - life as we know it cannot be without opposites - be they stillness & motion, yin &yang, heart and mind or the many other opposites… also what we call good & bad or up and down! Indeed we will then view that each pair, of each opposite, plays its own role… in the fabric of life… even seeming good & bad! And we will understand somewhere deep within us and beyond the  words that only in moving from ‘me/ego self/personal identity’ into Universal Self… only by abiding beyond duality… is the true  move from adharma to dharma … which is not a state of good over bad but beyond good and bad! Which paradoxically implies no bad!

Thus no me/ego self/ personal id = no one to judge things as good & bad = no ‘evil’= dharma = the ‘new’ consciousness or mankind returning to its original state  as universal consciousness… living in full awareness of its duality experience as but a sojourn and not its true nature=  Dharma =Living in awareness!

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