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In homage to authentic Divination

Divination- the very word makes us think in terms of predictions, forecasting and fortune telling! The very concept makes us think in terms of the future being revealed! Its very existence seems to be based on its ability to determine upcoming events!  And yet, when divination is really explored and understood deeply, we find each of these misconceptions come apart- to reveal authentic divination for what it truly is! A tool to better understand the finer nuances of the game of life; a symbolic language to better understand deeper and vaster aspects of self; vital clues from beyond the veils of ignorance and separation; a bridge indeed between personalized and universal consciousness!

Indeed the first paradox of true divination and clairvoyance is that its point of focus is not the future as it may appear on the surface, but on bringing clarity and insight to the present moment!  ‘Clairvoyance’ literally means clear seeing and ‘divination’ literally means knowing the divine being within; and thus their real power lays in helping you deeply understand current   self!  By facilitating you to look into the myriad aspects that make up self, and aiding you to review your current beingness and all that has led to it, do they enable you to recognize what you could be further creating in the Now!  Thus ironically divination is less about revealing the future, and more about revealing the past and present!  And in this understanding, can you utilize it better, rather than haranguing the system to put its spotlight on your future! Even ‘forecasting’ like a weather forecast simply implies using current date to view its effects

Another eureka that begins to unfurl is that divination deals more with causes, rather that its effects – thus more with what leads to future events more than the events themselves!  These causes can be viewed through many labels-  as your ‘thoughts’ which manifest your reality; or your ‘energy fields’ that attract like wise; or your ‘karma’, that which you choose with full free will to explore, experience, empower or disempower through each current life! Certain systems of divination, like tarot, runes and the like specialize in ‘divining’ your current thoughts, feelings and energy signatures and in that do they help you view what their effect could be in the so called future!  Other systems like astrology and numerology specialize in helping you understand your soul plans and purposes; the timings you have set into motion, the strengths and challenges you have elected to expand or disempower; indeed their centre of attention is on the very root causes, thus on the source, the basis and in this do they thus point to what effects are probable or possible! Based on the seed can you tell about the tree; based on where the river emerges from and where it chooses to merge can you understand its waters and flow; based on the buildings foundation can you envision its ensuing structure!

Befittingly the inscription on the doors of the world famous Oracle of Delphi is: KNOW THYSELF! This brings up another eureka-that your consciousness impacts your readings or experiences with divination!  For in this responsibility of ‘knowing thyself’ lies the best clairvoyance- the clear seeing of who you are; your thoughts and feelings; your desires and fears; your soul plans and current life purposes! And most systems of divination are geared specially around this endeavor – to help you become alert and conscious of the myriad subconscious and even unconscious aspects that you may not be wholly aware of but are going about shaping your reality. And   the more you ‘Know Self’ or the deeper is your understanding of self, the ‘other’, life and God- the more liberated is your consciousness!  Thus the more conscious you are, the more free are you of your past and its subconscious energy signatures and their effects; and the vaster is your consciousness,  the more in tandem is your current self with its higher aspects and thus freer to create like wise life experiences!  This thus leads to the paradoxical conclusion that the higher the consciousness of the querent, the less will purely predictive divination work! Indeed less will it interest them too! As conscious beings, empowered and living co creatively they now operate beyond subconscious causes and its obvious effects; and the less are they bound to traverse within set parameters like the unconscious man- whose ‘readings’ will be thus easier in the predictive sense as he is mainly treading along a set plan!

In fact your consciousness impacts your astrological charts, numerology, cards or whatever tool you are using, for they are all merely symbols encoded at multi levels; and relative to your consciousness do they reveal their truth!  Thus the same horoscope, or combination of numbers or tarot spread, would mean different things based on your consciousness at any given time- for based on your level of consciousness does any truth truly operate! I will share a personal example to high light this point: for many years, whenever I had my horoscope read, my readings were almost always about my relationships, my marriage, love and the like!  And recently whenever I have a reading they are almost always about some spiritual aspect; my reaching out spiritually or my inner growth! Mulling within at this sudden volte face of astrologers; I wondered how they (without knowing the intervening changes in my life) were suddenly tuning into this. Did this not exist in my chart before? How come no reading had ever emphasized it previously? And then I realized deep within me, a gnosis difficult to put into words- that there is no separate inviolate ‘chart’ distinct from ‘me’!  There is no other, no thing other than I! And thus even as I change… so does my seemingly static ‘chart’! A horoscope or any reading is indeed dynamic, kinetic and alive … a reflection of its operating consciousness!

I hope you are with me; for at an even deeper level, it is your consciousness that brings to you those who do your divination- (be it astrologers, numerologists, or readers of the cards, runes, energy fields etc!)    The same principle is at work- there is no one other than I! Thus I draw towards me that ‘reader’ which my consciousness attracts! Or I draw towards me that   ‘reading’ which I require for my highest good in the now! In fact as we go yet deeper we realize that there is no use blaming the diviner; no use thrashing a reading-  that indeed there is no thing like a ‘bad’ reading for I drew it to myself for some higher purpose! If I do not resonate to its message, I must deliberate why I needed to hear that! Perhaps to become aware of something; or yes…surprising as it might sound perhaps to move away from that something by the very act of affirming to self that it does not apply to me! This too serves a very vital purpose! Every reading is one of your many voices, being said aloud to you through the diviner, so that you may hear externally what you do not internally!

At a more basic level, you must seek that reader who speaks your language- whose deeper philosophy resonates with yours! This is an aspect not usually understood, but the consciousness of both the ‘reader’ and the querent plays a vital role! All systems of knowledge including the metaphysical are open to personal interpretation and thus the same information can be read at many levels, from merely ‘predictive’ to deeper insights; from dire warnings to empowering suggestions; from black magic and the like to your ability to impact your environment! 

Authentic divination never leaves you wringing your hands in despair for it  only uses the a) present b) to point to probabilities ahead c) which in this current clearer seeing d) you can enhance, alter, change or embrace and  better deal with! Let us briefly explore these four key points! The emphasis is on the word ‘probability’ and it is best to keep away from the word (or need for) predictions. Predictions indeed limit and lock you into an outcome, whereas the word possibility- frees you into a field of options with you at the helm. And that is the whole point of doing any such reading! So that you may in this awareness: move towards and enhance a probability which is positive; or change, alter or better deal with what is yet only an unappealing possibility! Yes some possibilities are stronger, indeed this is when most diviners call it a prediction , but  you do your work a great disservice if you convey a probable outcome as a prediction- for in that you may rob your querent of any endeavor on his part! Quantum physics suggests the existence of many possible futures with each such future awakened by choices made in the present and this brings us firmly to the present; and indeed where the seeming future is being created!  Thus divinations ‘accuracy’ is paradoxically not about seeing precisely  into the future, but into all that makes up the present moment- as this is the only ‘place’ that you can indeed impact the future in enhanced ways. And in this awareness a ‘reading’ comes back full circle to you! For it is up to you, to use the information in empowering ways! The task of divination is over after it has helped you see areas and aspects that you may be unable to through the usual processes- and now the responsibility is yours! 

Understanding the principles underlying divination, helps you optimize your experiences with its many tools- astrology, numerology, tarot, runes, psychic readings to name but a few- for you can even get a reading in your coffee cup! For as mentioned above, divination is really a symbolic language and any set of symbols that the diviner resonates to can work! However as the client, you often come across a strange dilemma with this vast array- for when life seems complicated and you seek esoteric guidance - choosing an appropriate system sometimes appears even more complex than the issue itself! So before you mumble into your mirror of confusion asking which is the fairest divinatory tool of  them all, explore each system that attracts you; appreciate each ones strengths and limitations; and while none is better or worse, know that each works in individual ways, offering you a distinctive insight of its own; know that different situations and queries are better suited to different methods; know that each offers you a piece of the larger picture -and in that make your choice or choices!

And finally, a clue from me to you- whenever you are entering into any reading, be open to whatever arises within it- be not stuck on the future! Often the divination focuses on describing the current situation; facets you had perhaps ignored or not seen; the dynamics between you and the ‘others’ or your environment- and this clarity is all that was really required! Quote unquote Laurence J Peter “Ignorance once dispelled is difficult to re-establish!”

Sometimes this description may point more within- who you are being in this situation; where you are coming from; or at a deeper level what are your soul plans and purposes related to the issue; or the state of your energy fields - and this self view is what was really required! A quote by Erica Jong brings this alive: “Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame!”   

Sometimes a reading veers more towards helping you get in touch with your feelings -positive or negative; unacknowledged or suppressed- and this recognition, acceptance or expression was all that was really required in the present moment! This time let me quote Carl Jung: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Guidance is always a significant aspect of any reading- covering a whole gamut and range- from strengths and positive factors you need to tap into, or challenges you need to face or render null and void; or what is the deeper learning behind this; why did you need to be here; what you can best do or be in the now! All this clarity of inner and outer aspects leads to two fundamental aspects of any divinatory reading- vital shifts within, also called ‘healing’ - and enhanced, conscious and empowered choices on the outside! Hear it from Einstein “Significant problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that we were at, when we created them!”

Indeed another wondrous and lesser known function that sometimes arises in highly positive readings is that in enabling you to see your vision clearly in the present moment, it affirms your beliefs and removes your doubts and actually facilitates its smoother manifestation! Very often this is an important facet of the diviners deeper function- for their higher consciousness can tap into, and their expanded consciousness can be the chalice vast enough to hold the querents tenuous vision; and in that be an important ‘medium’ from the querents’ higher consciousness triggering the querents’ current consciousness!  It is called being the effect, which the reader transfers to the client! Osho describes this beautifully “There is a spiritual secret, be the cause and the effect shall follow; but I tell you an even greater secret, be the effect and the cause shall follow!"

And finally we come to what most people think divination is all about- probable outcomes! This is often a very minor component of a deeper reading, and as discussed above it is not predictive in essence, but more like indicators to where you are currently heading; how to get there (or not!); what is important; who or what you may encounter along the way- in a nutshell-it merely brings the myriad factors of the divination together to help you recognize what the existing factors are hinting at! And if you are disappointed with divinations lack of precise predictions, I will quote from A Course in Miracles- “There are many answers you have received, but have not yet heard." 

So come beloveds enter your personal Delphi’s! Know Thyself! And allow authentic divination to become a part of your lives!  So come beloveds use the divinatory languages of symbols (independent indeed of the constraints of religion) to make accessible what lies beyond the obvious! So come beloveds, bridge the gap between your universal and current self through the many divinatory tools that ‘You’ in your higher wisdom have created just for this! So come beloveds seek not to know it all, but to know how to enjoy it all! Imagine playing a game where you knew every throw of the dice and every move of your opponents and teammates- surely you would not enjoy such a game, or even play it! So use divination for what ‘You’ created it as - a guide book to enhance your life experiences! To enhance the play!

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