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Dreams can be viewed in so many ways!

And while we will explore some of these it is a good idea to not move away from the most basic of dream 'interpretations'- that what you 'dream' of, can be yours ! Yes this refers to those day-time dreams...where the waking conscious mind chooses which parts of self it wishes to explore and experience. And yet, these are not unlike nocturnal dreaming states. They take place in the same ‘space’...which is beyond physical space and time! Thus they both have a certain freedom from the more physical limitations - and we must not mistake the non material to be unreal for the inner realms have their own tangibility and form and structure; only the building materials are finer and more subtle.

To experience where ‘dreams’ exist, think of yourself as a teenager, and then perhaps as you choose to be few years down the line and even what you perhaps were in some past life! Visualize your self in all the roles you may wish to explore- artist, hotshot business tycoon, and perhaps a laid back beach bum! Experience self as a happily married woman with a bunch of kids and a femme fatale with a bunch of lovers! And become aware how these all simultaneously coexist- in the split moment now- in a tangible if not physical ‘space’. And this freedom is what we wholly employ in our nocturnal dreams as we switch our focus from one level of consciousness to another.

Indeed dreaming is a highly creative state of consciousness and not some illusory mirage that we envision every night! Dream ‘locations’ are as real as our day to day worlds -with the only difference being that in the waking state, our consciousness is focused outwards; and in dreaming states it is focused on various inner dimensions. Just like we do not remember our dreaming experiences and worlds when awake- we do not retain our physical experiences and worlds whilst dreaming! But both have their own legitimacy and reality!

Thus let us lay our heads down, and switch from the alpha frequency of day dreaming to the frequency of theta in which dreams occur ...and even as our brainwaves slow down to ... we are now probably dreaming! We are experiencing self through another frequency! To the dreaming self, our physical life and home and bed does not exist and only come back into being when we switch our consciousness back to beta in the morning! It is only when we become aware of this do we realize that the ability to withdraw consciousness from the objective to the vaster realms is inherent and natural in mankind!

Theta brainwaves in non sleep states are those associated with intense creativity, visualization ability, imagination and even issue resolution. In mediation theta is those classic out of body sates where we are disconnected from the physical and experience self as one with Universes, Gods, Masters and other higher aspects of self. It is also that state where deep inner work – on the deepest layers of our subconscious- is done on current self! Thus let us become aware that dreams encompass all of these and more- freed as we are in deep dream states from the more physical data, disturbances and constraints!

Let us explore some of these dreams now: several dreams, especially those that are a replay of the day’s incidents, are actually serving the useful purpose of creating our memories! Thus what might appear a trivial rehash of the day really serves an important purpose of sorting out those incidents that are done with and those which still retain a 'charge' and thus have to be further experienced, explored or resolved and are thus saved in our sub conscious minds.

At a more complex level the dreaming state is self exploring itself in a environment that allows us facilities not available in the conscious waking state. We even experiment and try out choice points in this dimension and based on that experience do we then awake with the 'knowing' of which path we must take! Of course we do not recall this and presume it is a choice we have arrived at consciously at some waking point! This is often why a good night’s ‘sleep’ brings us answers to confusing issues- for we have actually been there, done that!

Often this is what makes up predictive dreams, where we see the future- because we have indeed explored certain options and experienced the effect we will then choose here and when it happens we view it as a prophecy! But even in that ‘prophecy’- we were creator- we choose our life experiences for the good of the larger self, and thus positive or negative are viewed in terms of soul growth more than what current self perceives them to be! Sometimes this exploration is done at larger scale- because just like we are all ‘one’ when viewed through the macrocosm- then we are all one in dream levels too-and thus a country or race or humanity explores certain options through dreams! Sometimes we choose not to experience it in physical reality-sometimes the need is felt!

More so, dreaming is a form of astral traveling, which occurs naturally every night. This is why the body in theta frequency actually stiffens- because the brain sends a message to the muscles to seize- so that the body does not inadvertently move and get hurt during the time when our main consciousness is traveling far away! Our day to day waking life only makes up a small portion of who we are, and sleep is not as passive a state as we may think it to be! Indeed we live a very active, creative and expanded being ness when we 'sleep'. The rest and rejuvenation sleep is known for is usually the delta frequency, when we do not dream, but are connected to source itself. Deep sleep is thus a tool we have created while we play the game of separation so that we may daily revitalize our self with source! There is no memory of this, as it cannot be translated in anyway for the waking mind to recall or decipher-and thus we call it non dream sleep!

Dreams actually take place at different levels of consciousness- and it is only our waking consciousness that clubs them all together as one dream state! The inner universe is as rich and varied as the external- and each dreaming self exists in its own state of consciousness, one as different from another as waking is to dreaming! And thus there are dreams within dreams, each being a ‘consciousness’ or focus we exist in, experience and explore simultaneously. Most of the dreams we recall are those closest to our current consciousness, because those are what we can 'translate' most easily!

If we view dreams like an extension of life, we can understand them better. Freed of the limitations of current self- we explore a variety of experiences for our larger soul growth, just as we do in physical life! We may meet whom we refer to as our past, future and probable selves, because as we saw above, the dream dimension is beyond linear time and space. Thereby we meet different aspects of self to swap notes so to say- exchanging experiences energetically and aiding our larger self through this. What’s really happening is that the soul is not limited by time and space, and indeed views no separation in its different personalities and uses this medium we call dreams towards its expansion as a whole. More so just as we have our various physical roles to play, we have myriad tasks at other levels of being- and many of these experiences are what we call dreams. These can cover as wide a range as life itself- thus for example some times we attend the universal 'universities' of inner planes towards some learning required in this life or for larger self! Some of us teach on different dimensions, some help the recently 'dead' to adjust to the change of consciousness, and yet others help the living in a variety of ways! Indeed Seth a channeled entity (through Jane Roberts) spoke of the future when there will be what he calls 'dream scientists'- those who will... ‘at will’ with conscious intention and recall...enter into theta states and into the dreams of others to help them at that source level towards issue resolutions and healing. In reverse, sometimes the work we do on self in the waking state is experientially completed in sleep states- for example having understood forgiveness- old relationships may come up where you experientially forgive the ‘other’! Or they may come and hug you to express this forgiveness! In day -to -day terms dreams can give us a lot of information about our self- deeper material not accessible easily to the conscious mind; and also help us (like any healing process does)- by working at them at source level!

Dreams are often our experiences as life forms and in dimensions we have no conscious knowledge of- and thus our mind cannot convert such dreams for us to recall! There is nothing in current mind that it can possibly use, to decipher the dreams for us to bring back into waking consciousness! These are often those bizarre dreams that make no sense, because the mind is trying to decode them with limited means at its disposal! The best it can do is to describe them through the use of imagery and symbols...which we may interpret. Thus we may dream of people in our lives and certain dramatic events...but they are often symbolic representations only! So many times we dream of a special kiss- that often is just our way of translating some contact with a beloved soul –and as a kiss is the penultimate intimate contact for humans, we translate it as such! Sex too! When energies blend with others in dream experiences we sometimes translate it as sex and wonder why we dreamt of sex with x,y,z!!! Sometimes we 'try' it to choose whether we will go through the physical enactment! Sometimes it is how we get attracted to another human- as we dream about sex with him/her and then that triggers the blueprint... so many variations (pun unintended!)

Dream interpretation is much written about and there are many books in the market which even tell you what the different images or symbols mean! However the language of symbols is a very private language, and the same image- for example fire- may mean danger to one person, warmth to another and passion or glory to yet others! These books do sometimes tap into the meanings of the collective consciousness-often called universal archetypes which represent the critical mass of humanity at any given point- but from personal experience i have seen that true dream interpretation requires a very personal interpret! More so what we usually recall of dreams are bits and pieces of the whole-as the mind cannot usually bring back a dream experience intact- and then we try and piece it together and wonder why its seems incongruous! It is very much like dropping an album of your wedding photographs and then picking up a few in random and trying to describe the wedding based on this medley! You may well pick up the pictures of the used and eaten from dinner plates that wedding photographers somehow seem to like clicking....and then those of the reception hall after your guests have left... and as you see... you may well end up with a much distorted view of your wedding! Dreams also take us into what we may call the collective consciousness- where we are one with the people and events that make up our world! At deeper levels nothing is hidden from anybody, no matter how much a secret we may think it to be- and this comes alive in the context of the dream world where there are no veils as such. I recall an early dream from my dream work days in reference to this- I was at a large airport terminal, looking at a large board which would normally show flight details of incoming and outgoing flight- but what I was seeing was material I needed to know about a group of people that would help me understand them deeper, and which indeed came of practical use to aid me make major decisions at a point not much later in waking life! Interpretations in deeper ways imply viewing all the people in your dream as aspects of self! For if in life-there is no one other than I - then in my dreams too am i the dreamer and all whom i dream about! And this understanding can take dream interpretation too profound levels of 'knowing thyself'!

Maintaining a dream diary can be fun and enlightening! While much of my initial understanding of dreams was due to the beloved SETH books, I have deeply explored my dreaming self over the years through a dream diary. I do not do that anymore, but will share with you what helped me! The trick is to make intent to recall the most valid portion of the dream state that you require in the Now! Very much like capturing on a camera 'that' shot which you most want to bring back from your holiday! Keep some writing material near your pillow, so that as soon as you are waking up...you may quickly start to write down what you recall. Do not go for your morning ablutions or that glass of water for you then break into a beta state of mind which is a complete switch from your dream consciousness...and thus the dream begins to fade! I have observed that a morning wake up alarm due to its very abruptness also takes away from the recall...so whilst you are choosing to work with dreams a natural awakening is always helpful! Even if you think you cannot really remember much, just put pen to paper and write as it comes and indeed you trigger the flow rather than trying to remember in one shot! Leave interpretations for later...or your conscious mind enters again and slams the door shut on the creative theta frequency!

Use your dreams to discover self; and explore self through dreams! Should i end with a "good night beloved reader...sweet dreams!"

Divyaa Kummar

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