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Man loves because he is Love. He seeks Joy, for he is Joy. He thirsts for God for he is composed of God -Sathya Sai Baba

Evolution is inherent in mankind and indeed all physically oriented consciousness. We can feel it in the urge of spring and the fruition of summer and the change and transformation that autumns and winters bring.  We can see it in the chicken breaking out of its eggshell and seeds pushing through soil…and most certainly we can sense it within each of us in terms of what we call desire! The desire… to explore and expand self… and all that reflects as self outside us -our careers, relationships and spiritual journeys.

We are indeed born with this desire- no one imbues us with it- for it is inherent and for which we take birth. We all yearn to explore our many facets, and we all aspire to know more and seeking is a natural state of being- whether about the outside world or self!  And this is what evolution is- this exploration and expansion of self- indeed the desire to be all that I am and actualize my highest potentials. This fulfillment is the very crux of ‘Why creation is?’ And in its purest understanding it is indeed God Self’s Will to Be! And thus is God in our very genes; and evolution the very life force running through our bodies, throbbing in our hearts, and keeping alive and revitalized-our minds!  

Every individuation, from what we may call the ‘beginning’, sets forth into this journey towards infinitely and infinitesimally exploring itself. We give this inherent urge different names- inclination, impulse, inspiration… passion even or view it more tangibly in terms of goals and aspirations. Yet it is a force, a propellant, which is not taught nor bequeathed indeed, it is in our DNA!   In any beginning, there is desire- the desire to move, to grow, to seek to know... even the desire to move away from desire! And at the heart of all change it is desire that points the way forward. Be it to discover new ways of thinking and being or to move beyond our conditioning and explore the unfamiliar…to rewrite our 'resumes' inner and outer.

And this desire sprouts on its own accord and its own time, when it is required…because indeed it is the 'voice' we have placed within to remind us of those aspects of self that we have chosen in each life to explore, experience,  expand and eliminate! Thus view your desires in these terms instead of grappling with them- what are they conveying to you from beyond the veil? What soul energies are waiting to be acknowledged? What soul memories are hinting at resolution instead? Do not shun them beloveds, but try and understand them and in this awareness may you optimally and productively fulfill them, expand them or move away from them!

Because desire is its own mover and it is desire that holds the seeker to the sought; the mover to the movement; the so called beginning to the so called end! Desire is the medium- strong enough- to attach you the cosmic player- to the game! And in more practical aspects connect you to whatever it is you seek to fulfill in life- careers relationships, studies, or inner growth! 

This can be viewed in terms of   personal growth or development of the species; for even as we desire to fulfill our all-potential do we explore for the world at large and does humanity evolve! Evolution is not only for the spiritual…it is part and parcel of being alive! So come take a deep breath and take those exhilarating steps to being all that you are. Indeed your DNA compels you to seek your higher power!

Introspection for today: Think of all that you wish to be, do and explore. Listen to the voice of your higher power. If you can dream it, it can be yours. You are never given the power to dream without the power to make it come true.

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