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1-How accurate are the predictions of tarot?

TAROT like any other tool of divination, points out the probabilities ahead and the many factors involved in your query with an accuracy that surprises many newcomers. However the emphasis is on the words ‘probabilities ahead’. It is best to keep away from the word (or need for) predictions! Tarot and most other metaphysical systems are best used for guidance rather than prophecy! Words like ‘fore cast’’ (looking ahead) and ‘clairvoyance’ (clear seeing) if observed and understood properly imply the above!

The cards thus show you what you are creating in the current now-towards a probable future; and that is the whole point of doing a reading! So that you may in this awareness: enhance, change, deter or better deal with what is yet a possibility!

The word prediction limits and locks you into an outcome, whereas the word possibility- frees you into a field of options with you at the helm! This is the Tarots plus point: The cards reveal different aspects (which you are more often than not unaware of) about any given state of affairs; and through the conscious awareness that comes about during a reading you are empowered to deal with your situation in enhanced ways.

Indeed, as you expand your personal philosophy, and live life more consciously, less do the classic predictions of esoteric systems fit you as they do for those who continue to live life unconsciously and according to patterns!

So do not ask the cards to ‘answer’ you, as much as to guide or give you pointers! With this approach you move away from giving your power over to the cards, and use them instead as the invaluable aid that they are designed to be, towards empowered decisions!

“Quantum physics suggests the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives. Each future lies in a state of rest until it is awakened by CHOICES made in the present”-AUTHOR UNKNOWN
2-Compared to other esoteric sciences tarot, seems wanting? What is it based on?

This is an oft asked question- specially in India- where people are familiar with and accept (however grudgingly sometimes) that methods like astrology and numerology are ancient inner sciences based on complex calculations and can thus ‘work’! But tarot?

It is perhaps not very well known but tarot too has its roots in ancient wisdom- ranging from astrology, numerology, kabala, metaphysics and spiritual truths of the deepest order. More so, the more modern inner sciences like human psychology, universal archetypes and symbols and even quantum physics are woven into the above wisdom, and each card is made up of all this and more (as I have mentioned only a few of its wide ranging components!) Each card is a multifaceted symbol, opening itself up to multi-layered interpretations! It is thus an ideal tool, combining ancient and modern wisdom!

Each system has its strengths, and tarots forte is in scanning the myriad factors present CURRENTLY in your life. And as NOW is the point of power to effect changes in what we may in linear terms call the past ,present or future, it becomes a very vital tool indeed.

“The purpose of knowledge is not to add new information or new beliefs to your mind or to try and convince you of anything, but to bring about a shift in consciousness, that is to say, to awaken. Knowledge is about you. It will change you state of consciousness or it will be meaningless…”

3- How does the tarot really work? I am amazed how the right cards appear…

This brings us to pure quantum physics! Physicists now agree and indeed prove through their experiments, what metaphysics has been saying all along: we live in a vibrational universe. Everything from people, events, things –yes even all that we call ‘matter’-is energy vibrating at different levels. And one of the underlying principles of how energy functions is most simply described by: “like attracts like’! And it is indeed this tenet of quantum physics that can give you a clue as to how the ‘right cards appear’ in any reading!

Simply put: The cards and what they symbolize, and your feelings, and thoughts regarding any life situation each have their own energy signature and thus those cards, which match the vibrations of your inner or outer landscape ‘appear’ in your reading! There is no coincidence, nothing random! It’s the universal laws of energy at work!

“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. Remember, this is not philosophy. This is physics.” EINSTEIN

4- Somehow the choice of cards seems pure coincidence? How can random cards guide me?

I will explore this briefly here as you may read the TAROT WORKSHOP article on my website for a more in-depth understanding

Let us first investigate the word co-incidence! Which is usually referred to when two (or more) events seem connected, but without any observable reasons or causes to connect them! However ancient wisdom, modern thinkers such as Carl Jung and more recently the quantum physicists have shown humanity how cause and effect are present beyond the causality that is observable. This has also been called synchronicity! Thus synchronicity or coincidence, only implies that there is an inner chain of events (or causes) connecting the two or more events that seem a coincidence, but this cause (or chain of) is as yet unseen or unobserved! Physics refers to this the a-causal principle: implying that cause and effect are present, even if not apparent (or visible)!

This is what tarot is based on, and those who designed the tarot, the ancient wisdom on which it rests, were aware of this much before the sanction or proof of science! Cause and effect are present, but in tarot we do not limit our self to merely the observable and physical causes and effects! Tarot helps us view the inner chain of events- our thoughts and feelings and responses from that point which is relevant to creating the issue that your reading is about, to the probable ways it may play out.

'You are what happens to you'-SETH
5-If I repeat a reading; surely different cards will ‘appear’? How does this work?

Every query- has behind it a larger story: the emotions, thoughts, people, events that take place (or not!) that make up the situation. Thus any situation is made up of myriad factors. Your reading tackles, from these many facets, what you most need to know about the situation/query- the most vital factors to be considered by you in the NOW.

Subsequent readings (for the same query) work best if you are asking another aspect, perhaps some clarifications, which are then being addressed, and thus naturally different cards will ‘appear’ as every situation is multi layered! Be aware, that sometimes these follow-up readings are responding to the fears and doubts that compel you to ask for another reading!

“Significant problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that we were at, when we created them!”-Einstein
6-Can I ask for another spread if I do not agree with, or like the first one?

As explained above, it is best to trust the guidance that comes through in the initial spread, and use further spreads only for clarifications/questions that arise from that. Or to get another aspect of the situation.

“Not liking the answer” is the worst reason to lay the cards again-and indeed a strong pointer for you to listen to the messages contained in what appears not to your liking!

My suggestion would be to leave it to your tarot reader- so that she/he may best frame the question if they think another spread is required.

If you keep asking the cards the same query- it works something like repeatedly asking your friend for advise she/he has already given you! After a point they will tell you to do what you want! The cards do this by turning up as ‘gibberish’!

It is best to wait till a change in the circumstances warrants a fresh reading, or at least for a period of six weeks, before consulting the cards on the same issue.

“Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame."

7-Can I at least verify my cards with another reader?

This does not work simply because each reader uses a very personal language with the cards to interpret for you. The cards that have appeared have come for this interpretation and another’s appraisal is almost redundant! It is like asking a Hindi speaking person to interpret your French friends notes!

Different cards may well come for another reader, using her language, and yet the message you receive could well be similar.

''The tarot is best described as an initiation into a secret metaphorical Language. The 'Word' beyond words, by which the wordless aspects of Self can communicate with you! - Divyaa
8- How do I know I have chosen the right reader?

This one is easy- and the answer is because there is no wrong reader! This can first be understood at the very simple level that ‘right and wrong’ readers are a very relative judgment! It would depend on what you choose to get from a tarot reading! Many tarot readers discourage simplistic yes or no readings, and if you are looking for this rather than the deeper consultations tarot usually offers you must ask your reader what they present through a reading or tell them upfront what you are seeking and ask them if it fits in with their practice.

The best clue I can offer you here is to find a reader whose deeper life philosophy you resonate to! This largely determines the ‘right’ interpretation of the cards for you.

Once these parameters are clarified, do not judge a reading based on whether you ‘agree’ with what has come up in the cards! More often than not, what the cards reflect to you is what you have not seen of your situation! You have come to the tarot for precisely this: insights beyond what you already know!

If viewed from the deepest of levels- understand that you create your own reality. There is no ‘other’ than you! Your world only mirrors back to you different aspects of self through all so-called ‘others’. With this in mind you may better understand that you choose that reader whose message is what you require at that point of time! It is inner self being heard out through an external source! Thus there can be no ‘wrong’ reader to blame outside you!

Lastly, use your common sense! If the session seems completely alien to what your common sense tells you- after retaining a healthy sense of openness- then end the session by all means but do not blame the reader! Remain open to the consideration that there is perhaps something you are missing! Or that you do not need the session you are seeking in this now. You have ‘arranged’ this for self. In this profound understanding, thank the ‘erroneous reader’ in your heart, for fulfilling his/her role towards this unconscious pact.

There are many answers you have received, but have not yet heard." Course in Miracles

9-What kind of questions can I ask the tarot?

Any query that you can frame within you, the tarot can respond to. There are different ‘spreads’ designed to handle any line of questioning- from general guidance, to the current factors playing out in your astrological charts, to more specific questions. You can in times of confusion, even use the cards to frame the right question!

The clearer you are about your question and the true purpose behind a reading the more clarity do you receive from it. I will share a session I had with a dear astrologer friend of mine! She is much in demand and usually pressed for time - and she walked into my home one day telling me that I must really have a well defined question and a strong will to receive guidance on it, because to day all her appointments scheduled themselves automatically in a manner that she could come and spend some time with me! And yes, she was right! And yes, the session ‘flew’…!

Questions focused on giving away your responsibility where you ask the cards to decide for you- (should I, should I not- yes/no-will it happen, when) are not encouraged. But they can be framed in different ways for more meaningful responses from the cards

There is a spiritual secret, be the cause and the effect shall follow, bit i tell you an even greater secret, be the effect and the cause shall follow"-OSHO

10- How the does the tarot answer time related queries?

Tarot is not the ideal tool for linear timing as it deals with the language of the unconscious; which works on its own psyche time and not fixed calendar dates. Moreover, tarot points out probabilities and opportunities and thus it is up to you to make them happen in your time frame. However there is a built in system based on numerology, astrology, and the meanings of the cards, which can guide you in larger rather then precise terms…and this (eg: have patience it will take time, rushing will not help –to- you have all it takes to manifest it soon if you….) plays an important part of the guidance the cards offer.

'Too blessed, to be stressed! Too anointed, to be disappointed’’

11-I am always confused as to whether I should tell my tarot reader any facts surrounding my situation or let her speak?

Ah! Many clients seek to ‘test’ their reader…by refusing to divulge information and yet expecting the reader to ‘speak’! And I have a simple question to ask you back: when you go to a doctor, do you ask him to guess your symptoms? Or do you indeed tell him your symptoms in oh so minute detail- down to the last cough and its timing! And you do this so that it may enable him to make a better diagnosis!

Esoteric readings work in much the same way. The reader has certain skills and knowledge, which can help you in your issue. And if you share with them your so called ‘facts’, surely the reader will be able to guide you better and indeed use the cards for more enhanced interpretations! Indeed through your story and the cards a dialogue begins between client and reader, and this is optimal to interpret the cards especially for what you need in the NOW!

All tarot readers are not ‘psychic’ -and do not claim to be! They have a great depth of knowledge in their field, a language that helps them communicate with areas you cannot, and as in any situation that you may seek guidance or information your openness in your questioning helps- YOU!

Yes, if you are going for a general reading, you can do without the initial question and what I call ‘story’- but as the session begins, the more you enter into dialogue with the cards (through the reader) the more will you get out of the session!

Having said that, yes, surely the readings will reveal to you aspects you have not revealed! And more often than not, not what you have not revealed to your reader, but to your self!

Lastly, do not go to ‘test’ the cards. Systems of wisdom have their own codes, and this does not work well with them!

“ Be open and willing to learn and uncover what would bring joy to you, in all areas of your life… Realize that every vibration you offer creates your future. Become more deliberate about what you are vibrating…”

“12-What can i hope to get you get from a reading?

Simply put a reading is made up of various aspects, which I will delineate here for explanation, but a reading is not thus compartmentalized! 1) Description of the situation you are in, with facets you had perhaps ignored, suppressed or not seen. How the ‘others’ who are part of this situation are impacting you…who you are being in the scenario…where you have come from on this…your feelings and thoughts and hopes and fears…2) The probabilities leading out of this: Where it appears to be heading- where you seem to be going- who and what you may manifest to meet along any given path…the challenges or heartening factors you may have put into motion …the choice points ahead…3) The guidance which is the most important facet of any session! This covers a whole range from what are the strengths and positive factors you need to tap or challenges you need to face or render null and void; why you are experiencing what you are- what is the deeper learning behind this. What can you best do now? How to get in touch with your feelings and thoughts in ore empowered ways. An enabling of self-clarity so that you make conscious choices….

This is just a gist! Each reading is unique, based on the dynamics required by the client. Often clients are interested in knowing themselves through a reading- and this works beautifully- to make the unconscious aspects within you more conscious! It allows you to hear you myriad inner voices, see aspects of self you have long ignored or suppressed or remained unaware about! The cards even allow you to tap into memories long forgotten so that in their surfacing you may better deal with them…!

'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate'. - Carl Jung

To be continued with FAQ by students/readers this time, as different from the above FAQ by clients/querent’s!

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