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Free will and Fate are simplistic labels which we need to go beyond to truly understand this subject, for in the larger picture they are not two the extreme points or irreconcilable opposites as they first appear, but aspects of the One Will to Be – whether we view it as the Will of God, Creator or Universe; or as the will of Its personal consciousness and its many individuations!

Much of the confusion that hovers around this subject arises because we experience each from its own microscopic point of view, and in that they seem mutually exclusive states of being; but if we take a bird’s eye view- moving away from both to look at them together from this vantage point- we become aware how they indeed coexist within each other and how fate, also called destiny, arises from true free will! And that paradoxically what we usually consider as our ‘free’ will is more often than not action that arises from ‘personal will’ – the freedom of the limited will of ego and its ignorance and separation! And that ‘true’ freewill - call it Divine will, Thy will or My Will permeates all - in willfully choosing which will to operate from for any ascribed ‘time and space’ experience! As it would take up pages to explore in depth each aspect- Divine will, free will, ego will, destiny, and the many shades in between- I will through this writing bring to the table a few interesting aspects!

From the human point of experience, fate or destiny is initially experienced as out of our hands and that portion of life that has been preordained – either by a ‘God’ or your Soul or the past deeds of Karma - either way a force outside you of which you now have no conscious recall or control. Inherent in this point of view is the divine justice that dispenses this fate to you! Free will in this context is usually considered, as it’s opposite: ‘my’ personal will, ability, and freedom in orchestrating ‘my’ current life events. My current choices operating, rather than those of the larger forces, be it god, soul or my past!

And yes, this point of view is not inaccurate when it’s being experienced by personal consciousness –the human - point of view! For as individuals having forgotten their larger aspects and disconnected indeed from their more knowing aspects one does not recall that it is from their true free will that they indeed planned their destiny! And the reason I highlight true free will is because for any choice to be truly free, it must not arise from limited knowing! Think in lay man terms: if you were giving your daughter true freedom in choosing her college, but hid from her all the admissions you did not like - would she really have made a free will choice? And if we follow this through, one realizes that what we call destiny is planned indeed by the true unlimited Self that you are, often known as your Higher Self, aware of all your experiences through consciousness. And it is in this all- knowing state that ‘you’ plan each current life and its options in accordance with what you as a unique aspect of the Whole ( and for the Whole) choose to experience, explore, expand or disempower through each current life! Thus is fate truly a free will intent!
And paradoxically, what we usually consider as our free will are actions arising from our ego or personal will and its limitations! Limited not in its scope of freedom, but only because one is acting from the limited aspect of self - the ego self- the individuated separate and ignorant of the whole picture self! And only as we align with ‘wider or higher’ aspects of self, as we extend from subconscious reactions and patterns to conscious responses, as we shift our centre of operation from the programming of what we have always done (manas- lower mind) to what can we best do now (buddhi- higher mind), as we move from personal consciousness to our more universal consciousness – as the clouds of ignorance and separation do not limit us quite as much - do we for the first time begin to operate from true free will in the here and now… even though we might have considered all our actions as free will choices they were not truly so!

And thus yes, your plan or what you then call destiny in forgetting that it was your free will creation, will operate to some degree or the other in what you call life, as you would want any plan to! But the point to understand is that it is your true free will plan and thus destiny not something out of your hands- but indeed shaped by your larger more able hands, and more so in consultation with Masters and Guides with even more knowing or alignment with the Whole! And indeed unknown to you ( at least consciously) - the current self - you - are always in touch with this higher aspect of Self, and so your plan is not something fixed and forgotten but constantly updated! Which then becomes the circumstances, people, choices you seemingly ‘come across’ to then experience, explore, expand or disempower!

This plan or destiny is often called your blueprint in esoteric circles. And it must be kept in mind that an architect only finalizes a blueprint that he as architect knows is feasible! Once again this emphasizes your free will in creating your blue print! And more so a blue print is just that- what the architect in you intents as the basic structure –it does not cover the details of furniture and colors and interiors- which you will add ‘later’ from what you call free will- but I prefer to say from the freedom of your individuated personal or ego will! Somewhat like a marriage proposal where the intent is to be together in harmony and whatever else each couple has conjured, but every year is not planned in advance! Or how an author or artist may conceive his painting or book yet the details come about in the making! And that’s the point! To play the game of personal consciousness and its separation and ignorance and master it and expand your individuated ‘ego’ will back in alignment with Your Divine will! And even as begin this move from personal to universal consciousness the less difference and conflict do we experience in all these aspects of the One will!

In Hindi we have different words for different aspects of your so-called fate: SANCHIT is your larger soul plan, purpose, or learning -what you as a unique individuation have chosen to explore for the whole; PRARABD- is that portion from the whole plan, which you bring into each current life as opportunities or ‘fate’ to explore and experience, leaving the rest for ‘other’ lives! SANSKARAS are the latent impressions (beliefs indeed) which you select to come with in this life from all your accumulated ones - to create the backdrop of your life as best required for fulfilling the experiences you have chosen for this life from true free will! Because on a physical planet it is your beliefs that will shape or reflect the outer environment in which you then play out the game! Much like putting up the props to then stage the play! (It is all of this that is reflected in your astrological charts- your larger plans, current plan, strengths, limitations- your chart is what you are, and not vice versa!)

This leads us to the understanding that there are certain aspects ourfree willintentions have put into operation which we in personal consciousness cannot really reverse, for we chose it that way! Specially, our birth environments! Like a farmer chooses that soil which will be best for his crops- some growing best in arid limestone, others requiring a sandy gravel and some a rich moist soil! Indeed the first seven years of a child’s life - when it is said that a child picks up impressions rapidly from his environment- is true free will playing out because the individual is being impacted as per his free will plan by parents and an environment chosen for this! So that they further become his beliefs to then experience as life and thereby explore, expand, or disempower as life goes on! In analogy it’s the portion of life when you deal out the cards – and then play from those cards the rest of the game!

Many a time destiny and its free will ‘plans’ seem restrictive, tiresome and something we have to suffer through; but instead are the very foundations of what we have willfully chosen to do and learn. Much like beams in buildings may appear in odd places but hold-up the structure fate is a devise to making things easier for us once we have entered the experience and donned the veils! An aid to get what we want done; in fact to ensure that life goes the way we have intended it to- much like an itinerary helps us organize a long journey better, or a shopping list makes it easier for us in that large supermarket with its multitude choices or a curriculum which facilitates teachers and students on what aspects to focus from the vast range of material available! Hence destiny helps us define rather than taking away our true free will and is not the noose around our neck that most of us make it out to be. Destiny does not restrict our ‘choices’ here; it helps us focus on them!

And in order that all of this runs as per free will plan- these true will intents are encoded as our desires and arise to keep us on track! And true free will plays out through our personal desires, becoming one and the same! More so we place triggers to come into our lives at different times - certain events, people and situations (reflected in our astrological charts through dasha’s) - a time table we encode into our destiny! Very much like our cell phone reminders which beep loud and clear and yes may appear intrusive, but are fed in by us in the first place! Either way, once our phone reminder has done its job it pretty much leaves us to do what we want. Likewise destiny does not interfere with the actions we then choose once we are in physical reality. Though on occasion just as we willfully set the alarm on snooze and thus the phone keeps up its beeping at intervals, destiny may keep sending us reminders.

In this deeper understanding of the subject, the utter paradox that arises, is the dawning that when we ask “can my free will change my destiny”, what we are really asking is can our freedom of personal ego will change our free will! (Unless you are operating from higher consciousness, and then such conflicts do not arise!) In analogy it’s like asking if you can choose not to go to a party when you know you are opting to- it’s purely rhetoric! Indeed ‘difficulties’ arise or compound when we allow fears and ignorance to sidetrack us away from our free will intents, which you must remember are being constantly updated in every Now!

When we are unable to operate from the larger picture and instead make choices out of the fear and the limiting beliefs that we have indeed come ‘willing’ to overcome is when life seems challenging!This sets of a chain of events we feel we have no control over, and then blame ‘destiny’ for it: while the ‘Murphy’s law’ syndrome of events actually rises due to operating from limited ego will- and not from the free will of destiny or the expanded ego will of the now! Yet, in the human game, all choices are always open: one based on operating from complete ego will and its limitations and fears; another based on expanding this limited ego will and choosing from that expanding centre- which increasingly becomes one with the larger picture and its true free will! And at this point I must highlight that it is the fault of language, that in our very referring to ‘higher self’ and ‘ego self’ and ‘divine self’ they appear different selves and thus we question which self plays out- but truly they are all one self with no such jostling really happening, and each aspects will is always contained in the other!

Free will… such a magical term! And why not? It is through which I as Creator burst into existence and revel in being All That I Am! It is truly the one will, desire, urge to be, free indeed from anything but the divine intent of experiencing, being, and revering Self (and the Love, abundance, wisdom and creativity contained within this Self) infinitely and infinitesimally! Indeed there is no ‘other’ to confuse the issue of whose will it is! And it is that same ‘will’ and that same intent that comes ‘down’ the line so to say…as I individuate into universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, monads, souls, current selves, animals, plants and mineral and at each stage I choose which level of freedom to operate from in this exploration of Self!

So do we have free will?? It depends on which phase of this One Will you are operating within , which stage you are experiencing, for only in separation do you experience it as myriad wills. Fate thus is My free unfettered Will’s plan for my life; the freedom of ego or personal will is how current self chooses to explore and experience that- fumble & fudge or enjoy & expand towards that intent; and free will in the here and now is when my personal self and higher self function smoothly through the current me!

Indeed Thy will, is my will; and my will is thy will for there is no difference between the two. We had beautiful meditation session recently, to a western love song where the words “I walk the line for you” are being sung …and we switched from us saying that to God; to God saying that to us! I wish the same ‘surrender’ for you…
Love from my heart to yours, Divyaa Kummar

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