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We have had  stupendous beginners and advanced  workshops in 2014-2015-2016 -2017    -and it gladdens my heart to share some of  the STUDENT FEEDBACK below:

Deep salaams my dearest teacher, guide and magician Dee! you are a Bach flower, yourself. each meeting with you is deeper learning. thank you and see you soon! Anahite

Dee... Im short of words ... But... Can say that i have yet to find a teacher who was more  hungrier than d students themselves to give d most optimal knowledge trying not to miss a moment .. This quality is like a rare gem .. N you are one .. Loads of love gratitude Dee.. U r one string pillar in my life n i cant thank d universe enough ...everything perfect everything most encompassing ... With loads of love in every bit of learning Deep gratitude ~ Alka ~

Hi Divyaa, What a wonderful workshop !  I have been speaking to some of my doctor friends and some of them are quite open to it.  I am raring to go and use it on me, my family and my pet once I know which one  of the Indian kits to buy.  Thanks again for a fascinating experience. Love Geeta

I thank the higher power for choosing me to impart this knowledge through you. I feel blessed. The moment u began the seminar with the ...close your eyes & connect to the energy of the flowers.... Transformation began. My deep gratitude. U r a wonderful teacher & lovely being.... I believe u choose me as they say....when the student is ready the teacher appears.....Pranam. Dr Kavita

Divya thanks again for the wonderful workshop and for the way you have influenced my life- Bakhtawar

Thank you D it was a fabulous experience . U were superb as always .Rishita Gupta

Thank you Divyaa, you made us feel the flowers -Jeroo

Truly a wonderful workshop.It was so well conducted and with such painstaking details. Dr Geeta

 Thank you Divyaa for explain the bach flowers in so much depth n in such a beautiful manner. Such detailed information. I had used and read about the flowers before but i got so much more from you. Thank you so much Divyaa. SHRUTI pandit  

 God bless u Divya for being an inspiration , guide and such a beautiful person , U make every experience so memorable and a blessing to all who attend .Priya G

Dear Divyaa, Thanks again for the wonderful Bach flower workshop. I finally bought my kit from Roy and Company ...The Mangalore St George's 100ml bottle kit. It wes duly delivered home and they also had 30 ml bottles with nozzles so got a few dozen of those.I have notice almost immediate changes in myself and my loved ones after taking the remedies.I recently underwent a knee operation and used to wake up every night  traumatised at around 2 30am and not get sleep till almost five in the morning .I just started a cleanser of Rescue Remedy  and Star of Bethlehem and could feel an immediate difference...Got my sleep back. Given my mother and a few Tarot clients Bach flower and am seeing significant changes.I recently met you Tarot reading and you suggested I take a combination of two separate mixtures to address different issues ?I have experience a marked difference and a huge change of attitude ....some part I attribute to your guidance and some part to the wonderful remedies. Thank you so much for all your wonderful gifts!Hope to benefit again  from your infinite wisdom soon , Lots of Love , Bakhtavar

 Dearest Divyaaji, Though late I would like to share my feedback first. It was truly a wonderful experience to learn BACH FLOWERS with you. Explanations and case studies helped in understanding true meaning of each flower. The notes are so designed that one can easily understand and experience the workshop through notes. I am grateful for being able to learn from you. You are a wonderful teacher and guru. Looking forward to do the advanced course now.  My best wishes to you for this new journey. Vivek Kale

Hi Divyaa,  I am using the kit from Roy and Company with apple cider vinegar. I am using it on myself, my pet mother in law,husband and son.  My pet, mom in law and myself are taking it religiously and I am definitely finding a difference, much calmer and mentally stronger.  My husband and son are not taking it regularly and don't like it when I remind them. But my son is calmer, started going to office and is a little more interactive with people. I will continue to take it. I think it's great as an adjunct to any treatment. I feel really blessed. Geeta

Dear Divyaa - Thank you soooo much for teaching the Bach Remedy course.I'm truly grateful and lucky to have been part of the group. I have been useing the Bach remedy at home and can actualy see the effects. My sons anxiety and panic emotions regarding his 12th grade exams have in the last 10 days calmed down completely!!!! His Aura is more relaxed, approachable and he is studying seriously!!!!! Cant thank you enough for being there at the right time. Anju Chawla

Thanks Divyaa for the stupendous workshop from an eternal teacher... thank you for making us bach practitioners in the truest sense. Another journey of the self  through selves 💞Niti

Thank you so much for introducing us to this beautiful method of healing,feeling empowered to heal self and others! jigna

 Thanks for the awesome workshop !!! Really enjoyed it, Bela

 Many Thanks for bringing the wonderful world of Bach Flowers in our life :)Love, Kavita Jain.

 Hi Divyaa.I have noticed a rather sudden radical shift in my level of calmness and am wondering because I have very suddenly become very very calm . I feel grateful for the shift... The Bach Flower remedies seem to have worked powerfully... I feel very "normal" and Marita

Namaskaram. It was a huge privilege for me to be in your presence. After the class yesterday.....I was at NSCI Worli from then on preparing for Sadhguru visit at.10 today. There are two teachers I regard the is YOU and the other Sadhguru. I have no words for you.....I always run out of them.if I have to explain what I go through with the experiences I have with you. Thank you for making me.understand about ME whonis not ME. My practices are regular and I am floating......confused at times and grounded at times. But there is always a strong feeling to detach from the physical. Since I understand that only that will happen as to what I need to learn.......I take it easy and let me feel whatever I feel. Lots and lots of gratitude for you.

Hamsi thank you so much for putting me on to Divya Kumar ! I've just  finished a 2 day workshop on Bach remedy,and ,thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it !! The knowledge  I got was great and the energy too was phenomenal. Hope can put it to good use Cant thank you enough.....lots of love ..Dolly

Thank you ma'am.. through understanding the flowers, i was inherently hoping to understand more about myself from the workshop, and it's helped me put a lot of things in perspective, and kind of help me understand how my reactions can be controlled, or how I can stop my mind from going down an unhelpful path.. I usually have to do a ton of "homework" or reading in my own for things to settle in & for me to remember, because I'm so bad with names! But just the 1.25 days with you has made a lot of impact already..  Anshula kapoor

Thanks a million Divyaa. Absolutely loved the course and like I said everything you told us stayed in my memory. Bless you for everything. It was a fantastic session and yes everything stays with you. When you keep your antenna going you do see the flowers presenting themselves in many areas of our lives and people. So beautiful to live amongst these flowers! Farah  Bakhshay

Thank you di maam . It was really a rejuvenating session for me. It was so systematically carried out . I learnt a lot from u. The learning environment was so calm and relaxing. Very apt for learning to take place . Thank you. Hope I can also make a little change in me . Thanks a ton. Dr Lubna J Mansuri

Thank you Divya . This was an amazing learning experience . Lots of love and light to everyone . Allia Al Rufai  

Thanks Divyaa,   I enjoyed n learnt a lot.  Made new friends n also got insightful of how different people would talk  differently in similar situation. Sameeta mandhyan

Thank you for a truly inspiring 2 days Divyaa dear. Learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed it Rashne Talati

Divyaa dear. Can't begin to thank you for this wonderful healing knowledge of Bach. I have started the remedies applicable to me and I am feeling empowered and ready to face life's challenges with courage. ..already! 😊I feel the Subtle changes.. soon i will start the flower remedies with my family and friends. Bless you and in deep gratitude. Rashne Talati

I guess I needed this class at this point in life and was meant ta meet u all. A great teacher makes learnin’ worthwhile. Thank u, Divyaa. Bless ! Rubaina

Thank you Divya for making it so meaningful and interesting for us! Felt I have imbibed a lot! And also lovely meeting all the girls and interacting with them🙏 Sandhya

Fantastic interactive class. Constant reaffirmation and classes helps learn at such a fast pace. I was amazed at how much I could remember in just 1 day. All thanks to u Divyaa!!! Such a devoted diligent and dedicated teacher. Girls it was such a pleasure meeting all of you and interacting  with and learning from all of u. Lia  

Divya thanks for the amazing experience Yesterday when I came I had my reservations as wasn’t sure how I would take in so much process it and remember Thanks to the interesting flash cards number of games , examples and true stories have absorbed quite a bit To a great extent am larch so had a funny feeling in the depth of my stomach but the non judgemental atmosphere and support of each of u was able to participate and enjoy each moment Thanks D once again for pushing me to. Di Tis workshop- pranjal





"For whatever is good shall no one take unto himself  as his own, seeing that it belongs to the Eternal Goodness only ."  Thank you Bach !!! Thank you the alive Breathing pulsating Bach in Divyaa form .. It could have only been her to ' get' your essence so completely .. Thank you Di Reshma jain

Thank you Divyaa for yet another exhilarating workshop. You have given us so much to reflect and work on and heal with. Your presence in our lives as teacher and guide is eternal. Your passion , discipline, rigor, and deep knowledge of complex material and the ability to render it in such a seemless manner  without taking away the wonder and lighter moments continues to amaze me!  I loved the depth and simplicity of the notes and the interesting case studies ( including the real one and all the real life examples). You put your whole self in these two days!These magical workshops will stay with me always... Looking forward to Bach 3.. Niti

Dęāręt Dè Thāńk üù for the Fabbb workshop .. Niti has put it perfectly .. Ÿo made it øøø seamless & simple for us .. It was Magic 💝And may I always always be inspired by Ÿor Passion my Beautiful Life Coach .. Thāńk üù Dè Hamsi

Thank you d, for a workshop packed with so much more than we could imagine. I did wonder what was left to know after the very in-depth beginners  Bach you did for us, but the advanced really took it  so much so much further ! It sort of rounded off the whole thing, and somehow now after the advanced workshop the flowers have suddenly become so much clearer!

What a great workshop-  packed with such a vast plethora of information, insights  and exercises only you could create! Suddenly the flowers are so much clearer! I feel now i have 'got it'!  It Especially helped me fine tune my diagnosis which was otherwise a bit of hit and miss!

Thank you so much awaiting the sequel D you r an amazing teacher. Bakhtawar

Dee you are one soul who gives her all .. Gratitude !!! Falling short of words .. You are my pillar love you and bless you always  Alka

Thanks di for helping us know our true selves and building a path towards it.luv u lots. Disha

Thanks D for ur lovely teachings , care n guiding us through the bach path ! Aditi

 Somewhere in the middle of the class , you feel that all pervading sense of magic. When you know , what is happening within that 400 sq feet of space is close to divine  or sacred wisdom . Welcome to Divyaa;s Divyaalok. You could be doing a class on Tarot, Bach, Alligning of your beliefs and actions, projections and aspirations or Meditation, what always happens is this deep sense of Fulfillment of a subject that she has decided to dwell and extend herself into.Weather you practice it or not, wether you decide to use the knowledge immediately or park it till some block dissolves, her classes are this vibrant, extremely comprehensive , incisive class. She gives everything of herself. No knowledge , no art, no craft is withheld. The advanced Bach class was these two days of Eureka moments, when with each description of the potential of that particualar flower gives you  a chance to see the different types of people and thus differant insights of how to guage their motives, their vulnerabilities . My favourite part is when she askes us to role play and we cant, she shows us how a vine parent would talk, or how a chicory girlfriend would act, and her absolute bang on play acting, case studies, insights of what she picks up helps you to hone your understanding skills .Her notes are exhaustive and gosh... painfully researched, processed and simplified and indexed so precisely, that you wont ever need to read or study bach ever again. Just do a course with Divyaaa , any course and gift yourself your this rare chance of a lifetime to 'get ' your self and other better. Reshma jain

 Thank you! A big one! The advanced really gives ur a super revision, but more than that, a great leap in our understanding of the flowers and in our diagnosis! So glad i did it though i felt i knew it all after your basic!

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