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-Dear Divyaa, I am thankful to you for being part of the wonderful workshop that you organised.You have put me on the path of self discovery and a learning process. Hope to be a part of many more workshops and would like to be there on the 22nd.. as well. Thank you love Milouni

-Dearest Divyaa, i am really very very thankful and grateful to you for bringing about a great leap in my consciousness. love hema

-Dearest Divyaa, Saturday was beautiful ! You explained something that some of us have heard before but in such a beautiful simplistic and yet deeper manner that it has now been ingrained in our sub conscious and conscious levels and will have a long lasting impact. Love Gita Chandok
-Helo Divya, Just want to share though ,i cant write well …so cannot explain how this Saturday has been a blessing. It was simply superb and great. Also plllleeeassseeee start new batch of tarot workshop on Saturday. Lots of love and hug’s Deepa C Dave
-Hi Divyaa,I am Neeta Agnani. I was the very first person who arrived for the workshop that day, I came thru Kavita. I must say that your workshop was one of the best things that has happened to me! I was telling Kavita that I am still reeling and soaking with all that I have learnt form you. Thank you so much. I would seriously like to learn more and more!!! My journey has just begun..........Regards,Neeta

-Hi Divyaa, Have been meaning to mail you, well i guess now is the best time. You are an absolute fantastic speaker, when sharing your experiences and insights you had me all gripped .You know a lot i have been experiencing also listening, with you that day a lot of knowledge i got of the many happenings that have been happening and i did not have clarity for it .When Reshma told me of you i felt yes nature has yet again got me to meet someone on my journey. A great thankyou. You shall be seeing a lot of me. Oh i have been wanting to do tarot, energy so well here i am. Thanks again.See u today and yea great to meet u, love, Seema.

-Dear Divyaa- I sincerely loved your seminar on saturday. Somewhere it just seems to have hit the right cord. I have unbelievably started analyzing situations to figure out the positive energy behind it and not react to it negatively. Thank you so much because it gives so much satisfaction to know that each event is trying to make me a better human and placing me an inch nearer to my Godself. Your one talk has made a definite change in my life and I can't stop thanking you for that.If you remember I had come to you for a personal reading and you had told me that the kids of today's generation would require my energies. I had almost given up on the idea of starting a day care, but now I am determined to do something about it. I have applied
for a course in Singapore and once I have had a hands-on experience, I should make all my dreams come true. Thanks once again for everything.Thanks & RegardsShilpa Bhagat

--Dear Divyaa, Thank you, so much for the workshop. It was beautiful. The exchange of energy was so fabulous, the positivity almost palpable. I feel, sometimes even though there are things said, which we may have heard before, or read in books like SECRET, one understands it so much more through your in depth explanations and answers for everything! Your workshops carry a positivity and help one to feel rejuvenated, because in the hustle and bustle of life things you read get a bit erased but you reinforce it into our subconscious minds I think! Thank you ! Thank You ! I felt absolutely nourished by it. Thank you. Thank you also for coming into my life.I had heard about you for a while from friends, and even though, I myself read Tarot cards I wished to attend some sessions with you. I got a forward from a friend with your name on it and website. One thing led to another, you mailed me about the workshop....and there I was....the larger picture, as you put it. It was just meant to be. Would like to come for the tuesday sessions, do I have to register for them or are they just drop in. Also wanted to inquire about the tarot classes. I have done 3 levels and do read tarot for people but would like a further insight with you. When and which work shop would I be able to join. lots of love …There is no end.There is no begining.There is only the infinite passion for life..Rita

-Dear Divyaa - please add me on for the 22nd...listening to u is priceless...its a pleasure
to learn from u..xx Ruhi

-hi divyaa, it was a great workshop. Every time i come to you i feel happy, joy. I take with me the energy of joy from you. I feel lively. The workshop at nalanda is still going reeling through my mind, though i cannot remember the words, the whole thing, the matter spoken. I can vividly see you speaking in my mind. Thanks meeta

-Dearest Divyaa-! WOW :) After your workshop I started my Day with WOW! I thank you dearest for passing on this beautiful tool to me. I feel beautiful, I feel Awake, I feel Alive! I believe in this feeling of WOW so completely at this moment. I cant believe it was yesterday, i attended your workshop. It taught me to live in the now. I have begun my journey to understand "NOW". It is beautiful. Yesterday is gone but it has given birth to NOW which is WOW! :)Thank you DD (that’s how i'd like to connect with you; D= Dearest D= Divyaa) all my assumptions of "AGE" "Experience" "knowledge" as one would like to frame this body in, have been dropped. Somewhere I was caught up with “She’s DIVYAA KUMAR and I respect her". But the it hit me again. Hey She is DIVYAA KUMAR and I dooo respect her!! but somewhere something tell me she's ME n I am her! That’s why to me you will be my Dearest DD. My beacon, my mentor, my guide, my guru, my friend, my dearest, my me! when i say this i know you will understand me, I know you will understand where I am coming from. WOW! DD i found you. and i am so happy:)Before the workshop I was so looking fwd to meeting you again and during the session I was trying hard to connect with you like many of your students would, to absorb every word of wisdom you showered. I was anxious yeaterday just to "connect" but then at some point in time during the workshop it hit me, I am here and I am connected with her in this moment. That to me was WOW!
I love you DD thank you! Its time to enjoy each moment for me and open this beautiful "Present".Call me, Txt Me, email me when ever u can.. Love warmth hugs gratitude always,Vrushali.

-hi Divyaa… i'm harsha seema's friend… just attended ur workshop and it was great… thank u so much… plz send me ur articles… and ur workshop- it is a big opening for me! bye and thanku so so so.............much harsha

-Dear Divyaa, I am so glad I attended! To be honest I thought I knew the subject well and thus joined last moment-but you went so much deeper that the surface understanding I had through books. And so many nuances become obvious after hearing you! And I thank you for showing me the subject in manner far beyond what I had thought it to be! And yes, the feel good energy was remarkable. Regards nita

-Dearest Diyaa, What a pleasure it was to finally meet you and for the wonderful experience. Only if i had words to explain my experience. WOW!!!!!!!!!! All i can say, how truly you said no matter what you decide to take home, you will never be the same. The new experience will always be there somewhere, so true. I would love to be on your mailing list for the emails and for receiving information on all the classes you will be conducting. I am at this point very interested in participating in the tarot class. Please let me know when you are planning to conduct it. Thanking you,sunita M

-Respected madam,My Ultimate experience is that you Program the Sub conscious mind so that we never have any trouble throughout life and need no revision throughout. I have had the good fortune to attend your tarot, meditation and workshop all within a few months and this is my true feeling. I knew tarot before I came to you but was always underconfident and could never really use it well and now all my readings are coming accurate and just like you would say tarot is speaking so directly now. The past life memory that came up in the meditation really helped, and more was your interpretation. All thanks to you and i think that the word t h a n k y o u is very small for all that you did for us all. I would end with the same golden words, as my experience being your student was due to our good karma of the past life. Secondly the golden experience is " that you teach from the core of the heart," with no limit in your time or sharing, unlike may others who teach with an intention of retaining with themselves.With Lots of Good wishes from Your student Tavinder Pal Singh

-Divyaa ….i Acknowledge to the power of infinitive ....... send, send send the emails…
loved the seminar, will get back to you after some contemplation. chitra

-Dee... I really don't know where to begin..
What attracted me to u were the words 'peak to peak'...
Was it really possible?
And in the last few years, i have discovered that IT IS
The valleys and peaks coexist peacefully
For the valleys are 'not going down but going deeper and that leads to higher' which brings me back to my peaks :-)

The most imp thing that i have learn't is that I CREATE MY REALITY... not in part but COMPLETELY.... WHOLLY
And, if there is no 'other' then responsibility for anything/ everything that happens, is mine...from the husband 'rock' to the Sun that shines...
And, so, there is no 'judgment' ....for who to judge
The so called 'negatives' and 'positives' are just words to which i can put my own meaning
The lows of life do not disappear but now, they no longer have a hold on me
the pendulum may swing from left to right but the center is strong and not affected because everything is a little peice of the larger jigsaw which represents the' LARGER PICTURE' of my life
:-))LOVE U LOTS:-)))) ANJU

Dearest Divyaa, I have been regularly attending your spiritual-discussion classes held every Tuesday by for some months now. These discussions as well as some personal tarot/energy sessions with you have slowly but steadily opened a whole new perspective about life and its events to me. I today see so much sense in every twist and turn that has happened in my life. Witnessing the `game of life’ playing around me now leaves me absolutely awe-struck by the vastness and the greatness of this wonderful experience called `life’ that I am so fortunate to have chosen; and that i now recognise so, even more and more. I cant help but feel thankfulness, for more than anything else, the so called `lows’ of my life or the so called `negative roles’ played by people. I can `see’ and understand how - what great service these events and people have done to me by being there at that time. How drastically my life has changed after every trying period.Surprisingly there is little I fear today, esp of the outside; because I have understood that my outside is only a reflection of what I create inside. So all the keys, all the controls are with me. I can choose to colour my life as I wish. The only person I need to fight, tame, understand and change is ME. Thank You Divyaa for opening this world to me- PAVNEETA

Dearest D-So difficult to write about my journey with you in an edited manner- hope this covers the core and helps others get a glimpse of what one has shared and learned with youYour workshops have been the trigger for so many wondrous journeys that have unfolded in my 'Knowing self'. My experience with you Divyaa began with understanding basic belief's and incorporating them in my daily life .The change within unfolded so naturally and the outcome was so clearly visible in my reality.It amazed me how changing my focus and using the simple tools she offered in understanding self and therefore 'All' had such a profound effect in me - once the seed of this new perspective had been planted it grew automatically and I grew with it- to be all that I am joyously. With this came the added realization that I could not go back to my old thought patterns even if I tried!!!!!!!!! Being able to view self from a larger focus was the next step which explained concepts such as karma, destiny, being creator of my own reality (the list is endless)- in a way which made me live my life with far more conscious awareness and understanding, resulting in a far more enriched and fulfilling reality. With every new unfolding with you Divyaa you reveal the next magical pathway for us to discover gently reminding us that there is always more & more & more..............................With love,Nita

Dearest all, I have been attending Divyaas Tuesday workshops since almost 3 years. For me, it has been a glorious self discovery process.Through her guidance i got in touch with my true empowered self. Through understanding of beliefs, and how they work, layers of my unconscious were brought to my conscious awareness. As my consciousness made shifts from within, my reality automatically reflected these shifts. I found myself naturally and effortlessly shedding habits, beliefs and years of conditioning, and replacing them with healthier and more positive ones.I now know that i have the ability to change my reality and create a reality of my own free will choice. I feel free and joyous and thank Divyaa from the bottom of my heart for being a huge guiding light on my journey.With deep gratitude and love,Sabina Chona.

Dear Ma Divyaa...45 people are going to live a better life after the workshop, wow!!!. All the best!!:-)LoveManoj

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