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True forgiveness, is when there is nothing to forgive- indeed the paradox of authentic forgiveness is where the concept of ‘forgiveness’ isn’t! '

Forgiveness is a valuable step along the way, but even in 'forgiving' another- it implies that there exists some transgression by 'another' against 'you' that you have forgiven! And thus authentic forgiveness or truly going beyond the notion of forgiveness arises from the profound understanding that there is no 'other'! There is no one other than Self. Indeed it arises from complete Self empowerment! Whereby you know that life, its events and people are all created willfully by You- towards growth and Self exploration!

You may view the others actions as learning you have willfully chosen, and thus they as valuable teachers!

You may view difficult experiences as soul challenges you have chosen to overcome- and thus others as soul mates enabling that!

You may view external problems as those aspects of self that you have chosen to move away from- to'evolve' -and thus to see them outside you to make it easier! Thus others as those all essential mirrors

In this gnosis; in this larger picture vision you automatically move away from blame; from victimhood! From the need to forgive...into thankfulness for those teachers, soul mates and god-self enabling mirrors!


Dearest all, thanks for the positive feedback on the mails on forgiveness! And while I can't answer each question personally- I have tried to encapsulate them all in the gist below- which is actually from a transcript of an older discourse of mine...thus not really 'written' for reading but hearing!I will take up some of the questions in the next mail.

It also struck me that there is something in the current universal energies that makes the subject of forgiveness come up...and be appreciated; we are all rapidly moving into higher states of being...and this seemingly back to basics subject is to enable complete blank slates so to say...what maybe subconscious ( so deep within that we don't even see it leave alone acknowledge it -but face in outer situations) or even unconscious ( from past & future lives) within us!Especially for light workers! Who feel they have moved beyond such basic subjects..!

Q:When we have been taught that forgiveness is an essential spiritual quality- what does moving away from forgiveness really mean?

Q: It sounds very good, but how do we reach the stage of nothing left to forgive (blame) or be forgiven (guilt) in day to day ways?

This can be grasped from many points of view- through a coming together of all that we have learnt through this list over the years - so I will only re encapsulate it for you! All of us have understood at some level the gnosis that ‘I Am Creator’- and thus every thing on the outside (people, events, things – my life or life events- my personal reality’ environment& indeed my world) is willfully shaped by me.

We can say this in different ways: simply put:
- What is within me reflects for me to see on the outside and expand or disempower
- My energy signatures attract like wise; and repels the opposite
- Perception is an act of creation- thus my beliefs-how I view things-indeed shapes them
- My karma –what I have chosen to learn and experience - brings to me the best lessons, teachers and experiences towards growth… and indeed merger back with the whole that I truly am!

In this above understanding- that all is my reflection, or what I attract, or create, or have chosen to experience for my larger good and growth - where is the question of forgiveness? If there is nothing or no one outside me to hold responsible :Where blame? Where being the victim?

When we go deeper and understand that at every level- from current self, to soul and universal self and Godself … indeed at every step …I choose my role in the cosmic play we call existence…I choose my individuated purposes to be…. and time and again from that willfully chosen purpose as the whole for the whole… I choose in each current lifetime…. the experiences and opportunities…and yes the prods and triggers ...the seemingly difficult events & people… so if at every point my free will is at play…my larger vision rather than the current limited perspective that best orchestrates the show… where is the question of blame and forgiveness?

Another very important way to move away from forgiveness is to embrace (beyond the intellectual) that everything …everything that makes up my life and world is for my growth -that everything enables my ‘evolution’- indeed becomes a step back to merger…Godself… even if I cannot currently see how, when, why! So if everything that happens at every level is always growth, expansion, a step back to merger…the whole that I am…where forgiveness? If at all…it is thankfulness that becomes present!

Our inner vocabulary changes … words like problems, issues, and crisis get replaced with words like ‘learning’ and ‘growth’ and ‘opportunity’! Hurtful, difficult and challenging people become mirrors, teachers, soul mates, aids and soul triggers towards my complete self empowerment! Indeed as we move away from feeling powerless…as we claim complete self responsibility… the concept of blame and thus forgiveness begins to lose its hold on us and thankfulness pervades even deeper towards a 24/7

So it is time to become aware that in this larger context as long as there is something to forgive, true forgiveness not happened! If you say I have forgiven x….complete resolution has not happened within you… you are not operating from self empowerment of being the creator….because if it had…if you were… you would be operating from unconditional acceptance of everything…life and your world… as self created soul experiences and opportunities for growth and merger…there would be nothing or no one to forgive! Similarly as long as I feel forgiven- my ‘guilt’ is not completely erased … I have not truly embrace that just as I have chosen everything for my growth-so have seeming ‘others’!

But this does NOT mean you stop forgiving! Forgiveness is a vital step in the right direction till you reach this larger gnosis that there is nothing to forgive! Always keep the larger-higher-finer concept in mind whilst you work with where you currently are so that you may move towards it and make it your truth! Do the tango!


Jaimin Shah -your write-up on this point so effectively "receptivizes" the mind to the paradox of forgiveness ... thank u!

Dimpy Sudan -Loved d last para....its BINGO!!!!!

Jaimin Shah Thank you, Divyaa :)When someone “wrongs... See More” us, I try to decipher why I must have brought the experience to myself. What must be the learning intended to be manifest? Of course, I won’t claim that I get to the “gnosis” straightaway but I do try to ponder. A simple example: my domestic help would bunk a lot and that used to get me angry. Although it is a simple practical thing, but I continue to fail to realize that being gentle and friendly should be appropriately mixed with being firm and showing anger too. I am encountering this “pattern” and am meeting this type of people almost everywhere I go. So, the intended lesson probably is: do not be angry; learn that you created the situation, and you have to devise smart, practical ways to get them to do things. Another example: when someone “cheats” in a relationship, often the intended experience is to “move through” possessiveness in totality so as to move to the other extreme. THis gnosis lets u go back to peace. Thanks and regards,

Vinayak Pednekar Too many words create confusion. Enlightened Masters wisdom is True Wisdom as they have realised the TRUTH. They say Forgive yourself first. Then you will forgive others.uilt in the system will also go away. Love yourself and you will Love others without any expeectations. That is true love like a Fragrant Flower emitting Fragrance to benefit all without any condition or expectation in return. regds

Divyaa Kummar Words help EVERYONE to become that 'enlightened master' and REAL-ize (make real- not just academic understanding) the truth! And then do words become redundant! But like any bridge... 'The Word' in its deepest essence is required till you reach the other side! So 'forgiving self' or others or 'not having expectations' etc can remain intellectual statements unless the plethora and richness and divine guidance of THE WORD aids you to understand it deeply within, in all its shades and nuances... answering every question that arises about it....and then yes the words are not required! then its simple zen gnosis! -Words first help, then limit, then come in the way…till we finally use words to go beyond words.-Words belong to the mind, the mind arises in separation and thus words can only help us define the separation, understand the separation and then form a bridge out of it…but finally we must get off the bridge!... See More-Going deeper is arriving at its complete simplicity!

Divyaa Kummar Lovely-jaimin! when one personalizes abstract understandings in ref to your self -and your day to day events -do they turn from others 'truths' to your own gnosis! love d

Vinayak Pednekar Divyaa, Now you are at the right point. Words are needed initially for understanding to happen. Ultimately they have to drop. When the thought-mind drops Awareness grows. This is possible thro Meditation in a state of no mind. Higher Awareness will help a person to experiencially understand forgiveness, Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Appreciation and Surrender. He will forgive himself and others. Just intellectual understanding thro words will not do the job. Love and Regards Vinayak

Meera Mahtani Superb Divyaa ! Thanks

Smeeta Jhunjhunwala i really enjoyed your insight about 'forgiveness'. True forgiveness, is when there is nothing to forgive. Kept me thinking for a very long time. Thanks Divyaa.

Divyaa Kummar Hi vinyak-Medit,gyan, bhakti , action...all play their role- there is no tailor made 'must do' path -or any 'better' path-each one requires a different beggining- indeed getting stuck in this is good and that is not is limiting...they all reach the same place- then medit becomes a 24/7 ...indeed ultimately medit also has to be dropped!Indeed The best way to know what is 'good' for anyone is whatever they resonate to in the Now! Thats what they require for their journey-in the Now!! at different times one resonates to different paths or steps or whatever..and thats what they need in the now-for that sum larger than its parts! love d

Vinayak Pednekar True, then only AWARENESS remains. regards V

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