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Warm greetings dearest beloveds

Last time we spoke on going within…. but what happens when you go within? You have begun to shine the light of awareness/consciousness inside…and as we have told you before many a time- light is only information of all that you are encased in what you may call vital life force…

…and like any light that is shone into a closed mansion…the dark imaginary shadows cease to exist and instead the many treasures within begin to show…! Yes yes so do the cobwebs…. but in its visibility can you then sweep them away! And, usually the light itself makes the spider’s scuttle…cobwebs disintegrate…

And my dears, you have placed these special detectors to make your work easier- so that you do not need to go blindly into the vast inner mansions- but you all are so fond of your electronic alarms and reminders that you ignore the most vital one- Wherever your outside is not working, presents an issue a challenge a problem… that is only your detector going beep and guiding you to go within into that inner chamber…

And what intensity of light are you using within? A matchstick- a brilliant flare which soon extinguishes - coming here hearing us and then forgetting? Perhaps a torchlight… some introspection till the batteries of novelty run out…. or an opening out the windows consistently allowing light to stream in…? Yes what we call going within!

Please understand that is only with consistent light that the shadows of fear and spiders of lack do not return to recast their ominous silhouettes and sticky webs……and it is with consistent light that you come to know the treasures within the inner mansion…and the love, wisdom and pulsating will that is within changes from vague ethereal notions to tangible realties… and there comes empowerment within …

So yes today we shall speak to you on empowerment of self! And what is this dynamic sounding word self-empowerment mean? Simply put and many of you will be crestfallen, self-empowerment only means claiming complete, and we mean complete, responsibility for what you call your life. Where you acknowledge that everything outside of you, everything that you view as your life or world …the people, situations and things and their lack of…. are but a reflection of the inner self…

And at first all this responsibility seems somewhat frightening or tiring or indeed both- because there is no one, and nothing, to hold responsible, blame or go running to. Everything, everything comes back full circle to you. But then there comes a point and you realize ‘wait a moment, if I am responsible for creating that, then I can change it too!”! Then you realize that along with responsibility is power too… and with complete responsibility…is …creator hood-! It dawns on you that you are not hostage to situations, people and things outside of you…. that the point of power is within. That you affect the outside from within..From this point onwards, once you truly begin to grasp this (and yr windows are left open and the core within experienced), it is only a process of improving your skills within! Because with so much of dis use they have gotten rusty!

There will then come a point when there will be no more wily-nily confused manifestation of the disempowered self- and the empowered self authorizes what it wants to view on its outside! But many of you link self empowerment only with claiming the power to manifest but it must begin with claming complete self-responsibility first!

Let us also tell you what self-empowerment is not! It is not about exerting your power on others or trying to control the environment around you…because when you are indeed creator there will be no need to manipulate people events things from the outside! You will create from within! The need to brandish power or control the outside comes from disempowerment.

Also through self empowerment descends a inner silence where there is no need to shout out your powers and prowess…you will not keep claming I manifested this today I manifested that …you will not jump in every time saying I can explain this I know the answer to that… …no no…it self empowerment will reflect in who you are and not what you say! That clamoring is for attention, which comes from disempowerment…

Incase you are wondering where is love-isn’t this too cut and dry, then understand it is by going within and removing the shadows and spiders of fear and lack that you are in touch with the treasures within… the core that you are…love…And indeed only love will, or can flow outwards!

More importantly, self-empowerment is not, cannot be a solo journey… it is not about the limited self, because it comes through acknowledging that all ‘others’ are but a reflection of you…a part of you and then there is only a growing oneness…. Unity.

But for now keeping this in mind, understand that the self-empowerment we speak to you about, these days, is one more step, one more stage. It is not your group’s goal; it is your group’s current focus, because through it you will empower current self to become one with higher selves, divine selves and whom you call ‘others’. One with true free will, divine will, united will.

Yes, and there is the paradox, my dears, that when you are self-empowered you will not manifest what you think now you will. You will not only authorize on the outside what you call “the good and easy life.” You may wonder why? “Why would we choose any other? Isn’t spirit being irrational?” No, my dears. You have chosen, you have committed to expanding your feelings, your thoughts with their highest potentials. And you will choose to see the few last aspects within which need aligning!It is like using a mirror to see the big fuzzy eyebrow, so that you may more easily shape it into perfection. Can you imagine trying to struggle without it? Yes, for the male energies present today, we shall give you another analogy: It’s like a race driver who chooses the hardiest of tracks to practice his inner skills!

My dears, all you have to do is practice these inner skills. You are so used to focusing on the outside, struggling to change what you call ‘the future’ from there. But unless you change from within, the future remains a rearrangement, a repeat, a rehash of what you call the past.

It is only when you truly grasp this will you stop trying to fix the outside.It is like trying to fix your makeup on the reflection on the mirror, and wondering why it hasn’t stayed on! Yes, you are wondering what foolish examples Spirit gives us today but you will feel equally foolish, soon, in trying to fix the outside: in trying to manipulate people, events, and things from outside. And when your friend, partner, ‘other’, does not reflect the love that you seek, you will not go “Oh I need to lose weight, I need to put on weight, I need to give more attention, I need to give less attention…” No, no my dears, all that will seem games on the outside because you know that your point of power is within and the change must be affected there.

Soon, you will reach a point where you will not blame or get angry with another. Yes, what you call an emotional anger may remain, out of habit, conditioning, and because the sores on your etheric bodies haven’t healed… you haven’t allowed the light to reach there… but even then, you will know it is self who is responsible. And that quite takes the sting away! And much to your alarm, sometimes in mid sentence! Yes, because even that momentary acknowledgement, distraction, reflection, is enough to puncture your engulfing anger.

You will soon begin to live more and more in what you call states of gratitude. A thankfulness for all the mirrors that you have created around you… which, you may now call ‘good or bad’… to aid you, yes, aid you in this beautiful journey.

And soon a beautiful thing begins to happen, my dears. The mirrors begin to reflect increasingly the growing love that you are. How much love, how much love, can you even imagine? How much love that I have created universes, worlds, what you call life so that I may be all I am. Experience every nuance that I am.

In conclusion we shall reassure you that self-empowerment will not take away your love respect and reverence for Masters and Gods. It will increase manifold, having encompassed them within you. Having got a tiny taste of what they are, what you are. In this very recognition, your love will deepen and become powerful. It will not be based on fear, need, and dependency. And again we ask you, look outside. Relationships based on that are not what you call optimal…

No more words. Allow our energies to embrace you, resonate through you so that you too may Be no thing other than “I”. Understand that the power of empowerment is in this unity of self….


2-GOING WITHIN…22 august 2004

Warm greetings. We shall continue to ask you to go within, and experience self .Yes; we shall persistently urge you to reach the point where you cover your ears and drown out our voice, because that is what we seek. Not your attention, on our words but your attention within yourself.

This is where, what you call your ‘further growth’ lies, because when you experience what is within, the outside mutated aspects will begin to show for what they are, and in that loosen their hold on you.

Understand this well, and go beyond the intellect. Imagine, if you will, that you awake one morning and cannot see all of your face in the mirror. Will that not give rise to a host of fears? And then, as you touch and feel your face, you become aware that the face is all there, only the mirror misty! Even as you begin to feel assured and wipe the mirror, the apparent distortions, the one eye, no nose …half mouth will cease to be.

This is why we ask you to go within. Not as a grandiose spiritual endeavor but as practical ways to affect change on your outside!

When you feel the love that you are, when you touch the will that is yours, when you sense the creative intelligence that is you, where will you feel a lack of love or a lack of will to act? Where will you feel a lack of worth? How will you feel unworthy, powerless, not good enough?

It is time to become aware that these core feelings of lack which all of you experience, are distortions of what really is. They exist in your reality, only because of the seeming separation, of what you inherently are. All that you view, as issues, problems and hurdles, rise from a combination of these fears…these feelings of lack, these misconceptions. You may call them humanity’s primal fears.

So, hark back to the mirror we conjured for you, and understand, that likewise, your fears, issues are only directly proportionate to the mist on your inner mirrors. Conjure if you will, going about your day, with the distorted face of the mirror, instead of your own beautiful one. Will not the lack of eyesight, smell, and smile give rise to a problematic day?

All of you here are ready, to wipe off your inner mist, and see the core that you are: Love, and the will, to creatively be It .Yes…. love and the will to creatively be It… but go beyond pretty words, and experience for self.

Once again, we shall hold, and emanate core energies for you, whilst you go within….


3-Inner Dance and what going within means…14-Nov-2004

Dearest we are speaking with you; yes you…

How often have u called out our name …whatsoever name you may choose in different moments of your now… how often have you yearned for us to be with you…And in this moment of your now we ask that you know, that we are here with you…yes you; feel that we are here palpably with you …

This day, we are not admonishing you that when you know we are always with you, why then do you call for the vitality of our presence …Because it is now -through these wonderful children- it is now that you wholly know that spirit and you are one….And in this knowing, owning… your very seeking will be subtly changing. And if you desire sometimes to look into your mirror and see the splendor of what you are … and pirouette… why not! We shall come…. and lend our vitality to the reflection.

We shall come …and take you to the dance…! When you are looking your very splendid best, you swirl perhaps once or at the most twice, into that mirror! And you are looking too good, and feeling too good and joyously and confidently you want to go to the dance…yes…? Then is not the time nor need to sit and analyze the reflection is it? No!

Soon my dearest, it will be time for this inner dance… it will be time to let go of all those intellectual processes that have got you to the dance floor. All those beautiful dancing lessons without which it would be a far clumsier dance ahead…a painful stepping on so many more toes…an easier loss of the grace and balance that you have so beautifully absorbed. And you must be thankful in your heart for having created these wonderful, wonderful dance… masters; Masters to have partnered you and ever so lightly guided you through the intricacies of the steps ahead…

And so- you must ready yourselves to dance the steps … dance the inner dance -and as you dance more and more, you will leave behind the counts…the prompts…your intellectual processes – you will not need to say “step to the left, step to the right, take a circle…” no no… once you are on the floor that comes in the way…

So the initial foray may seem shaky… “I need some prompt you will think…where are my notes…” but only as you abandon yourself to the experience within will you understand you do not need to carry yr journal into the dance…only the loving vitality of the Masters through whom you have absorbed what is within them…And in your desire to remain close to them all you will have to do is go within...and they will be there…with the legion of inner dancers that you have been prepared for…

Yes, we sense that there is much confusion about what we mean when we keep saying, “Go within. Go within”.

Yes. There is so much confusion about going within. Many of you limit it to thinking it means sitting, with your eyes closed in meditation, and whereas meditation will play an important role, it is just one more aspect of going within, which we will be guiding you through

Going within is the very opposite of sitting with your eyes closed in one place. It is keeping your eyes and increasingly all your other senses wide open, everywhere you go, in everything you do. Yes. This will be done, moment-to-moment and we mean, moment-to-moment. We cannot emphasize enough on moment to moment. Going within is only living in awareness, what you call ‘conscious living’ moment-to-moment.

We start with two main considerations, that for now must be moment to moment: That everything around you-life, world, events, things are a reflection of what is within you; and that There is no other- everyone and the qualities or aspects you like, dislike, react respond to- our but what you are within!

Do you see where this is going?

Initially you will use the outside to go within. When your partner, friend whom you call the other is kind or angry, loving or hateful, you will use that to go within and understand it is only about self.

Soon there will come a point when the lines between the inside and outside will be fuzzy. Yes, there will be no partner other to think about. It will be about self-rejection, self-worth, self-love, self-empowerment.

And soon the time will come when there will be no outside. And within there is only love, power, and creativity.

Yes, my dears, when you go within your very language will start changing. You will not come to us and tell us, “He is like that. She said that.” You will actually use the words, “I am drawing this. ..I am creating this”.

And going within means that this must be done lightly, not heavy intellectual processes but a constant, constant, light-hearted awareness that all is about within. It is called living in awareness and my dears, even if you are not living in what you call conscious awareness, the process is working within you. Yes, if your friend speaks angry words at somebody and you cringe, the process has begun inside to you unknown to you… But when you know consciously, it is about you, you will do it so much faster.

So, my dears, going within is only putting into practice, what this child that we speak through, likes the best, practical practice of all that you have learnt. Then why do we call it going within, you may ask? Because we have told you this before but many of you do not keep it at the top of your minds. Humanity, humans, you beloveds, are not having a physical experience. Your experiences are inner, mental experiences of thoughts and feelings. You are here to hone and expand and align your thoughts and feelings. You have only chosen your physical medium as a mirror to reflect so that you may do it easier. Use that as what it is, as a mirror to go within and then your meditation will be 24 hours and then you will be within.

Ellaeenah: Divyaa, for 2 minutes, open your eyes and maintain very, very lightly and speak to us the way they have wanted you to speak through in ‘Divyaa consciousness’. Open your eyes. Maintain the link and continue to speak to us. Put your hands down.

Divyaa: Going within should be as lightly done as putting on a switch of the light. You do not wonder how the light does its work, which patch of darkness is going first, how it is happening. You put on the light and you know the work is being done. That will be going within, so lightly, so beautifully.



Let’s become aware of the difference making it all the same makes! Let’s become aware of the many loving empowering shifts we make through acceptance!

We have viewed just now how it takes us from:

-Guilt to atonement-
-Judgment to acceptance
-Viewing people and situations as Problems/issues to opportunities for growth- signs telling us to look within! A cell alarm from your soul!
-From condemning or suppressing desires and fears to viewing them as an expansion of what i am and disempowerment of what i am not!
-From death to eternal life…
-From forgetting who we are to remembering who we are…
-From asking ‘God” to do this that, change this that, save me or him or the world –to I am creator and the creative force in the here and now…

5- This channeling was in reference to a cosmic temple the group was creating…

but covers extremely interesting concepts:
PORTALS as beliefs
MANIFESTING all that is already there

I am beautifully linked to ‘Master’ energies and at the same time, to the larger whole, universal consciousness and I’m being asked to maintain the link to the whole and speak today as Divyaa while the Master energies aid Ellaeenah, in this beautiful cosmic hall that we are creating. (in reference to a cosmic hall the group was creating)

I am wondering if they (and I am going to refer to Higher Selves, Master Selves, God Selves as ‘they’ only because it is easier to speak thus) have mixed up their signals with Zafar and me because the matter, which is coming, is to do with portals, which is more his area of expertise. But even as I speak, I am being told to go ahead and see where it leads me.

Also I would like to share with many friends who have asked how I channel. When I speak as the energies themselves, as sometimes I do, it is like a meditation speaking itself out and when I am asked to speak as Divyaa, it is ‘me’ speaking the meditation out. There is a very subtle difference; the source is the same. It is happening in simultaneous time; everything is super-imposed and yet, I have to ‘translate it’, so to say, into our linear time. This is not a conscious ‘translating’…or interpreting…the words just come… but that process is happening somewhere deeper within. And thus I have a very large background on the subject so to say…like some fertile soil…from which the sentences best required for you in the now…arise. So very often, when I am speaking something, it has already happened ‘inside’…and moved on to the next. Often the lines between Divyaa, Higher Selves, Master Selves and Universal Consciousness become very fuzzy and pronouns become redundant…. Thus switch from the first person to third person…

Now…what I am being shown is a tiny opening, a tiny opening in front of my heart chakra, an open portal (into the cosmic hall we have created) Now…all of you, whenever you enter portals, may see it as a small point of focus somewhere before your heart chakra. It is a very concentrated point of focus through which you enter into whichever ‘portal’ it is. In the realm where there is no time and space, an open portal is actually a very finely tuned focus, a very finely poised focus. It is only within time and space that we give it ‘dimension’ and we call it a portal.

Also it must be understood that an open portal is not a momentary casual passing focus. It is, as we have said, a very poised focus. It requires, in your terms, a critical mass of intent ‘to open’ a portal! Or as we would put it-to ‘be’ an open portal ! That is why; to open universal portals requires critical mass of human consciousness. And to open more personal portals requires a critical mass of intent.

This is where belief comes in and I am seeing why I have been asked to speak on this. What I am doing is linking science, physics, esoteric concepts of portals with more day-to-day practical ways of using these - by linking them to beliefs, intent, commitment, joy, passion. When there is a critical mass of feelings and thoughts in any area or any topic (perhaps like the creating of this cosmic hall) that is what a belief is: A critical mass of feelings and thoughts, which creates the ‘critical’ intent required, which you may view as an energy signature, vibration or electronic beep if you like, for it to materialize in your reality. This critical intent ( whether you are aware of it or not) works like a continuous beep beep beep and becomes an ‘acute focus’, ‘opening’ (in your terms) the portal to what your belief is about!

And then you say that there ‘happens instant inner manifestation’ on the inner planes.
But all of us here know now that everything already is and thus today become aware that there is no ‘manifestation’ as such. A belief= an intent= a focus= a portal, only allows you to see that which your belief is about; as it already IS. It is that easy. And thus…important you understand this… for physical manifestation (because there is a time lag between, what you call, inner creation and physical manifestation), you need to keep this portal open so that what is ‘inside’ the open portal you have ‘accessed’- reflects here… that is all it has to do - reflect in the physical; you do not have to ‘create’ it into your physical reality. It has to reflect through this open portal.

Now this portal can be best kept ‘open’ through commitment…. Yes, my dears, beliefs (open portals) intent, focus, commitment, use whatever words you like… is all it requires to reflect what already is into your current reality. Only your continued focus - keeps the portal open to ‘draw’ from it into your physical world… or more accurately for it to reflect into your physical world! For the physical is the reflection! And the inner … is what is real and thus what you call tangible! There is a difference in tangible and physical!

However, today’s words, today’s energies are not about physical manifestation but about creating, on the inner planes… and now you may better understand that you are not really creating (this cosmic hall temple or whatever you manifest in life) ; it is already there. And at so many different levels, depending on where your focus is.

In one sense, it was created the day we, the Masters, told your leaders about it. They saw and immediately, and more importantly, they embraced it and in that it already came into being because, my dears, embracing is what commitment is all about; once you embrace something, you keep the portal open with joy, passion and oneness for it to reflect in your current reality. Embracing something means a loving and joyful commitment= implying automatic poised focus= continued intent, and passion…= thereby it’s instant ‘manifestation’ on inner planes

So while you may see this in linear time, one pillar being ‘created’ after another, all pillars have been created instantly. You may understand that you are only seeing a movie, frame by frame, in linear time. You are seeing a movie of a construction of a temple that is constructed already, frame by frame. You may rewind it; you may forward play it; it doesn’t make a difference; all pillars are already there. Go beyond words that’s why an analogy do we use…

And in the ‘even larger’ picture, it is not even created then, when your leaders saw it, my dears. This cosmic hall, this temple (or anything you manifest) exists as it always has. And all you are doing now, through your commitment in the NOW is re-affirming the commitment that you made in, what you call, the ‘beginning’; You are only re-experiencing that joy. Many of you find it difficult to understand how what already ‘is’ needs to be created in the NOW, and you may better understand that it doesn’t need to be created or manifested; it needs to be reflected in the NOW through your current actions, current choices, current options.

Yes, the NOW is all that you have to access all that already is and in the NOW, it is this focus (mass of your feelings and thoughts- your beliefs), intent, commitment, passion that is indeed the doorway to All That Is. This must be very clearly understood. When we speak of portals, when Zafar gets us such beautiful information on universal portals, how do you use them? You commit yourself to what they are all about, that is all. Of course as Master Selves, Higher Selves, God Selves ‘they’ can keep switching their focus; they can see different stages of this beautiful temple. They can thus also see which of ‘us’ is ‘committed’ in which NOW, where we are, how we are, what we are doing.

But it does not mean that we do not take the action to ‘make it happen’ in your current reality. My dears-action iss the reflection in your physical world! If there is no action- the focus is not strong enough- the portal not yet ‘open’-or the ‘commitment’ (joy in it) lacking it not ‘open long enough’! In your terms it is not a belief but a concept!

I’m being asked to give you a small analogy to understand simultaneous time, which is a difficult concept because we are not neurologically wired to understand that. You have come encoded at the deepest levels to believe in linear time for it is the game you have chosen to play. But you may get a glimpse by conjuring that you are/on a railway engine. You have lived your entire life on that train and know no other. As a train, when you go to point A to point B to C, perhaps from this school to Worli to Bandra, you will always see it in sequence, in linear time; the events happening in each place will be viewed by you as happening one after another. It is only those who are outside who will know that all three places exist simultaneously and all events are happening simultaneously. That is why it is important when you come to your station, if you like what is happening at point A, you get off; you do not say that it’s already happened and sit on that train because when you reach the last station, it will be a longer journey for you to walk back or you will experience it in another reality and not in your NOW.

What I’m also being told is that maybe we can begin to view our group and our meetings as open portals to whatever you want to manifest. (AND EACH GROUP BASED ON THE INTENT IT IS FORMED AROUND)

All… newcomers, old timers, everyone, all beloveds, are welcome to view it as they like. They may view it from the outside and accept what is coming through the portal by others or you may choose, in this NOW, to step into the core of the portal. That is what the core group means, my dears. I am being shown that there are many who are not even present in current time at our meetings, who in our analogy would be in station C. But they are already committed and their pillars stand, shoulder to shoulder, with the others. There are many others here who doubt but they, their intent, their focus, their critical mass is already shifted and they too stand, beautifully, in this cosmic hall. And there are others who think that their focus is there, but you require just a little more commitment, my dears.

I am being shown that these ‘pillars’, which already exist do not really exist as different pillars, though they are each completely individual and have their own unique contribution, their colours are changing all the time as their contribution too, changes; but what I am being shown is that they are together more like a column because their energies, are in complete harmony and blended. And because of the harmony and the oneness in their energies, and thus can they create this ‘space’ in the cosmos because it is very important for us to understand that in oneness there is unlimited space, and unlimited space is to be found in oneness. I shall repeat that: in oneness is unlimited space. Whenever there is separation then the ‘space’ becomes smaller or with delineations….

Now you may better understand this word ‘commitment’ which is being spoken about in our meetings. It does not mean anything but accessing the portal your group energy. All of you who are already good at that first part: the focus, the critical mass, the intent needed to open it- but need to harness the commitment to keep it open long enough to reflect into your physical world- and this ‘commitment’ we speak about is joy, passion, oneness with whatever your portal is about. It is the embrace that is required! That is all.

Many of you have been wondering what is commitment? Are the Masters binding us? The Masters do not need to; they already know what already is. Many are wondering why does it require us to ‘come to meetings’ or ‘be there for the group’ to show commitment. But, my dear, the question is quite reversed. When you are committed to your bank account, to your lover, to your child, it is inherently already in that oneness to want to be there for them, to do, to add to them. in whichever way you can. So it is not, most certainly not, your coming here that reflects your commitment, it is your commitment, which will automatically reflect, not only in coming here but in being one with the group in whichever way you can. Or in the actions you take towards whatever you have chosen to be ‘committed’ to!

What I am being shown is that it is very important to understand the commitment that you are being asked to acknowledge is not for the leaders or the Masters but for yourself; to see where you stand, not only for the group or the cosmic hall but for any issue that you wish to create in your life because in linear time, in time and space, it is your action, which reflects that; your action reflects the commitment, reflects the open portal. In linear time and space- it is your current steps…choices… action… which show you what you have subconsciously chosen to re-affirm and open portals to and thus you must… to make all that’s already happened…happen so to say in easier, smoother ways- keep up such action! Or it takes longer and bumpier rides to do so! Your action is the reflection of your commitment – one cannot be w/o the other

I’m also being shown, from a even larger portal (focus) , how the pillars are already there. So many beloved members, so many beloved pillars; they look like (I cannot describe it) crystals, colours, light beams, there are no words and there is so much of activity, movement. It is all alive. The movement is not activity, as we conjure it to be; it is alive, it is pulsating, love, oneness, vitality, creation, wisdom… are all there. All you need to do is keep your portals open and create whatever you want to in your life at this point.

I am feeling like an artist who tries to describe a beautiful 3 dimensional landscape on a 2 dimensional flat canvas; even in successfully doing so … he uses only your sense of vision… and the viewer must incorporate his other senses on his own… and touch the luscious fruit or to smell the fragrance of the flowers or to feel the wind. And you are invited, likewise, to go beyond the words, which come here. Touch, feel, and inhale all that has been given to you.

‘Open’ your portals, (critical mass of feelings and thoughts- yr beliefs) keep them open (joy and passion) and then see it reflect in your life (what you call manifest)!if you go back with nothing else from what I have spoken today, just remember, do not bind, do not chain commitment; free it on the wings of passion, embrace it as oneness, and you will ‘see’ whatever you desire to ‘create’, including this beautiful cosmic hall.

There are so many Master presences present, not only through me but through all 4 pillars. They invite you to make any commitment you like now; it need not be to this group or to this temple. It just may be to see what you want to create. Come, my dears, make a commitment, embrace that which you want to create and in that will you keep it open. And you will not ask, “What does commitment mean?” It will be natural.

Notes: we use the words creating and manifesting as synonymous but there is a critical difference. Creation is the inner process and manifestation its physical reflection! Like wise a subtle difference in the words tangible and physical… tangible is the inner reality, physical only its material reflection!

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