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Dearest all

It with great pleasure that I start a new batch for... call it... GUIDED MEDITATIONS, EXPANSION OF YOUR ENERGY FIELD OR ... GETTING IN TOUCH WITH JOYOUS SELF!

Through these sessions we view how the many terms that we use: meditation, mind expansion, heart expansion, energy work, fine tuning our chakras, raising our kundalini, delving into alpha, theta, delta and other frequencies (with each frequency having its own delights), or tapping into our intuitive psychic aspects…all lead to the same ‘space’ within us - call it- Self -Master- Expanded Being ness-Godself.

This is especially significant to those of us on the gyan path, to experience… know… and BE all that we hear and speak about, beyond words and concepts. My personal journey has encompassed all of the above, intuitively, without formal structure, and it is only now, on hindsight that I am ready to apply the above ‘terms and definitions’ and give my more spontaneous methods a structure so that it may aid those who are interested; yet the sessions will always remain eclectic and open to what may transpire within each!

So yes… we use words …guided meditations… music…chants ...even western love songs… to go beyond words…because through the process of meditation, the truths they point to, get inculcated somewhere deep within us, beyond the academic or intellectual…and indeed as our energy signatures…!

These sessions will be triggers or a platform for you to enable your own inner journeys –be it for healing, receiving guidance for self or others, or working with your subconscious minds and releasing its limitations and re-scripting your minds paths ways in expanded ways or honing your creative powers of manifestation.  At a deeper level they are about developing positive personal energy fields which not only allow you to feel the joy of self more easily through the ups and downs of day-to-day day life, but also to resist the opposite! This extension of your personal energy field, leads over time, to merger with higher aspects of Self and constant states of a joyful beingness …what I call a 27/ 7 meditation! What we are doing, in short, is expanding our subconscious mind; tapping into the unconscious – and as you do this more and more consciously and merge all is what takes you to the state called supra-consciousness....
Through the sessions a process called entrainment is at play …for I express from my deepest highest energies….and thus a potent energy field is created to enable others to resonate to the same frequency!

So come let’s fly!

DETAILS: Once you have done the beginners batch with me you are welcome to join my ongoing advanced meditation group.

BEGGINERS- Group sessions only, once a week for an hour, for 8 weeks, usually afternoons at 2.30 or evenings at 6.30. Punctuality very essential.  Recorded cd’s of the sessions are available at nominal cost to enable you to continue the work after the classes wind up!

ADVANCED- These take place almost through the year on Tuesdays just before my discourse at sharp 1.30. They are usually 6 or 8 week batches which you need to register for.They are more abstract in nature,yet they take you deeper too.


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