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Dearest all,

Welcome aboard. Let me guide you how to best traverse this website - whether you choose to simply browse or find something specifically. So come beloved fellow traveler, be open to slipping off the time track … lose a few moments in the many offerings of the website… but find yourself instead!There is ofcourse the detailed site map (link on home page) which lists every item; but this is an over view for first timers. Any time a new section comes up, I will include it here.

This heading is self explanatory! It contains material to get to know me, Divyaa, more personally; and get a glimpse of Dvyalok and the website which is an integral part of it! I have always been interested in knowing my teachers, guides, philosophers… as friends… as real people… with their many facets… so called good and bad… and thus have I put in this section. So that those of you know me only through my reaching out, may catch a glimpse of the alive (and kicking!) me… with my so called flaws and flawlessness! I share my life openly with all whom I reach out to - simply for this reason- that you may know that people like you and me, with personal dramas and well lived life stories can make this shift from personal to universal consciousness seamlessly! It is not only for the ‘devout’… ‘born to be thus’… and whom I used to consider holy cows! And though everything changes… nothing does! And you (and you inimitable quaint aspects!) continue to enjoy life indeed more wholly…passionately as ever…

“The wonderful thing about saints is that they were human… they lost their tempers, got hungry, scolded god and cursed sometimes, were egotistical, or testy or impatient in turns, made mistakes, still they went on doggedly blundering toward heaven”- Phyllis McGinley

This section contains all my writings- articles, notes, channelings and face book interactions. It is the main content of the website, and will go through constant updating. It is indeed THE WORD (spoken or written) from my heart to yours … and has been named thus becasue my expression is wholly intuitive from deep within my heart … and more importantly because I hope these words go beyond your intellectual understanding and be received at the heart centre… where ‘knowledge’ becomes wisdom… subconsciously a part of you!

"Utilizing your conscious mind to direct the subconscious mind to enter into communication and harmony with the universal mind is the secret of personal power." The delfin system

- I have tried to segregate them subject wise - so you will find an array of subjects - each containing many articles, notes and quotes - exploring the subject from many angles - basic to in-depth! Covers a gamut of subjects every seeker wants to know more about- God, Self, Life, Destiny, Free will, Desire, Karma, Simultaneous time and much much more!

- Covers a variety of subjects that were channeled by me through 2003- 2007. The language is sometimes archaic, and the material in-depth and perhaps long - yet the energies contained within these ‘words’ have a magic of their own! Every time we read one out in any discourse, they are understood afresh, and go somewhere where words cannot usually go! Yet channeling was a part of the journey, an initiation if you like into unraveling the guru within…and having served its purpose (more on my journey with channeling in the introduction) … I do not 'channel' anymore and express now as Divyaa.

– Must read section! These have been written initially as ‘linked’ writings… and over time through more conscious expression.

–Selected subjects, explored in- depth!

SELF-EMPOWERMENT AND CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY- A must read magically empowering approach to life. This is for the NEW COMERS- the young at heart and the more practical minded, and most certainly for all of us who are looking for spirituality 'that works' in the here and now and is not concerned only with some heavenly thereafter!! These articles explain how everything leads back to you- and with this complete responsibility comes the complete empowerment to fine tune your lives towards what you want, and less and less of what you do not! It is the single most important shift in perception that is explained here whether your goal is to improve your life or connect with your Godself!

SELECTED MAILS FROM MY DAILY MAILING LIST- The plus point here is that they are wide-ranging topics lightly & briefly touched upon! The downside is that these are written in a very informal, sometimes almost staccato manner as they often take off on discussions we have had at my Tuesday At- Home sessions!!

FESTIVALS AND MYTHOLOGY- A fresh look at traditional concepts! As humanity evolves, new interpretations offer themselves. Yet NO interpretation, whether 'ancient' or 'new'- is right, wrong or redundant. Each has its own validity in its own time and space, and as humanity evolves we come across those that we are 'ready' for.

- An attempt to personally express through this medium!

QUOTE UNQUOTE DIVYAA- Quick and easy to read! A compilation of interesting lines, excerpts and passages: from all my writings, channelings and meditations , on almost every subject possible! START HERE!!!

SUGGESTED READING- Books that enabled my journey! May they do the same for yours!

ROOT WORDS – The roots which our words are derived from have always fascinated me and indeed helped me use them in ways beyond the ‘labels’ they otherwise become over time! Do send me any you may have to add here!

Ah! This section is devoted to using words to go beyond words: meditation, contemplation, dhyana call it what you may! The ultimate ‘expression’ is wordless. From the day I began this journey of indeed voluminous words… I knew somehow deep within me that it is only the means to the stage of pure wordless expression through my very beingness. And thus words played a gamut of roles...I welcomed them, I fought them… till I rested in both the word and its more silent emanation… the wordless I describe by : Ah…!

“He speaks no words... because the true teacher... true Guru...speaks no is not his words which help you... it is only a teacher’s own light... His or Her energy fields... which permeate you; best teaching is done in complete silence... by just mingling with your teacher... your Guru... and drinking deep of that energy field.”- Divyaa in ref to Buddha in wesak meditation

ARTICLES ON MEDITATION- Meditation viewed from its many angles

GUIDED GROUP MEDITATIONS- EASY TO DO - Try some! Cd’s available! These are mostly transcripts of spontaneous group sessions. To know more about them, and how they work either read the description in the workshop section or read the articles above!

GUIDED GROUP MEDITATIONS ON CHAKRA’S- Same as above but chakra based!

- Ah! This section presents a complete paradox. While the written word - the transcript of spontaneous group sessions- makes for long, complex reading on seemingly abstract subjects; when we do them they help us go beyond words into understanding the complex subject in the simplest of ways deep within… to move from intellectual comprehension to being part of our energy signatures!

GUIDED GROUP MEDITATIONS- FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS- Akshaye triti, wesak, guru purnima, Divali, Christmas etc… will be added as we go along!

EXCERPTS FROM VARIOUS MEDITATIONS- Must read – here I present excerpts and passages from the more complex meditation transcripts! As the transcripts are long and abstract and more for those who have done them with me, these excerpts make for easier reading! Do not read them chronologically, but as stand alone pieces.


THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO START as it covers almost every topic in a simple easy to read manner! While this section hosts only my published writings, it is perhaps one of the best places to read the more ‘user friendly’, simply written articles! The topics are wide ranging- and while the more in-depth writings and channelings in the articles section help you explore or pursue the subjects at a deeper level. The publications are listed, and each contains the articles printed therein. A deep thank you to Reshma Jain, to get this going! The first piece she invited me to write, became a mosaic in an ever filling collage of my writings!

This also has a section called FACE BOOK- i have recently become very active on face book-  to reach out through my spiritual postings -  and this section contains some very interesting interactions  as the feedback, responses and comments from face book friends brings the writings alive and indeed becomes a great interactive format.
Best to visit me on face book for more of this- the link is on my home page

“The life I touch, will touch another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt”-Author unknown


This contains all tarot related articles! I do the tango here… trying to express both its mystery and its very down to earth scientific approach! Tarot is an enchanting world… a journey from self to Self… and it quickly became my passion in 2000… and indeed along with SETH… was an all-important trigger for the deeper spiritual journey that somehow just unfolded through them! The Tarot Workshop information here is only general, for specifics please visit the WORKSHOPS AND ACTIVITIES section!

It will also contain articles on other systems of divination- astrology, numerology, runes etc

“In-depth exploration of the meanings, symbols and spiritual secrets contained within the cards enables you use the tarot in many ways. Discover how they can be a spiritual journey, a counseling tool to 'know thyself’, a best friend giving you upfront guidance or a compass pointing to probabilities ahead! Read them for self or others in empowering ways”-Divyaa

This section contains information about all workshops and activities within Dvyalok: tarot, meditation, personal sessions, regular discourses, the mailing list and other workshops. It also mentions the products: booklets cd’s etc Dvyalok may express through. And most importantly: the feedback from those who have partaken from any of these.

Traveler, there is no path. Paths are made by walking.' - Antonio Machado

A multi faceted section with many sub links- poetry, parable jokes and more- from across time and space! And other than ‘rescue remedy’, it does not contain my writing but is devoted to material from renowned or unknown fellow travelers across the worlds, and over the era’s! Alas very often authors are unknown, or unknown to me for most of this material comes as email forwards (if you ever have an author for anything you read here I would appreciate your sharing it with me so I can include the acknowledgement) and yet… they are NOT unacknowledged, but deeply acknowledged with profuse thankfulness in my heart for their generosity that roams the www…So read them all through all in this section!

And just like the fragrance of a flower is best inhaled wordlessly, and its beauty imbibed in a glance… jokes, poetry, parables and the like reach out in simple ways ... taking us directly to the very core essence of what would otherwise perhaps take pages of writing or hours of speech to really convey! Thus is this section called eureka!

“It is a paradox that everyone is here for the same reason and yet everyone has an individual purpose. Everyone is here to experience life as deeply as possible, and yet your individual purpose is to explore your unique character. Everyone, therefore, has a unique function within the infinite variety of Creation.”

GOING BEYOND WORDS THROUGH POETRY - a collection of my favorite poems from across the ages and poets across the world- especially Rum, Hafiz and of course many others.

THE LANGUAGE OF PARABLES - a collection of my favorite parables from across the world! Do send me your favorites to add!

THE LIGHTER SIDE! ‘Spiritual’ messages- contained in jokes & cartoons! God’ … is truly experienced in laughter & lightheartedness

QUOTABLE QUOTES- a collection of my favorite Quotes from across the ages and across the world!

- in thankfulness to the beautiful forwards through the www!

- This section is devoted to exercises to do… call it free writing, homework or accessing your subconscious mind! Most have been used personally by me in the earlier days of my journey, and in workshops or personal sessions thereafter.

TO REFLECT ON- Just read. Just reflect. Thus exercises of another sort – leading to personal eureka’s indeed!

ASTRO TRIVIA- Get to Know Thyself (and beloveds) better through this lighthearted platform!

IMAGES THAT MAKE YOU GO AH! The world of computers has developed another language as far as I am concerned! Because these images speak a thousand words!

- anything that doesn’t fit above! So will be a medley of ancient wisdom and new age information all at one place! Healing related information especially! Crystals! Bach flower! indian flower therapy!

THE MASTERS SPEAK- passages by Masters through the ages-Seth; Osho; Tagore; Nisargdutta Maharaj...and more...

ZEN-Simple yet most effective! Where every journey culminates!


8-CURRENT EVENTS  - This section will mention current activities at Dvyalok and highlight materiel from different parts of the website that are of current interest


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