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Dearest all, this mail takes 'forgiveness' (or nothing to forgive) deeper- towards self! Paradoxically ... this is more difficult than 'forgiveness' (or nothing to forgive) towards another! I start with some questions from readers:

Q:“We can’t blame anybody outside us any more, but then if I create it all-am is so horrible?”
Q:“Oh God, I must have got such horrible qualities... I am seeing all these horrible mirrors outside…and attracting only bad?”

We have explored this through this list over the years so a recap only :Yes, as we move into forgiveness, at some point initially & temporally non-forgiveness can subtly shift… from not forgiving/blaming the other …to not forgiving self - self-blame and guilt! And it is equally important to understand that forgiveness (or beyond - there being nothing to forgive) extends equally to self! Indeed your relationship with self is your primary relationship, and self acceptance enables you to accept ‘others’! And paradoxically, it almost becomes easier to forgive the other than self and again the question arises –how? How do we forgive self for all that we are and have ‘done’?

Let’s start with the quote “Humanity is not trying to become spirit; it is indeed spirit exploring Itself’! If you truly understand this there is nothing left to say! To truly move away from self-recrimination and guilt into self -acceptance and love it is important to go to the very deepest of your human roots; to know your source; to know what your human experience is all about! So tap into this gnosis that humanity, you and me are Spirit, Consciousness, God… call Self what you may…experiencing Itself; exploring Itself; knowing itself; reveling in Self; experiencing Itself through a tangible experience ! You may see the human experience as a cosmic journey; a play; a game… through which Spirit, Consciousness, God… you and me... ‘expands’ or ‘fulfills itself infinitely’ or how All That Is paradoxically becomes ‘more’! Simply put we can call humanity the game of separation (from Self) and ignorance ( of Self) …a ‘game’ Spirit, Consciousness, God willfully chooses…till it returns ‘home’ deeply fulfilled through the journey/game!

Now if we come closer home, and real-ize (make real within you beyond intellectual knowledge) that all you and me do is towards this- where the question of forgiveness of self?If the game itself implies separation from the Whole (and thus its actions) and ignorance of the Whole (and thus its actions) where guilt for those actions?If we understand that our original ‘negative’ karma began at the point of origin itself- when we chose as God-individuations to explore a certain gamut of the Whole for the Whole and in that to disempower its flip side- that I am not…adharma… then where guilt? How can we play the game of dharma vs adharma without initially going through adharma?

Come beloveds and view this in day-to-day terms- but go beyond the words for they can only point to the indescribable! How much love, how much love that ‘I” willfully individuate and seemingly go so ‘far’ from Myself towards Self-exploration! Come beloveds view how one… the Oneness that I can play the game of such ‘separation’! Come beloveds view how much confidence and Self-awareness that I willfully enter into seeming ‘ignorance’! Come beloveds view how established are we in our Dharma- Divine Nature- that we willfully enjoy entering into the fray…the game of ‘seeming adharma’!And thus of course feelings, thoughts and actions of ‘separation’, ‘ignorance’ and ‘adharma’ are going to come up! Yes most certainly we are not playing this game to remain in separation, ignorance and adharma but though their experience - to indeed disempower them in the face of all seeming odds! So instead of guilt…let there be self effort towards the goal or completion of this game!!

Do you feel guilty as best friends playing a game and being on opposite teams? Do you feel guilty for dunking the other into jail in monopoly? And yet you can only do this because of the deep bond of friendship and love? It doesn’t get shaken surely? Indeed you enjoy your love …experience it indeed…revel in it…through this game!? So yes all your seeming negative qualities & actions which you now know are not to do with the ‘other’ are not to do with you personally either! It’s what consciousness is playing through you! Yes your role is to move beyond them…that’s your role in the cosmic play! But beloveds without guilt…without self recrimination and blame!

The word ‘pure’ is without the judgment it usually implies and thus in deeper terms it is not better than ‘dense’! The only difference in pure and dense is the vibratory frequency at which I am exploring or experiencing Self! Thus yes, while pure does refer to our ‘finer’ vibrations …in the larger picture it is these finer aspects of self, which choose the ‘denser’ experiences to add to their very finesse. So where guilt beloveds?

In more day to day terms: every time you become aware of a ‘not-good’ quality in self …tell yourself that this awareness is what the cosmic play is about- for in this awareness can you now disempower it! Almost a playful: “Oh! wow thank you that I can see you… at least you have come from the unconscious to the conscious and now I can dis-empower you… fulfill my role in the cosmic play! Play the game and enjoy each step of ‘winning’!So if you view each seemingly negative thought, feeling, action – whether in you or as your mirror through another - as one more opportunity towards removing… resolving… liberation indeed for self, humanity, consciousness, Godself… where is the question of guilt or horrible?

Of course as we go deeper we know there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’! And if you have truly grasped all of the above this would be obvious! And its time to take it off the text book understanding into your day to life- every time you see a quality you feel is ‘bad’- ‘horrible’- ‘not good’… know that its purpose no matter how ‘bad’ it seems is Pure consciousness-Love knowing Itself- it is all from love! There is no purpose other than love no matter how painful or horrid or bad it may seem! Indeed view your seeming ‘adharmic’ aspects as your devotion to Godself… indeed your service to creation itself…towards its existence! Purpose to be! And in that yes, disempower them; fulfill the reason for this foray without guilt but as seva!And this is true atonement- at-one-ment- at ‘one’ with- aligned with all that you are; where you know without a shadow of a doubt that everything …everything …good or bad…plays its own vital role! Has a deeper purpose - of Love; has a deeper base- of Dharma- Divinity establishing itself; has a larger purpose as the Whole for the Whole! Everything is step back to ‘merger’ - or your natural state of Oneness and awareness! All is …for Godself to revel in Itself… for the paradox of “All That Is” to be -come ever more! Indeed the word ‘God’ is not a noun but a verb- this whole process…play…state of beingness…!!! And in this deepest gnosis… as we reach the true acceptance within that there is no thing to forgive-outside or in self… it is, it is…guilt and self-blame leave your very consciousness…If you have truly understood you are Creator- then you know so is every other! Each is a creator in their universe - and just as you can’t blame another for your universe (your life events etc mentioned in the last mail) another can’t blame you! Somewhere deep within you must know that even the ‘other’ creates situations through ‘seemingly you’ for his/her learning growth purpose!

Many initially ask isn’t this a cop out? “You mean we can do anything and feel guiltless”? “You mean I can murder and that’s fine?” That’s a rhetorical question! Firstly even if you know nothing is good or bad- your very nature-doesn’t allow you to do just anything! Secondly- whatever negative aspects you have come with or chosen as the whole for the whole to disempower…are to be moved away from… not to remain within; indeed if you try to remain in it rather than move away… you are not playing the game well (which is also fine in the deeper sense as one day you will do so- a game implies a process!!) and will experience adequate penalties like any game! Thirdly like in any game …the desire to move towards its goal… in this case love, awareness- dharma…is inherent! I could go on and on here but I guess you get the gist.

We have already understood how (through this list too) your mind is at its deepest your energy field and together humanity’s energy field -or the One mind! Most of you are aware of the concept of morphic resonance: whatever you emanate becomes part of this universal energy field- and so you add to or remove from it- by your thoughts- thereby affecting humanity and back to aiding you! So think…each one… you and the other…as they disempower their ‘weaknesses’… disempowers it for you? For all! Where the need to blame and forgive the other ...for through him… you and indeed the universe is enabled! And so you feel instead of blame and anger a thank you! And where the need to blame self - for through ‘you’- all is enabled…!

Imagine a world without guilt and blame…each one playing the game of going ‘back home’! The only goal being love and awareness! Every thought, feeling, action event a step towards that! Whether ‘yours’, or ‘another’s’! Indeed reasons to be guilty will go flying out if you live like this! Automatically you move increasingly into dharma!

And the Now…is that stage of this game of complete separation and ignorance... getting over…of adharma moving back into dharma (our divine nature and beingness ) and thus all us are being asked to tap into forgiveness… or the gnosis there is nothing to forgive! To move into thankfulness for the cosmic play and its many fold opportunity for experiencing and reveling in Self! Towards taking the game to a higher new level of beingness!


Dimpy Sudan Forgive...forget...blame ...guilt..acceptance.... imagine that all these words & feelings dont exsist & v'll get uncondtional LOVE....a lovely state of " being" d truant maid d traitorous frnd d obnoxious MIL d neighbor who seems 2 hv it all & d truant spouse!!!!!

Dimpy Sudan An event or an instance should be seen as just that — an event, an instance or a happening. But it sticks to the mind and you try to get rid of it. The event assumes importance and the mind is caught up in it — ''Oh! He said that, they said... this, hey didn't say this, etc.'' Once the event goes away, then you feel a sense of great relief. U suddenly discover peace inside you. Your very nature is peace. You are Peace! sri sri

Divyaa Kummar And all our words classes discourses texts etc are about how to get there..or more accurtaely remove all thats in the way of what we already are;-)our real nature!

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