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Thou shall not judge’ is one of the first principles you come across on any spiritual quest, with texts and masters unanimously emphasizing the practice of non-judgment. However aspirants soon realize that non-judgment, like any other ‘spiritual’ effort isn’t to be inculcated due to it being ‘spiritually correct’ but it is indeed spiritually correct because it enhances your day-to-day life!

And how? Through non-judgment, you switch your focus from the negative towards the positive. So if you’re viewing the world as bad, ugly, problematic; or judging those around you as arrogant, selfish, sinners …then that is where your focus subconsciously lies -on the negative! You often don’t even realize this (and those on the ‘spiritual path’ may even go through their life thinking they are focused only on ‘God’) but through this very subtle labeling this is where you are dwelling; this is what your energy fields are emanating and thus this is what you are creating in your current realities every moment. Through a conscious practice of non-judgment you actually train your subconscious mind to remain in positive states of being.

As the journey deepens however, ‘thou shalt not judge’ becomes the gnosis that ‘there is nothing to judge outside us’ since the world and its people are but reflections of self. This often leads to a phase where you do not judge the outside or other, but begin to flagellate self as the source of all that you meet as life! This serves a vital purpose initially; because when you realize that it’s all about you, you cannot distance yourself from the qualities you’ve been projecting onto others and perhaps for the first time you make efforts to change the source that is you- rather than pass the buck outside!

Self-blame is not a healthy frame of mind however, and once it has accomplished its purpose in making you look within, you are ready to move from it by unraveling the eureka that there is nothing like ‘bad’ or evil’ to judge - because all your facets are aspects on the One Godself choosing to experience its different aspects for a larger purpose. Judgment is becoming redundant indeed- you stop judging self or the other –viewing all through the lens of the larger picture, knowing now that there is a larger purpose behind each quality or experience that you might have formerly judged as negative.

At this point comes another revelation! Thus far, non-judgment has always implied a moving away from judging anything as negative or wrong or less! But a natural extension of not judging anything as ‘bad’ implies not judging anything as ‘good’! If you were to judge anything as good, your negative judgment is only hidden, as everything that does not fit in with your criterion of good, is actually automatically rendered bad! This is a big leap in consciousness and it takes you beyond ‘judgment’ into a state of being without labels.

Non-judgment thus does not mean non-observation – you will observe, there will be discrimination, preference even. You may indeed view someone as angry or arrogant or a cheat for example but without the judgment of it being good or bad; without adding the usual inner plethora of: “she should not be”, “how can he be” “i would never”, “It is wrong” etc. You cannot move away from the spoken language and will need to use the words, yes, but if you are truly not judging within you, then your energy signatures are not emanating judgment. This brings us to a profound understanding that if we were to use all such words like angry, arrogant, cheating, without judgment, we are going to change the energy behind these words- where they do not imply an automatic negative verdict- and we will indeed develop language to be without labels. How freeing for the newer generations.

Divyaa Kummar

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