HAPPY NEW YEAR-6.1. 2008
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Happy New Year! Let’s make this year different… by making it all the same! Let’s practice forgiveness; let’s move into nonjudgment and acceptance; let’s make it ‘all the same’ within us -and make a difference on the outside that we call our life and our world! Or let’s make it ‘all the same’ on the outside- let’s embrace diversity, let’s understand the other, let’s move into oneness… and make a difference within!

To enable this, view life through a larger macroscopic lens this year- it is a big equalizer! Difficult people and situations change from being problems we have no control over, to self chosen opportunities for growth- indeed signs telling us to look within! Desires and fears (yours or the others) are not suppressed….or condemned… but seen afresh as soul purposes each has chosen in their higher wisdom to explore, expand or disempower aspects of self! No one…indeed nothing is viewed as better or worse…and the theory of relativity takes on a whole new meaning…for through this lens we view each one and each thing fitting in miraculous ways like a giant jig saw puzzle in the making!

Let this be your all encompassing New Year resolution! For in one stroke you move from blaming, judging, and fighting- to acceptance, self responsibility and its empowered action! You move from forgetting who you are to remembering who you are…from asking ‘God” to do this, change that, save me or him or the world- to I am Creator and its loving empowerment. And poised as we are at the beginning of the New Year, let me share some musings- like pieces of mosaic offering themselves to make up the larger mural. From my heart to yours:

Accept self in your various hues and you will find it easier to love others; or accept the myriad aspects of others and you will embrace all aspects of self!

“Each sin is a judgment we form through lives; and as we drop each judgment there no longer remains any thing like ‘sin’.

“Do not get bogged down with good and bad karma! Good karma is where our beliefs are in tandem with our highest potentials, thereby attracting ‘positive effects’ due to the law of attraction! There is no one paying us back or a higher authority rewarding us!! Similarly Negative karma is not retribution or punishment, but those limiting beliefs that you are yet to align with their higher potential, attracting likewise effects- propelling you indeed to move away from! There is no judgment implied in cause and effect. It is pure physics and the laws of energy!”

“Let’s peel the cosmic onion on non judgment: Every scripture or self growth teaching starts with ‘Thou shall not judge’ for this multipurpose gem helps you move away from negative focus and its repercussions, to acceptance and its gifts. Along the journey this command becomes a gnosis within that ‘there is nothing to judge outside us’ since the world and its people are but reflections of Self! And as we begin to view all aspects of this ‘Self’ as stages of a larger exploration… the deeper understanding of ‘nothing to judge within self’ unravels somewhere in our psyche; and indeed in its embrace do we become more empowered towards changes we may choose to inculcate! At this point comes another revelation for non-judgment has always implied moving away from judging anything as negative- bad, less or wrong! But a natural extension of non judgment also implies not judging anything as ‘good’ for in any positive judgment your negative judgment is only hidden-anything that does not fit in with your criterion of good, is actually automatically rendered bad! And so you move from judgment to witnessing… where yes observation is present, as is preference but judgment and its blame and guilt is rendered redundant!

Concepts of ‘pure’ and ‘dense’ are devoid of the judgment implied in their day- to- day usage! They are only different frequencies of Self exploration, and while pure does refer to our ‘finer’ vibrations, in the larger picture it is these finer aspects of self, which choose the ‘denser’ experiences to expand, extend and add to their fineness!

Cause and effect simply outlines that we are the cause; not some outside other, fate, or god. We can call this ‘cause’ our thinking, feeling, focus, which reflects as outer effects; or we can view it as our energy field which attracts like-wise effects; or we can call it karma - what we have chosen over life times to experience, expand and disempower and thus meet as outer effects

Divyaa Kummar

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