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“Hello love, goodbye loneliness”-Language & the mind!

Thoughts create our reality! Thoughts matter, because they literally become the material people, events and things making up our worlds! But have you ever considered what a thought is? What makes up these all important thoughts? At their simplest, thoughts are a process of self-communication, and if you really observe, this self-communication like any other is made up of pictures and words. Indeed in layman terms thoughts are a series of images or sentences running through your mind. When you worry, you are either seeing depressing pictures or words of doubt are running through you! When you are ‘thinking’ positively, feel-good visions and positive affirmative words (perhaps even a series of halleluiahs!) are what’s playing out on your inner screen!

At a deeper level, pictures and words are merely symbols, representing the direct wordless experience of things and qualities; and languages arose only to enable humans to express and communicate this to each other. Thus were languages initially pictorial - a more direct means of expression- but as they developed and words replaced the simple pictorial symbols that made up a language, they enabled not only enhanced human communication, but in enabling more complex thought processes they also helped expand the human mind.

Having understood the connection of language and the human mind, you may now better understand that ‘your’ language impacts ‘your’ mind! And for all who wring their hands in despair and wonder how to change their thoughts, how much simpler can it get – change your language! Use language to emit thoughts in line with what you wish to experience as your reality! Utilize both aspects, the power of the pictorial and the power of the spoken word to your advantage - for through positive and life affirming visualizations and constructive dialogue (with self and others) you are literally ‘thinking’ optimally! Change those pessimistic mental pictures and downbeat unproductive words that pass through your mind or mouth - indeed change your language, change your thoughts and change your life! Speak your way to a better life!

In the alertness that your language shapes the way you perceive and think about yourself and your world - make it a vital tool to reprogram your brain. Based on what you speak millions of neuro-synaptic responses are fired off in your ‘brain’- indeed creating your emotions! So start with positive self dialogue! Become aware of how you speak with self? Would you criticize another or allow another to speak to you in that harsh tone? Retell you victim story to self – drop the ‘poor me’ for that is what you are literally creating afresh every time! Externally too speak in terms of already being what you choose to be! Don that identity in image and word and action will follow. Do not speak in terms of “I can’t, it won’t” and the like for you are literally programming your brain thus. Make a list of the words and images you constantly employ and willfully remove all those that don’t serve you. Use positive affirmations and mantras as an aid for in their constant repetition they help you keep and engrave a positive focus into your brain. And having reprogrammed your mind with your language, you will ‘speak’ more positively and create like wise! Your heart will indeed sing: “Goodbye loneliness, Hello love.”

Divyaa Kummar
www.divyaakummar.com ( new and updated)
The optimist sees the doughnut,the pessimist sees the hole-Unknown

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