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Dearest all,

I continue with my mailing list subject of the week - the future impacting the present- in more practical ways- through a personal query put to me recently from a beloved student:

She recently asked me, in reference to a desire - a goal - a dream - a vision of the future- that she has; a future that she knows ...will be ; inspite of beloveds close to telling her that it is an impossible dream; and she was wondering what's so impossible about it; what do those messages mean to her?

My response, simply put:

1) If you can desire something, it can be yours; because indeed you dream of something, want it, think of it as a goal... because it exists in your range of probable futures! That is why you can think of it or want it in the first place! Its all in reverse- the future impacts the past! That seemingly impossible dream is impacting you from the future...! All you need to do is align your energy field with it! In more linear language, because it is a blue print option, because it's encodements lay within your energy fields, do you see it as a possibility or/and want it!

-Thus Desire's sprout .... seemingly on their own accord and in their own time... when required…because indeed it is the 'voice' you have placed within, to remind you of those aspects of self that you are ready at any point to explore, experience, expand or eliminate; and your desire is the propeller... holding the seeker to the sought; the beginning to the end.

2) Thus if its is not in another's range of probable futures, they don't desire it...think of it...cant 'see' it ...and thus they may think of it as some impossible dream!They don't have those energy coding's within to tune into it!Nothing within matches that frequency!

3) However, if we live with the understanding that there is 'no one other than I'... then we use every 'external' voice as a message from Self to self... or a message from universal Self. We hear from the outside, those feelings thoughts of ours, that maybe deeply subconscious and thus we cannot access them and remain unaware of their energy signatures. Thus these voices of theirs can be used to become aware of your subconscious thoughts: sometimes assurances from subconscious mind...sometimes... as in this case... subconscious doubts! And you use these voices, to either reaffirm their positive messages from Self to self.... or to confront your doubts and eliminate them!

-In this case, she uses the voices of her beloveds as mirrors showing her those areas ,those thoughts and feelings, those energy signatures (deep within) that are still not in sync with this probable future! Only in becoming aware of these static wires in energy terms...can she unplug them! Can she use her conscious mind to direct those subconscious thoughts more in accordance with what she chooses in the Now! And in that as the subconscious and conscious mind- energy field- are in tandem with the energy of that possible future- does it attract that future in more physical ways...does it move from possibility to probability...and with critical mass sustained belief and focus into your physical!!

4) At a deeper level, when dreams 'just' happen to start fading... ... don't hang on to them ...for they have done what they arose for.Thus having accomplished that - they exist not in your probable futures anymore- and thus they 'happen' to start fading within you too! Yes often the conscious self/mind grapples with this change ... indeed tries to want it... but increasingly finds the desire becoming less.... or situations occur taking you away from that previous desire... you wonder why...but a new future is now impacting you!


Meera Mahtani Dee, awesome :)....i experienced this just yest with a friend...i was having my share of thoughts on a particular situation of life, and also regarding my work...although she guided my thoughts to almost the same place where i was coming from...but just like you say..probably''self to self'' i needed to hear it..thanks a lot..:)

Neeraj Jain well balanced note. u have covered all valid point very well.

Jaimin Shah Divyaa ... these articles are so insightful ... have you thought of compiling/arranging them in some order, and possibly publish a book (or have u published already?) ... the articles you write simplify matters and would appeal to a large number of ppl on their various "paths" ... i believe more people in the world should benefit from them ...

Ruhi Mehra its sooo true what u dream about is in your future..its happened to me ..what iv dreamt about and KNEW would come to me at some point in my life...DID..its true..but u have to believe it it WILL happen..great note divyaa..

Tarlochan Singh Dhillon The mind can conceive of the ideas which are floating about in the mind but they have to be anchored without a constant awreness of them. A simple request to the Infinite asked for in sincerity and then let the request remain in the background and get on with other things will retain the idea in the consciousness where it may bear fruit. Thank you dear Divyaa for an article concisely and clearly written. Thank you for the tag. Infinite spiritual blessings.

Dinku Daruvala Thanks Divyaa. Wonderful explanation. Struck a chord deep within me and I look forward to all your articles. The suggestion for compiling all into a book is a great one and i look fwd to reading it soon. Luv n Light, Dil

Shilpa Kanungo Beloved Divyaa,I deeply resonate with what you have written..wonderful explanation...thank you....I agree with Jaimin that it would be great to reach out to the larger audience by writing a Book....God bless,Shilpa

Irene Harvey you have wonderful clarity in your writing. sometimes one just has to hear something in a new way & it will click.thank you!

Divyaa Kummar Thanks Irene-and yes so many words-so many ways of expressing....so many of us saying the same things...all exactly towards what you said: the 'click'!

Rajendra Kumar Singh Thank you for the tag. Divyaa you expressed it in a way it should have been, is there any way we can attach self assesment to dreams, would help many.

Divyaa Kummar not sure i understood yr query- but the best self assesmnet is -a) do i really want it? or is it conditioning ... and what people around me do... and so i think i want it? b) Is it my passion? wld i want to do it even if it 'led' no place in practcial terms-do i enjoy it for the activity itself or some other end gain? c) What is my tapas towards it... See More- and i dont mean sacrifice...! does it feel like effortless effort... or striving? what is my discpline towards it- the root of the word discpline is-disciple to! so am i a disciple to my dreams? d) do i belive in its possiblity!!? if not -its only a sapna... for only if i belive in its possobllity is it a probable future in the making! when i visualize it -am i aware i am manifesting...or do i think i am just day dreaming!! e) are my thoughts,words actions-my energy field -in sync with that deam? if not you are depleting its abilty to manifest! i cld go on and on;-))i do hv a writing on this somewhere-will find and send it to you-rgds divyaa

Rajendra Kumar Singh You got me right, look forward for more on it Thank you dear.

Kiran Rai In other words you choose the ending to your play...or at least a chapter...and then the energies align themselves to get you to your desired 'ending'. It is so true about some dreams just getting you to a point in your life and then for no rhyme or reason they start to fade away...coz they have achieved their purpose...and then there are some which you can never give up on, or they never give up on you...

Aruna Radhakrishnan U have expressed what i had been teaching in goal attainment ..in the corporate training field That... its not enough 2 desire something very strongly or paassionatley ..but u have 2 sync yr present actions 2 the attainment of the goal and yr faith in yr goal must b beyond any doubts Which simply put means that if in the now u take all the ... See Morepossible steps 2 reach the goal...u will definalty reach there Had never thought of it in this context ...very different way of looking at the same thing ....Thanx

Divyaa Kummar yes! actions are really a subconcious response of our beleifs!if real belif is there action happens automatically! and in that it reaffirms the beleif and thusmore action....till...hey presto!

Navneet Setia U have said that Future impacts your Past....Is it because there is only a " NOW TIME "....Time is not actually Linear but may be Multidimensional, Circular..... Brian Weiss Talks about Future Progression, so according to him it is already there and what is already there will only bring about the Right Desire....or can wealter it consciously in the... See More Present?? The Student mentioned has a Dream and lets say with a passage of time, her Dream itself Changes....Because the Dream comes from a Impression on the Mind which can be conscious or subconscious, how much Independence the Dreamer has...Just Pondering over it....How much can Conscious Mind overpower the Subconscious and how !!!!

Divyaa Kummar ofcourse there is only Now time-but in order to understand how to best use/live in 'now' time we use the concpets of linear time!how much independce shifts this topics focus to free will! there is an article on that here or on my website!

 Aruna Radhakrishnan Maybe the encodements of inventing a telephone was there only in Graham bell and 4 the others it seemed a crazy idea...The invention of light bulb was in Edisons probable futures thats why he so passionaltly believed in it and ultimatly invented it much 2 the shock of the sane world .....maybe there r many probable futures 4 us and v choose 2 only ... See Morethe simplest and easiest ones as v lack the conviction that v can do it...once v become more aware of this with articles like yrs[God bless u ] v can unplug all thats not in sync with the gr8 but difficult probable future and then more of us can achieve our true potentials ...what do u say ????

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