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A lighthearted peek at understanding numbers

Let’s understand numbers through your desire to go trekking!

Number 1 is that part of you which gets the idea! And goes ah lets do it! And leaps off the bed in enthusiasm, getting things together immediately! Not listening to any advice, and very clear (passionately so) that no matter how daring it seems-it can be done! And then, comes 2! Choices must be made, which trail to select, should I go alone or with friends (two will always choose the friend!) and umm do I really want to go? Part of me yearns to do so, for deep within me the mountains are calling out to me, and it’s almost an emotional thing! And even as I make the choice do I become number 3. One and two together am I, and as its offspring and unity of purpose, I quickly start the climb… up, up, up! The trek unravels beautifully, and all is growing and lush and profuse around me. And then as 4 I have reached somewhere; and in that I rest. I even build a tent, and feel safe and secure. But just as this comfort zone is about to lull the four into complacency, instead of further striving up the hill, there comes along number 5! The desire for more, but not quite sure what that more is! And thus its inner (and outer) conflicts and challenges! The trail is suddenly not so smooth or easy, and yet as five you must move on past this to reach the success of 6! For here, as six, you have arrived! Indeed reached a peak and all is just as beautiful as you had hoped. There are streams, and flowers and other trekkers to mingle with and love is in the air! But now is the journey back home, and down hill seems tougher than uphill and this is the task of 7! Deeper challenges than 5, yet more strength to handle it! A certain sense of bravado also, an urge to take the risky shortcut, but some inner wisdom keeps you on track. And at 8 you are almost back to terra firma (and the goal of the trek being achieved) - and as you review the tent you had built at 4 you realize through the experience you have gained, that you can indeed make it a more solid cabin. You are ready to work hard, for you know this will be a permanent thing! And once that is done, at nine you enjoy the rewards of the trek- crystals you had collected, the rare herbs you have amassed, the stunning photographs and in this you feel deeply fulfilled! Its all come to pass, and you now know it was successful. And so comes ten, an ending as you go home, and yet within it a new beginning, a new cycle, a new peak to explore and enjoy from this vantage position, for you know you won’t start from scratch-next time!


The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create." Leonard I. Sweet

One is symbolized by the sun!  And has within it the power and force to make nothing into something. Its success lays in its will to be; in its boldness of purpose, and most of all in its individuality and single mindedness of being. For at deeper levels, at 1, there is no other.

Conjure in your minds eye, what it is like when everything is one. There are no others to consider or align with, no differences, and that is why number 1 people are self willed. And yet it is because of this, unfettered as they are by any such dissipation of its energies, that the 1, geometrically symbolized as a point (of pure brilliance),  can burst into becoming everything –and this is the raw energy number 1 people have, including the tendency to be bold, original and dynamic. Action and impetus, another characteristic of number 1 people, arises from this clarity- for clearness of purpose, automatically leads to confident action. Which but naturally leads to success and thus can number 1 people be easily successful if they utilize their strengths!

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move into its balanced energy in personal ways, befitting your unique station in life. Thus the above mentioned dynamic energy of 1, in imbalance can be its flipside: dictatorial impatient, intolerant, and selfish- with and an arrogant and almost aggressive me first attitude!

Other influences: As the first zodiac sign, all Aries have a touch of 1 in them- and all 1’s have a touch of Aries! It is masculine number and can be aggressive and assertive and yet inspiring, enterprising and endowed with leadership qualities.  In tarot the magician, wheel of fortune and sun card hold the 1’s energies – guiding all 1’s to tap into their potential and manifest smoothly like the magicians they can be; to ride the wheel of momentum without losing their centre point of balance,   and shine like the sun that symbolizes them! Sun-like 1’s can be generous indeed. The risk they run is that 1 energy, in spite of its potency is pure potential, and like sperm it needs to be earthed into proper channels to produce tangibly rather than get frittered away! As the first number, 1 is about new beginnings, either of a cycle, or a stage in life. It can be a new birthing, and yet like the seed inherently has the tree within, this beginning if well utilized has both the goal and its achievement intact within it.

You are a number 1 person if you are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th of any month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month and year) adds to a 1. Its energies also play out in your life if your name totals 1 numerologically.

The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things. - Lao Tzu

Two’s are the moody blues, symbolized by the waning and waxing moon! Yet like the moon can light up the night sky, 2’s have intuitive wisdom about matters unknown and unseen. And as the absolute unqualified 1 becomes ‘another’ in 2, to see, seek and know itself better, 2’s very purpose to exist is this yearning to know self ; and to seek this through another, in relationship! Divinity, for them is indeed mirrored in the face of a beloved- be it the significant other or friend, family or god!

Come conjure with me the paradox of being number 2 - as an extension of number 1, twos’ inherently long to unite and yet this seeming separation and duality is its reason to be! In this polarization, 2’s need to explore both currents- explore opposites and choices and yet come together in unified action and integration rather than weaken self through conflict, confusion and opposition! This balance when arrived at can become one of their biggest strengths! A clue: Practice lightness and interplay rather than ‘this or that’ for 2 extends the original impulse of 1, and thus tends to be very intense! Tap into the deep reservoir of unconscious wisdom, but don’t get lost in the illusion, hidden depths and secrets which are part of number 2 as the foray indeed into duality and Maya!

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move into its balanced energy in personal ways, befitting your unique station in life. A balanced 2 energy is harmonious, cooperative, sensitive, flexible, wise and receptive. They have a great passive (feminine) power, indeed far more resilient and durable than the more overt power of 1! They work very well behind the scenes, and often bring alive the adage “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” In imbalance 2’s can instead be scheming, overly sensitive, resentfully resisting, faultfinding, disapproving, interfering and forever vacillating undecided and indeed inactive!

Other influences: Taurus the second zodiac sign bestows on 2’s their love for beautiful and fine things; the Moon imparts its deep emotions and tug to their past. Tarot’s High Priestess is especially symbolic, describing 2’s deeply hidden and penetrating powers, wisdom and patience; yet when she is ‘reversed’ she warns that moods and manipulation can be part of 2. The Judgment card promises 2’s a constant awakening to higher states of being, fulfilling their infinite  potential as High Priestess; but  it is the  Justice card  that stands in between as the bridge- guiding them to use its balance equilibrium and objectivity towards  making all that is possible and probable- real!

You are number 2 if you are born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month and year) adds to a 2. Its energies also play out in your life if your name totals 2 numerologically


As long as men have existed, man has enjoyed himself too little; that alone is our original sin- Friedrich Nietzsch

Three arising from the merger of 1 and 2 is a number of syntheses - harmoniously coming together, blending and creating anew!  For when any two forces come together a unique third is created – and like any new born it must grow in individual ways! Thus does 3 vibrate to Jupiter the planet of growth, expansion and movement which bestows  on them their love for travel and freedom of thought speech & action. Indeed 3 is known as the number of first perfection, because it is here that the impulse of 1, explored by 2, first takes tangible form (geometrically the triangle) making 3’s innovative and enterprising! Many ancient cultures only had names for numbers 1 & 2 with 3 onwards just being labeled ‘more’- and this plays out in their life as their love for success and the good things in life! 

Come conjure with me the climax of number 3 as the tension of 1 & 2 is released in their union and actual birthing of what was only potential. Thus is 3 a number of passion and manifestation- the number of creation indeed- with 3’s usually being optimistic and cheerful and known to benefit from (and easily attract) the opposite sex! Yet deep within them they have the ambition and drive of 1 and the innate wisdom of 2 making them straddle both worlds: the material and spiritual! 

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move into its balanced energy in personal ways. A balanced 3 energy is creative, imaginative, expressive; joyful, harmonious and tolerant; truthful, enterprising and growth oriented and yet in imbalance it can swing to being jealous, aggressive, egoistic, impractical, scattered, exaggerating, volatile and spendthrift!

Other influences: Gemini the third zodiac sign bestows on 3’s their wit and quick mind and Venus imbues them with its magnetism and love of form and beauty! Tarot’s empress symbolizes their connection to nature and ability to create and enjoy abundance; yet ‘reversed’ she warns that excess can be part of 3. The hangman promises 3’s higher states of being if they tap within, and reversed it shows you the flip side of the altered world through artificial means; with the world card whispering to them that they can indeed have it all and create heaven on earth if they choose; yet it is by remaining connected within and detached externally that they will truly enjoy their success and not get trapped instead! 

You are number 3 if you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month and year) adds to a 3. Its energies also play out in your life if your name totals 3 numerologically


The world you desired can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours! Ayn Ryand

Four is the number of actualization where the power and potential of 1, actually materializes into physical form! It is indeed 1 made visible! Representing the inherent order present in the universe by its 4 directions and seasons, it is number 4 that gives structure, order and organization to the free flowing 3; and in that it helps establish the material plane or your dreams in tangible ways!  For it is 4 which adds the cubic depth allowing the  corporeal human experience to come into being; it is the blend of 4 elements at the root of all physical life; and our 4 limbs that enable  the practical labor involved!

So come conjure with me the solidity of 4, because for the first time after the burst of 1, exploration of 2 and creative endeavor of 3 it comes to ‘rest’; the foundations are laid, concrete  grounding is done and there is a feeling of safety, security and stability in this  initial achievement. And in the comfort zone of these 4 ‘walls’ is the beginning of ‘identity’ - of that which you have established; that you are; and in deeper terms the introduction of the human ego or id. And here lies the innate tussle within number 4’s! They excel in giving structure and definition; or become rigid and limiting instead!  They swing from creating healthy levels of security and stability to stagnating within it!  They wonder incessantly whether to rest in the accomplishment of who and what they are, or make further breakthroughs! 

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move into its balanced energy in personal ways. A balanced 4 energy is persevering, loyal, practical, organized, and efficient in putting ideas into form, creating foundations that last and managing material and financial interests with great foresight. In imbalance it can swing to numbing its emotions and becoming dull, dreary, thrifty, cautious, uncompromising, narrow minded and lost in detail.

Other influences: Cancer the fourth zodiac represents the 4s need for comfort zones and hints at their softer underbelly! Tarot’s Emperor reflects the empires 4’s can establish and their inborn regality and larger foresight toward this; the  Death card hints at the need to keep moving on- indeed telling them that it is  through constant change that they can paradoxically best ensure the stability of their empires-within or external!   Uranus makes sure 4’s don’t stagnate, by brushing onto them its erratic touch  and the setting Sun which also symbolizes 4 (as different from the rising sun symbolizing 1)  tells them that  the sun and its power is finally closer to earth in actualization... and rest. For the new day that must then begin at 5.

You are number 4 if you are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month and year) adds to a 4. Its energies also play out in your life if your name totals 4 numerologically


When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” Tuli Kupferburg

Five is the number that wants something ‘more’ but isn’t quite sure what that more is; only that it’s beyond all that is known and tangible!  And this is only natural, for 5 represents that quintessence which is literally the fifth indefinable ‘essence’ beyond the 4 known elements of material life. And thus inherent in number 5 people is their lifelong yearning; making them the seekers and travelers, always on the go, looking for constant stimulation - or change!  As 5 also symbolizes the head or human consciousness, it bestows on the simpler 4 limbed man (with his clear-cut focus on the material world), the abstract mind! And all it entails- from worry and unpredictability to which 5’s are prone, to versatility and the higher thought process which 5’s easily display.

So come conjure with me the complexity of number 5 as it begins to move once again after the rest of 4. Conjure the disruption it entails in breaking  free of all that is tried and tested; conjure the changes it must encompass to prevent the risk of stagnating in comfort zones; whether it is perceived as unsettling or challenging ; destruction or release…5’s destiny is in this moving forth.  Also conjure the coming together of these many new forces that make up number five and in this understand why it’s known as a number of groups!  Thus do fives have the knack to mix easily with various kinds of people and thus are they empowered with distinct communication skills -to better enable this interaction!

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move into its balanced energy in personal ways. A balanced 5 energy is versatile, multifaceted, freedom loving, independent, adventurous, adaptable, diplomatic, non-judgmental and forward thinking! In imbalance it can swing to rebellious, mercurial, over-indulgent, insatiable, restless thrill seeking, and indeed ending relationships or commitments erratically and impatiently!

Other influences: Numerologically yin 2 and yang 3 come together in five and in this mating is found their personal chemistry and magnetism!  Mercury lends fives its mental acuity, quick thinking and wit; and its quick silver changeability!  Leo the fifth zodiac reflects their flair to live life king size! Tarots Hierophant depicts their love for learning and constant up gradation; their intuitive knowing and connection with their higher mind. But it is the Temperance card that portrays fives at their authentic best – for in having found that quintessence and being transformed through its alchemy, they move into a finely blended inner balance and its highest potentials of outer expression! This is symbolized by the 5 pointed star called the pentacle; with its head in ‘spirit’ and its 4 limbs expressing on the material plane- the pentacle symbolizes the highest human expression!

You are number 5 if you are born on the 5th; 14th or 23rd of any month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month and year) adds to a 5. Its energies also play out in your life if your name totals 5 numerologically.


"What is art? It is a response of man's creative soul to the call of the Real" Rabrindranath Tagore

Six can be best described as heaven on earth! Symbolized by the six pointed star with two inverted triangles depicting the ancient hermetic truth ‘as above so below’, number six is at its purest spirit mirroring itself in matter. It is Divinity’s creative endeavour and expression on the material plane and the beauty and harmony of form that consciousness chooses to adopt in tangible ways. 1+2+3=6 and this mating of sprit and matter; this harmonious blending of spirit, soul and body makes it a number of lasting unity, marriage and loyalty! It is Pythagoreans second "perfect number", as ‘3’ the first number of form and perfection evolves to its higher symmetry, balance and beauty only at 6! Perfect also as creation was complete on the sixth day! Thus are number six people all about love, harmony, creativity and abundance - they enjoy luxury, revel in love,  prioritize family, beautify hearth and home and maintain in all areas of life a personal balance and equipoise. As the number of divine expression sixes are inherently creative with their communication stemming from the heart, and wisdom (not intellect) being the font of all expression.

So come conjure with me the emergence of 6’s purified consciousness as it re-stabilizes and restores the equilibrium disrupted at 5; view its gift of finding solutions and skillful issue resolution; feel its sense of relief in moving forward; experience   its exaltation at arriving into all things bright and beautiful! Understand why six is considered lucky and yet know this state of perfection is an oasis; beautiful and bountiful yes; heaven indeed but a divine appetizer only to the cosmic order of 8 that consciousness further establish and experiences on the tangible plane! Thus is six warned not to be self indulgent; thus do they run the risk of stagnating at having it all; for if six can be experienced as a wondrous bridge they can paradoxically have more than everything!

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move into its balanced energy in personal ways. A balanced 6 energy is loving, kind, generous, harmonious, peace-making, devoted and protective; it is also creative, expressive, wise, balanced and responsible.  In imbalance it can swing into its moody blue shades of misplaced idealism, self indulgence, stubbornness and possessiveness!

Other influences: Numerologically 2 (unity) into 3 (father mother and child) equals  six, making it the ideal number for harmonious relationships of all kinds; Venus imbues sixes with its magnetism, loving softness and spirit of abundance  with Virgo lending them its inner beauty, selflessness and sense of service - an ideal combination with significant others! Tarot’s Lovers card goes a step further and deepens the message that self-love is the basis, and relationship with divine self the foundation of all outer interactions; and its badly maligned Devil card is only a parody of the Lovers image- depicting that once its self indulgent chains and fears are released the devil card becomes and exalted Lovers indeed!  Its secret message is that every action stems from love, or its flip side fear; and it asks sixes to become aware that only love works!

You are number 6 if you are born on the 6th; 15th or 24th of any month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month and year) adds to a 6. Its energies also play out in your life if your name totals 6 numerologically.

To exist is to change; to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly-Henri Bergso

Seven is a number of perfection! 7 colors make a rainbow, 7 musical notes make a song, 7 days make up a week, 7 major planets make up the solar system and 7 chakras symbolize the perfect human! And yes God rests on the 7th day as he beholds the utter perfection of his creation! He also steps back at this point, leaving the reins of furthering this perfection into mankind’s able hands… and thus in our story of numbers it is  7 that symbolizes the true autonomous self - endowing on  7’s their distinctive and individualistic streak! Mans destiny is now his own and separate from ‘Gods’ and thus are 7’s independent thinking, self-sufficient and somewhat the loners they can be! Also it is at 7 that man realizes the need to go beyond already reached ideals- even the ‘heaven on earth’ he has experienced as a 6 - and this confers on 7’s their spiritual seeking , mystical yearnings and love for the unknown (including travel!) Like 5’s they seek that elusive something ‘more’ … but this time the search is deep within because all the  wonders of the outside (already experienced at 6)  have to be transcended . Thus sevens who seek fulfillment only from the outside will always wonder at their discontent unless they also tap into it within! And it is towards that they are bestowed with an inbuilt ability to look inwards in all ways- be it through deep study, reflection, analysis or investigation. The deeper they go for answers and guidance, the more enhanced will be their outer life!

So come conjure with me the challenge  of being a 7! View the resolve required to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch towards more permanent solutions; view their valor to risk all towards unknown higher ideals; understand their fascination with the deeper truths of creation; and appreciate not only their skills to delve deep within but also their drive to practice the paradox they discover- that perfection is not a static state of rest but one that demands constant growth, experimentation and reinvention.
Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move into its balanced energy in personal ways.
A balanced 7 energy is distinctive, courageous, self-sufficient, deep, wise,  and inward looking in many ways- be it imagination, reflection, intuition ,spirituality or intellectual analysis and the exactness of science!  In imbalance they veer towards being self-serving, rebellious, aloof, taciturn, snobbish, critical, fussy, stressed, secretive, eccentric and reckless… dreamers!

Other influences: Numerologically too 7 is a complex number, and cannot be reached by any multiplication! Neptune the planet of the unconscious confers on them its mysterious powers of imagination or illusion; intuition or confusion!  Tarots Chariot card depicts their strong inner sense of self and capacity to over come all odds through sheer grit, determination and strength of mind; yet at   deeper levels the Charioteer symbolizes their endowment towards understanding and thus overcoming the (odds presented by) dual plane and thereby mastering human experience itself! The Tower card represents the constant changes they undergo towards this, even back to zero if required, for they more than any other number know the all-potential of a zero…and how it can only lead to a perfection ever enhanced...for an egg when burst from inside (rather than outside) means new life! 

You are number 7 if you are born on the 7th; 16th or 25th of any month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month and year) adds to a 7. Its energies also play out in your life if your name totals 7 numerologically.

There is no authority superior to each person's essential self” -Unknown

Eight is a number of consolidation, authority and power!  The material order and experience of 4 is doubled at 8 - raised by the infusion of spirit into matter. This is why number 8 is connected to material prosperity and financial rewards. Indeed the figure 8 is made up of a higher circle representing the perfection of the celestial order operating through the physical plane of the lower circle! Together, the circles show polarities integrated, and become the sign of balance and infinity - as above so below! This is also symbolized by the octave that ‘8’ is - coming back full circle, but to a higher frequency as all things are integrated sagaciously!  Thus does 8 depict law, order and justice on earth and number 8 people are known for their administrative prowess, commanding presence equipoise and honorable actions. However, as 8 is nearing the end of the numerical cycle, it has taken hard work , persistence and sound judgment to reach here- qualities that are visible in number 8 people along with the independent streak that they thus display ! And yet, due to being so close to the end of the cycle, 8’s unconsciously work for lasting results - making them diligent, prudent and disciplined. They instinctively know the chain of cause and effect that has got them here and thus diligent are they about what they further put into effect!

So come conjure with me the tasks of number 8! A large part of your journey is done and you have the ensuing sense of command, confidence, power and stamina; yet now you need to adapt, be flexible and tread carefully! You are close to the end yet patience and nitty gritty work is required! You are ready to go through to nine and beyond- but all that you have learnt and encompassed in self is being tested! And how- with Saturn task master as your ruling planet!

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move into its balanced energy in personal ways. A balanced 8 energy is high on energy, ambitious, enterprising, persevering, disciplined, organized, responsible, discerning, clear-headed, just and effective. In imbalance it can either not tap into its strengths or go the other way and turn egoistical, power hungry, cold, confrontational, manipulative, obstinate, controlling, materialistic and   prone to corruption.

Other influences: Numerologically 8 is a feminine number- and thus 8’s real power is inner strength – not domineering in nature but a strong compassionate force which comes about through an inner alchemy and balance. This is depicted beautifully by the tarot card Strength symbolizing authentic authority as gentle yet firm- showing us how a chain of roses can be stronger than a chain of iron links! The strength card is also known as Tantra- the rise of your own power (kundalini) conferring on you the sovereignty to be true to who and what you really are! The looped figure eight actually represents the coiled kundalini rising infinitely!  Tarot’s Star card, representing the ‘future’  depicts the rewards 8’s can look forward to if they accomplish their purpose of being born a 8-  long lasting tranquility ,grandeur,  abundance and deep fulfillment of the physical plane!  And who confers this? Saturn of course- the much maligned tough taskmaster and ruling planet! For yes Saturn known as the planet of delays and obstacles- rewards you many times over once you fulfill the reasons to be born under its guidance! 
You are number 8 if you are born on the 8th; 17th or 26th of any month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month and year) adds to an 8. Its energies also play out in your life if your name totals 8 numerologically.

The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward. Eternal vigilance is the price of success. There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential. You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do” - the Master Key System

At 9 the numerical sequence reaches its peak and breaks into a new cycle thereafter. As the last single digit number it holds a special significance symbolizing completion and pinnacles yes, but also the last chance to deal with unfinished work of the cycle you are on, for it represents the cumulative effects of all that you have experienced since you spun this cycle forward as a 1! Thus is it a number of maturity and strength- indeed 9 is the grit, passion and drive that powers the desire and potential of 1 to reach actualization- making it a number of harvest, rewards and even glory! At the same time, as a threshold to a new phase, it demands more than a glance inwards- and deep reflection on what you will put into effect as your next phase is mandatory for you to make full use of its energy! 9 is also a number of self reliance because by this point in the larger sojourn your personal identity has been established –conferring on you a personal autonomy, confidence and independence; but this fulfillment itself becomes a catalyst propelling number 9 people to seek that which is beyond personal self- making them the humanitarians they are known to be- idealistic, mystic, visionaries seeking to impact their world.

So come conjure with me the mystery of number 9- you are at a pinnacle but also at a new beginning- and it is indeed easier to move forward from stagnation and fears but to move beyond pinnacles is what truly allows you higher and vaster experiences! You have come into your own, yet this ‘self’ is becoming redundant as your focus shifts to ‘others’ - and service is what must be encompassed! At nine there are no limits or boundaries - yet the unknown must be entered into and embraced!  9 as the end of the numerical cycle is about fulfillment and endings! Finalities and starting points! Known to unknown! It is in giving that they receive, in service that they get to lead, in being unconditional and pure of external motive that get to touch glory! 

Each number has its strengths and challenges and your role is to move into its balanced energy in personal ways. A balanced 9 energy is  independent, confident, self reliant, passionately driven, resilient, spiritual, mystic, compassionate, humanitarian, and charitable; in imbalance you don’t tap into its strengths or tend towards being prejudiced, zealous, overly idealistic, over emotional, dramatic, crisis oriented, self centered, hedonistic, resentful, vindictive,  lonely or even melancholic!

Other influences: Numerologically 9 multiplied by any number always returns to self depicting number 9 peoples self-sufficiency and ability to do things on their own. Mars as ruling planet bestows on them passion, grit and drive yes, but also its fire- dollops of magnetic charm and sparks of tempera mentality! 9 is easily understood through Pregnancy –something has come to full term, and yet must begin a new phase of existence! Geometrically 9 is the 3 cubed form, known as the perfect form, having within it the essence of 3 and beauty of 6! Celtic tradition often sewed 999 patches on marriage quilts in honor of this! The Tarot card Hermit and its imagery  may appear a strange symbolism of the number 9    - a stark hermit with a lantern- but this is because the Rider Waite card emphasizes the guidance that will optimize the 9 experience- the need to go deep within and find this perfected  higher self at every nine of every cycle! The Moon card in contrast shows the emotional aspects of 9- that which must be delved into; that which must be let go of; the narrow line between illumination and illusion; and going beyond the final chimera of all- Maya! 

You are number 9 if you are born on the 9th; 18th or 27th of any month. Its energies intensify if your entire birth date (day, month and year) adds to a 9. Its energies also play out in your life if your name totals 9 numerologically.

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