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Hello everyone,

We have been speaking a lot about self-empowerment this year, and emphasizing the need to claim it for self; and thus today I am going to explore this ‘concept’ of self-empowerment at some depth! Indeed in my meditations currently, universal truths are peeled endlessly, each like a cosmic onion, and I have discovered that through this: through touching the very core of each ‘truth’, through viewing it in its different layers and opening up each segment… through understanding them… we activate them within us! There is great power in ‘understanding’ and in ‘awareness’- they bring alive what you understand or expand your awareness of.

Of course it is no co-incidence that this year, 2007, is universally being proclaimed as the year of self-empowerment. Indeed every system of ancient wisdom whispers the same to you through its own unique language of symbols. NUMEROLOGICALLY the digits add up to nine, which is the number of Self, and it is the only number, which returns to itself when multiplied with any other. There are other numbers, such as 2 and 7 which deal with self too, but briefly put, 2 is about self exploration, 7 is about self analysis, and it is 9 as the last single digit which is about the empowered self. In TAROT, nine is the hermit card that consciously reverses your understanding of self and takes you from personality consciousness to Godself awareness. Also he guides you that as empowered self you must consciously choose how to ‘spin the wheel’ for the next 9 years! ASTROLOGICALLY it is Mars that symbolizes the number and is the planetary energy of self-empowerment! More than that, it is the energy that gives you the grit and determination to hold the beginning to the ‘end’ of each cycle- the initial surge of 1 (sun) to its goal! Even in KABALA, 9 represents yesod, which means foundation! The foundation of self required for the next level of humanity! If you view each such system of knowledge as a language with which you can communicate with your universal aspects, they open up a new understanding to you!

However before I embark on self-empowerment I would like to lay the foundation by ‘peeling’ your understanding on: responsibility! So become aware of a stage in life, or areas of life where even now, you have placed the responsibility outside self: when you have felt or said, “YOU are responsible”. All of you will be able to identify this, experientially, and not as some intellectual spiritual truth. Perhaps if someone asks you why did you go to a particular nursery school, you would say that it was because your parents had chosen thus! Or perhaps if your dentist root canal treatment goes awry you would hold the dentist responsible for botching it up. Or perhaps you may have held that boyfriend (and his new girlfriend!) responsible for ditching you overnight, in spite of your great love for him! Or when you have felt the government, or the judicial system or educational system has been at fault…these are all examples for you to get the gist where you have held or hold the responsibility outside of self and say: you are responsible! Please arrive at your own examples from your life…so that you know this is not an intellectual understanding but part of your experience!

Then at some point in life, or in different areas of life, this sense of responsibility expands to a sharing of it. Where you accept that both you and the other/outside are responsible- where you realize that you too play a part and thus think or say (at least to self) , “WE are responsible.” This is easily identifiable in relationships, when you know that the dynamics of your relationship with husband or friend is a two-way thing! When you accept that you too play a role …the old adage…it takes two to clap! So perhaps in our above examples, you realize that the root canal did not pan out in the best way because you had delayed your appointment for over two years in spite of reminders from your dentists office, and more so you had neglected any dental care guidance he had offered! Or perhaps you realize it was not love you had given your boyfriend but suffocation and it did not quite require another woman for him to walk out on you! Or how you too are a part of the corruption when you pay bribes when you are to benefit…etc. So again, please become aware of examples from your lives, about this level of responsibility, so that you know this is not an intellectual or ‘spiritual’ understanding but part of your experience!

Which brings us to the third phase of responsibility, where we expand it to an understanding that I AM RESPONSIBLE! We move from you are responsible, and we are responsible to SELF- RESPONSIBILITY. This sense of responsibility usually occurs when we make a switch from outer/unconscious living to inner/conscious living …be it through what we call spiritual understanding or self-growth. Most of us present here today are familiar with this, but humanity and all of us are at varying stages of wholly imbibing this sense of self-responsibility …from it being wholly intellectual to it being a larger and larger part of our beingness. So at this point you would know that the nursery school you presumed was chosen by your parents was actually chosen by you at higher levels because you needed that backdrop! Or that the boyfriend only played out a role you had appointed him to…etc. And this complete self-responsibility is truly is the beginning and crux of self-empowerment, and where the remainder of my channeling will focus on for today.

However, I will further touch upon two aspects of responsibility before coming back to this. Because once we have truly imbibed this self-responsibility we will expand our sense of responsibility from: you are responsible, to we are responsible to I am responsible to NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE! We will real-ize (please break up the word ‘realize’ into two so it becomes real-ize as in : making it real!) that no ‘one’ is responsible because everything is happening for our larger self- the whole- call it volition, call it each aspect happening for the larger good- call it beingness of our godself!! And this then expands to a sense of THERE IS NOTHING TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR! As nothing is really happening, call it Maya, call it illusion, call it the split moment now…for example if you dream of your house being robbed, you will not call the police when you awake!

However, i will NOT focus on these last two aspects today, because they are for all of us here, intellectual concepts. If you observe, the first two are completely experiential and the last two completely intellectual; and it is in the middle that we are poised! This is what critical mass humanity is to expand into ‘as their experiential truth’, as ‘real, as the former two! Once humanity does that, will we be able to make the latter, part of our experience too. This will also explain how our understanding of ‘karma’ has played a role in the expansion of our sense of responsibility. In the early times, what I will refer to as the Age of Aries, humanity lived from the first sense of responsibility and held the outside completely responsible, be it the weather, people, or circumstances and lived out a combative existence in trying to control this outside. Then as the Age of Pisces dawned, and humanity was ready to experience a wider sense of responsibility, ancient wisdom and preachers and spiritual texts were made available, speaking of ‘karma’-cause and effect, whereby man was introduced to taking responsibility for his actions, whether of this life or another! He had moved from you are responsible to we are responsible! And now in the Age of Aquarius, once again humanity is ready to expand its sense of responsibility and new age wisdom and teachings of the very same texts expand the implication of karma as self-responsibility! Explaining to us how karma is not really with another but with self! How karma is not about your actions but your thoughts and feelings! How karma is not about making amends to the other or holding him responsible but about expanding self, through self-responsibility! And only when humanity has wholly embraced this, will it expand to the last two phases, where karma will indeed not be viewed in terms of cause and effect at all!

Having given this foundation, so that you may better understand self-empowerment, I shall return to my subject of the day! Self-empowerment! What does this grandiose sounding concept really mean? And yes again, like all universal truths, it can be understood at many levels…

Self-empowerment can be described in many ways, but simply put for today it is a reclaiming (or more accurately: recognizing) of your Creator hood. Where you real-ize…see …off the spiritual texts and academic/intellectual blackboards how you shape your life: the people, events things; success or lack of; moment-to-moment, and I mean moment to moment through your recurring thoughts & feelings. However, while we usually think of Creatorhood in terms of this power to manifest…this power of manifestation is a by-product of creator hood! Much like you make heady alcohol while producing sugar; or alchemists who make ‘gold’ in their process of turning matter to spirit! And while it is a precious, precious indeed by-product …when we truly claim our creator hood, or are truly self empowered, we may not want to manifest many things that we now think we might want to! For example I started my journey towards claming my Creatorhood to ‘fix’ a certain relationship! However by the time I did move more wholly into this empowerment…I realized the relationship was redundant to me...because in the larger picture of true empowerment…it had lost its meaning…and I did not want to manifest it as I had initially thought I would….

Which takes us to the second layer or understanding of self-empowerment; and one that we often ignore as a part of being creator of my life events! Because true self-empowerment goes beyond only knowing that you can shape your life events the way you wish! It comes about more deeply when you understand and acknowledge and accept that as creator, your very life plans or what we call blueprints or what you may also call destiny and karma are willfully chosen by you! Only in separation do you fight or question ‘destiny’ as something outside your hands! Only in separation do you resist of find unacceptable your so-called negative plans or willfully chosen challenges. Self-empowerment strengthens when you truly real-ize that as creator, your life plans or destiny are chosen by you and instead of fighting it you work towards whatever you put it in for! As long as you ask: “ can my free will change my destiny” you are not in alignment with your creator hood…because you are not aligned with your own plan! Because the question really comes from separation from your creator hood and what you really are asking is: “ can my ego will change my free will”!Again analogy will explain this better: lets take the example of my daughter who graduates this May and has willfully chosen to study abroad-live in a cold freezing city, in a small dorm, with a tough schedule…! Now if she had a memory lapse (donned the veils of forgetfulness) and due to that forgot her plans and instead returned to Bombay…when she ‘awoke’…(in larger terms ‘died’) she would be mad that her plans had been cut short due to this memory lapse; and just before she graduated!!! Or it is like the person who has come to this meeting all the way from pune … now saying…oh can my free will make me change that? Why would he ask that? He has chosen to come! In fact if he does, due to memory lapse, leave the meeting…once he recalls he would be pretty mad at self!

Thus self-empowerment includes not only shaping your current life events but also realizing that you have put in some plans (however strange they may now appear) willfully. Towards, simply put, certain experiences or learning or expansion of self or disempowerment of limitations! Simply put these four would cover the ‘reasons’! At this point I would like to say that many times we put in certain plans just to experience certain aspects of godself! It is not always for ‘learning’ in the way we think! Through existence we have chosen to experience difference aspects, every nuance, ‘That’ I Am! Recently I had an interesting regression, in which I was this virile old village man who had spent his entire life having sexual relationships with the many women…and I kept waiting that ok at the end of this regression the learning will come…I will be told what the learning was…and there was none! I was made to see it was a lifetime I chose to experience my virility! That’s all!

This brings us to the third and most important aspect of self-empowerment where we real-ize that COMPLETE SELF-EMPOWERMENT = (equals) COMPLETE SELF- RESPONSIBILITY! Where you acknowledge that everything outside of you that you view as your life or world indeed …people events and things …are but a reflection of the inner you. When you acknowledge that there can be nothing in your exterior without it being in your interior first. (For your growth! Towards learning, experiencing, expanding, and disempowering aspects of self!)
We can understand this through karma, or mirrors or universal laws of energy, because as a group we are familiar with all three concepts, and it is time to consciously know that all three are only different ways of looking at the same thing!
-So if we view this through karma: we can say the cause is within me or I am the cause (of what I have chosen to learn or experience or expanding, or disempower) and the outside is only my effect!
-If we view it through mirror analogy we can say what is within (what I have chosen to learn or experience or expanding, or disempower) is what is reflected outside for me to view and learn from!
-If we view it through our understanding of the universal laws of energy we can understand that whatever we are (towards what I have chosen to learn or experience or expanding, or disempower) is what I attract around me on the so called outside. (This is also important to know so that we may accordingly choose the interpretation that the person you speak with understands! If they speak the karma language, reach them through that, instead of laws of energy!)

Thus self-empowerment truly implies (quote Seth) “You are what happens to you” and leads to the profound understanding that There is no other! There is no one, no thing other than I! (If you have to take back one thing today, it is this conscious awareness, to live with this day to day, because we all know it intellectually) And this has many implications in your day-to-day life- life! At first -when you real-ize this… experientially there can be great consternation…! I have people walking out of my Tuesday class wondering why would they create sickness or… whatever…and yes there can be an initial sense of “oh my god” because there is no one to blame; no person, event or thing! Nor fate or God that you can now hold responsible! Because everything and I mean everything comes full circle to you!

But soon…it hits you that if “ i am completely responsible, for creating everything, in what i call my life, then i am completely empowered to change, enhance, accept it too!” You real-ize… and this realization licks along your veins in heady manner quite opposite to the initial fear or reluctance…
-I am not hostage to situations, people, things or karma, outside me…
- I affect the outside from within me…
-The point of power is within me in the Now…not outside me - not out of my ambit… The NOW is a very important part of this SE…I will not digress into that today…but it is in the now that we can change anything. No matter how many lives I might have been a murderer-lets say 100 lives- I do not need to come back 100 different times with the 100 different souls…if in this NOW I can understand the cause of my murdering and change that!

And this is SE or creator hood, not just the power of manifestation as many think! Sure it confers that on you, and we will understand how as I go on, but through complete self- responsibility! And thus also is SE not about external power…nor arrogance or the need to control the external…because when you are truly self empowered there is neither need, nor desire for that because you real-ize the switch is within! External power is seeked when there is disempowerment. And through this we may better understand Christ’s words when he says: “The meek shall inherit the world”. The meek he refers to is the truly self-empowered who may appear meek, because he wields no outer power…! He uses no outer words or labels of being God or Master… he doesn’t need to …he is… Because finally it won’t matter what words you use! We will come back full circle as we go through the process- and now when I say “Gods Grace’ I use the word God without inverted commas and without feeling the need not to use the word god, because i know within me I refer to Divyaa.

But yes, SE OR Creatorhood or ascension is a process. God is a verb not a noun! And thus even being god or SE or Creatorhood or ascension is an ongoing process. And while we are on it there may be times when you will need to claim your self empowerment, or claim you are God…and I am going to use a quote I had used in my leadership seminar held here: “What you are saying is ringing so loudly in my ears that I cannot hear who you are". This is a caution for all of us on the journey and if you find yourself coming from here, be aware you are feeling disempowered, and not truly empowered. This awareness itself will help.

Thus complete self-empowerment = complete self-responsibility! Ask any businessman…see it in your own life…where you have complete responsibility you have complete power. I am renovating my house- and because I do not take full responsibility I do not have the power to do what I want…I have to get back to my hubby…if I took complete responsibility I would be empowered too. Thus SE is actually a series of empowering shifts: from taking responsibility to shape my life, to taking responsibility for working with my life plans to realizing that there is ‘no other’. It is actually a significant reversal in the way you view life. And the powerlessness we have all experienced… be it with difficult mother or daughters in law… unfair father or partner…Cheating colleague, employee or employer… Betraying friend or society … begins to loosen its hold on you!

Which brings us to another layer: that we are creators or responsible at a tripartite level- personal realities (relationships, careers) environment and the world! Seth says: you create your reality, not some of it or part of it but all of it! This is also a big one and has many ramifications when you real-ize that it is not only your personal realties but also the environment (society, political, judicial systems you find faulty…noida murders…etc) and that World (peace or terrorism or tsunami or Hitler etc…) that you can change or enhance from within!

Of course Mahatma Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world!” brings this alive! You reali-ize they are not pretty words but to be taken literally!! Indeed it is the most effective way for all those who wish to change or transform the world or politics or any area outside them. In this context another quote: “The best you can do for the poor is not be one of them” also takes on meaning.

And it is not only about changing the outside or your world and its events, but even to understand the outside we need to address the source within us of why it exists in your life? What it reflects? Why are you attracting it? What do you need to learn, what you have chosen to experience, what do you need to expand and/or what have you chosen to disempower?

There is a line of questioning which we follow in my Tuesday sessions which we have dubbed as: Why why why till you reach the “I”!! This is complete self-responsibility and through it you automatically move away from judgment, oscillating blame and victim modes, non-forgiveness…because you are always brought back to self as cause, mirror, energy…as Creator… of your ‘outside’! Thus is it also a powerful 24/7 Self-empowering meditation! Because meditation means going within (which you do with this line of reasoning) mediation means touching self (which you do with this line of reasoning) – and most important you touch which self? YOUR CREATOR HOOD SELF… YOUR EMPOWERED SELF…moment to moment to moment and …you view no ‘other’…!

There is a beautiful Sufi story, which will highlight all of this, as simply as all Sufi teachings do! A Sufi master and his disciple were seated when a traveler trudged along and asked the Sufi master what kind of village it was, as he wanted to reallocate, and was checking out the best village to move into. The Sufi master responds by asking him what kind of village did he come from? When the traveler shares that he comes from a village full of murder and robbery and conflict, and is the reason to shift, the Sufi master cautions him that this would be a similar village; and thus the traveler moves on in his search. Few moments later another traveler comes along, asking the same question, as he too is looking for a village to move into. And the Sufi master responds with the same query about what kind of village does the traveler come from? When the traveler shares that he comes from a village full of love and sharing, the Sufi master tells him that’s exactly the kind of village he will find here! As this voyager leaves to come back with his belongings the masters disciple is somewhat aghast, and asks the Sufi master how could he lie, and give two completely opposite answers to each man? It is then the Sufi master explains to him that he does not lie because each would find (or create for self) that village that was within them and thus reflected in their current villages! There is nothing, no village different from self!

Which brings me to MIRRORS! We are all familiar with the concept of mirrors, but if you use its visual imagery it will enable our understanding or activating of self- responsibility or self-empowerment! We all know that if I am wearing a red t-shirt and blue scarf that is what the mirror will reflect, it cannot do otherwise! Also all of us present here know that if we are love and abundance that is what will reflect in our lives, if we are doubt and lack then that will; so I will not go into that today!

But if you use the mirror analogy to understand today’s speak it can reinforce that the point of power is within. So do that- conjure yourself in front of a mirror- and become aware that the reflection you see in that mirror is your world or outer people, events and things! And just like you cannot change the reflection without changing self, you cannot manipulate the other, the husband, the government, and the in laws…! You cannot make changes from outside! You cannot change others from outside! And all recurring patterns of thought or action or situations occur because you try to change the outside and the cause, the root within you has not been dealt with! And till you focus on changing the outside effect, another (more lethal and closer ‘home’ every time) will come along till you address source within! So use this visual imagery to take self-responsibility and move into SE…and stop trying to fix the reflection!Also, view visually, how you are actually trying to change self, enhance self, put on the ‘make up’ on self….and not the reflection! So this will help you view visually how you must make or are making all changes for self! Not for the other, not for the husband or teacher…but for self! The outside is just a trigger; much like your mirror allows you to see that you need to shape the eyebrow! But it is for self and thus SELF-ACCEPTANCE = (equals) SELF-EMPOWERMENT too!

To really understand the concept of mirrors you must know where it comes from! In the larger picture we are spirit, higher dimensional beings, god selves call it what you may, choosing to expand our ‘mind’… Universal Mind… Self… the will love creativity wisdom that we are. And humanity or the physical earth experience is a medium (albeit a beautiful one) to hone the inner- the Universal Mind and Self! We have chosen the tangible physical human realm as a mirror to view this Mind, this Self, the Love, Will, Creativity, Wisdom that we are…outside us, so that we may expand it within! That’s all! So when we view relationships or careers in trouble we go within and expand! When we view them as beautiful we know we are on the right track! This actually is another major reversal in our life- -what we have thought as real: the physical, tangible outer life people, events things is actually the reflection in the mirror! And what we have thought as nebulous, not really real: our thoughts, feelings and beliefs… is real! It is akin to the ‘you’ in the mirror visual standing in front of the mirror…!

Which brings us to the importance of recurring thoughts and feelings…summed in one word as your: beliefs. And thus to the last point for today! Because by now, many are wondering or asking that we have heard a lot about being the creator…but where exactly is this creator within me? Which part of me is creator? And my answer dear friend is that your Creatorhood is in YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM! In what you may call your recurring thoughts and feelings and focus and intent….

In brief because all present are familiar with this…so for the new comers…we live in what is called a vibrational universe… everything you see and don’t see is energy vibrating at different frequencies. So yes, stone, animal, this table, your chairs, you and me and our thoughts and feelings are energy vibrating at different frequencies- and what you cant see is what we will call pure energy. So if you can visualize this, you are surrounded in a field of energy- and your thoughts are impinging on it-ping ping ping every moment. And this is where what I earlier spoke about the NOW becomes important! We all already know the universal laws of energy and that Like attracts like! Which means- what you think- you attract! We all already know that Energy is neutral- which means it knows no difference in what we want and don’t want! In positive or negative attention- both are instructions-what I call energy signatures- to energy to manifest! Love or fear…abundance or doubts…but let us become aware of the ramifications that energy, or manifestation actually works in the Now! We create instantly (I am told it takes 15 human seconds) on the inner realms! And it only takes ‘time’ to become physical because we have chosen a time lag in the human experience to be able to hone our thoughts before manifesting them as the dense events, people things! So with this in mind become more aware that yes your thoughts go ping, yes your feelings go ping, yes your affirmations and positive thinking and meditations go ping ping ping…BUT YOUR BELIEFS ARE 24/7 INSTRUCTIONS! THEY ARE WHAT I CALL YOUR POWER OF ATTORNEY and why they are what i have called your very Creatorhood!

This is important to understand dearest friends, because whether we are ‘aware’ of this or not, your beliefs are even now shaping, impacting, the day-to-day stuff in our lives. It is because you believe you are woman that you remain steadily so, it is because you believe this is a chair it remains so…if you ‘felt’ it on and off, ‘thought’ it, ‘hoped’ for it…it would keep changing as per your thoughts and feelings! We do not ‘believe; in our abundance, we think of it, we sometimes feel it, we hope for it, we focus on it and thus it fluctuates in tandem…

And thus as self-empowered creator- choose your belief system-expand your belief system and expand self and enhance outer life! THIS IS TRUE SELF-EMPOWERMENT –when you choose what reality you wish to be part of! And how do you do that? It is double-pronged- know thyself …become aware of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs! And simultaneously expand your larger picture, your view of the macrocosm…I will touch upon this another day…

And thus self-empowerment is yes, what we started with, you real-ize you are creator who can manifest his life events people and things through his recurring thoughts feelings and belief, at a tripartite level, and thus there is no one other than you and thus the world is your mirror! …

Welcome to 2007, welcome to complete self-responsibility, welcome to claiming your Creator hood…

Divyaa Kummar

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