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Greetings, I shall speak in link…I am connected to what I can best describe as a collective energy-a creative force without name or image -other than a most beautiful sound! It…they… greet all of us …as divine aspects, divine selves…therein...

Yes greetings… and welcome beloved divine selves. The love, wisdom power, beauty & all those attributes, that you make us symbol to, we see it-hear it resonating in each one of you

And in this now- we invite you to come with us- beyond your forms and images, beyond your thoughts and words… and BE …all that IS…You! Because beyond what you can describe, think, imagine, understand… IS …

(Pause while energies of ‘is’ …are…)

Ah some of you think we have left the sentence undone- is what? You are asking? So we shall repeat, but pay close inner attention …beyond the power of your language and words… IS…

(Pause while energies of ‘is’ … is ‘emanated’)

Yes, yes resonate, resonate to that which has no words…. and yet is…… all that IS….

(Pause while energies of ‘is’… are ‘Emanated’)

Beautiful… beautiful… and understand that you resonate to your inner own sacredness and not to ours… and those who are saying “we feel nothing”…focus within self and do not direct your attention towards us! Our presence and emanation merely functions as an amplifier so that the core vibration within and around each self becomes more palpable…in your terms, we are merely the dial that turns up the volume… so that your inner senses may more easily detect the sweet pitch that Is ….

To begin with, accept whatever comes to you-–a sensation- a feeling- a color –a vibration…and as we increasingly aid you through this platform- gradually –do not strain or hasten the process- you will ‘hear’ the vibration-the inner sound. And this inner sense of self- whether it be a vibration, sensation or sound it matters not- will take you beyond the need to ‘understand’ through ‘word and thought’ the sacredness that you are… and instead aid you to ‘Know and Be’ …! And your own unique symphony will lure you past the last remaining vestiges of the restraining aspects of intellect…note our emphasis on ‘restraining’ aspects because we do not ask you to do away with the intellect all together at this point..

We urge you to do this, at the very least, a couple of times a day …a few seconds in an eternal now! Yes you can call this mediation, but it need not be done only cross-legged in one space- but anywhere at any time. Unconsciously it is always present but it is through its conscious awareness, you will extend the connection and soon it will be the way you are!

And many wonder “how do a few seconds even to begin with, help in the flurry of a hectic day’? And our answer is, it plants a fragrant rose garden within your inner home! Conjure you that you want to add a sparkle to your house one afternoon; and you may either spend the day scrubbing, polishing, re arranging or you may simply and effectively bring the most fragrant of flowers and allow them to their magic! Yes?

When there is discordant noise around you- you may try shutting windows, plugging your ears, complaining to the neighbors or put on some beautiful music within your hallowed space….yes?

And this is how it works- All of you here are familiar with how energy functions-always the denser (what you call lower) vibrations rise to the finer (what you call higher). Always, the finer vibrations remain untouched by the denser…completely untouched even by the judgment of lower and higher… knowing that evolution will play it role in their merger. So what you do is plant a fragrant rose garden -a finer vibrational frequency within your energy fields, and all denser vibrations are drawn unerringly towards it…! You resonate into your energy fields a symphony so alluring that all your vibrations yearn and reach towards it, are unerringly drawn towards it- much like a lover beckoned by the voice of his beloved …

And in less esoteric terms, and in your terms: a constant ‘cleansing’ takes place…a steady issue resolution…joyful growth! We shall digress for a moment…for there is much confusion on what this inner cleansing means! ‘Cleansing’ does not magically take away your problems - whether you use these tools, the violet flame or higher selves! What is indeed cleansed is your unwillingness; your inability to view the blocks, the negative focus, and the fears…what is cleansed is the suppression of issues! Because while ‘suppression’ will give you a ‘smoother ride’ for a while, the issues must come up, in what you call ‘later’: later in this life or another! And when they come up to the conscious mind-can they be truly resolved! Only through the conscious mind is there true and permanent issue resolution! And therefore steady issue resolution takes place, because cleansing allows your blocks to rise, where you thus consciously release them. And because your vibrations are heightened, - there is increased ability to deal with the outwardly manifestation or indeed allow it –you respond rather than react…..in your words you ‘tackle’ the situations better-and they do not appear as the major problems they had seemed within-and that is why there is ‘joyous growth’!

So, let us come back to our original content- once you have begun this ‘connection’ with what we shall merely call ‘is ness’, through inner sound or feeling…both vibrations indeed- you may make conscious intent to place this ISNESS within the 6 focal energy centers along your spine. What you call chakras.

One at a time…do not hasten we shall guide you…allowing the cleansing, resolution, growth and optimal balance within each chakra. For those who say “we can never feel anything” we will guide you with different tools- help you plant seed sounds – but again use these if they resonate with you. Understand that each one resonates to different tools- you are encoded to do so, and as they are required they come your way. So how do you know if you are encoded for a tool? Only if you are drawn to it. Do not use them because everyone around you is doing so! At the same time do not shut them off- there may come a point when you require or desire them!

It is also time to understand that the veils you read, hear, learn about- are not some etheric gauze in a space that does not exist and which you call your mind! More accurately they are energy knots you have placed in your chakra’s…!. And by vibration and sound, you will easier unravel them. A lifting of the veils my dears is through a raising of your energies and vibrations…! What you also call Kundalini.

Of course vibrations can be raised by what you call, ‘other’ paths - knowledge or gyan, love, and devotion, Kriya and breath control, right action… And none of them more important than the other. None is easier. Each has its own value, and each of you choose whatever you are drawn to. Each has its own unique advantage, and only your starting points are different-as they must all amalgamate at some point! Wisdom will lead to love, which will lead to devotion-which leads to ‘correct action’-which leads to less stress, problems and thus smoother breath and there is thus joy and your inner sounds sings out… it happens! This is but one sequence, it can be in anyway…

Before we conclude, we shall give you one more clue. How to recognize this inner sense, this inner palpable feeling that ‘is’. Do not think you will be thunder stuck & go "Eureka". Do not think you will be shouting out to all& sundry "I found it, I found it." No my dears, no
So conjure if you will that your glance falls in a passing mirror- and as you pass a mirror, you glance within it? You are not thunderstruck & do not need to shout to all and sundry “I am a woman-I am man-I am Divyaa…x..y…z!!?” Surely? There is instead a quiet sense of recognition of that which you know- a quiet affirmation of that you already ARE… Yes a sense of joy at the beautiful woman that is you. Similarly as you come closer to that which you are…it will be a joyous, yet silent familiar understated feeling…. of recognition. Again in analogy conjure if you will that you are in your home and busy cooking, cleaning, working on your computer, speaking on the phone, and then as the afternoon comes you take a small nap. You become aware of the music that has been playing in your neighbors house- and you simultaneously become aware it was always there but you hear it more palpably now that you are conscious of it…and this is how the inner sound will dawn on you…as it was always there…and now you are hearing it…!
And this is how the inner sounds rise….your inner self rises… and as you reverberate to All That Is… abundant blessings are……
And blessed be all- blessed be you
Blessed be your joyous fulfillment, blessed be your joyous yearning,
Blessed be your goals and destinations, blessed be NOW;
Blessed be your desire to save the world and others-and blessed be your releasing of such desires;
Blessed be your higher and wise purposes -blessed be your relinquishing all judgment;
Blessed be your anchoring of self in the light, blessed be your forgiveness of others and self for considering it can be absent!
Blessed be all that I am, blessed be your illusions- that I am not
Blessed being, blessed be, blessed is ness, blessed is

Blessed is, blessed is…each self, present in the here and now…and the knowing that each one always… IS.
Love from my heart to yours Divyaa Kummar

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