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ARUNA: At the face of it 'how simple' but really v all know how difficult it is in actuality....lifetimes r spent in the search 4 something hidden so well and deep within us Why this such a complex and difficult process

DIVYAA:think game: think movie: unless there is some challenge whats the fun? wld u play snakes n laddrs if you knew all yr moves ...and yr team mates moves...and there were no snakes... and.. . the only way to go was up... ?! u wld throw such a game away!!!And creation/existence... is god playing with god...a powerful adversary or playing mate...and the game had to be challenging;-))

ARUNA:who other than u can put it this way....its so convincingly unarguable....hats off 2 u


ARUNA-"I can intelectually understand perfectly,fleetingly feel 2 maybe 4 a moment the truth of it and agree with u totally  ....then how do v explain Meera Bai and her legendary devotion 2 Krishna ..This is a perfect example of attaining unity through duality  While writing this i get the answer that she started her search in duality as v all do and it all came back 2 the merger, the unity where she realized true bliss  Is that what it was ??"

DIVYAA: yes i wld say she started with yearning- which IS an imp step along the way! that all consuming yearning is what actually makes the merger' happen'! then she was lost in her bliss; in the union; paradoxically( oh words are soo limted) this union retains a yearning but not of lack! but one of fulfillment!lLike the fulfilled yearning (oxymoron) when we are making love or relishing a delightful choclate;-)


DIVYAA: As we take Self exploration deeper and deeper...we realize that going 'deeper' is reaching the most simple! And the deepening is only a tool to arrive at the utter simplicity of it all! Or it becomes ‘kaan rus’…intellectual mind games taking us away... rather than... towards....

Kiran Rai: You are so right, intellectual mind games as you put it do take us 'away'... they tend to keep us occupied with the non is in the total surrender that one will find one self or the "one" we are seeking.


DIVYAA: Constant focus on True Self restores our authentic nature almost automatically!Repeatedly expereincing our authentic Self wears away all that is not in sync with this Self almost automatically! Reiteration engraves academic understanding into grooves and pathways along which your mind then automatically travels!! Reite...ration -Repetition- Constancy -one single step!And hey presto...transformation or awakening or....!

ARUNA:How true ....constant repetition makes it a part of us ..and then automatically v travel that path v r creatures of habit..and constant repetition makes it a second nature or habit...what a simple way 2 transform AH ...monent when i discovered this Thanx


DIVYAA:True forgiveness is ... when there is nothing to forgive! True forgiveness is thankfulness for the expereince & learning! When a sense of thankfulness pervades you, what can remain to forgive or not forgive?

Kiran Rai: Totally agree with that...there really is nothing to forgive if one lives believing that this world is our 'big stage' and we are nothing but actors playing a role...a role we chose to play!!

Ante Diluvian : Hey ! Well Said... maintain a state of Giveness and love

Pritpal Singh: its easy to forgive if u donot allow the bad experiences to get injected too inside your consciousness and keep them at superficial level. It takes a long orientation to inculcate thet level though...

Divyaa Kummar: and i always say... impossible seeming concepts become so easily possible ...indeed natural...once you begin this journey to Self!


DIVYAA; We often think in terms of Gods creating us;but in truth it is we who create our gods! Sensing our purest qualities -but unable to accept this vision as self-we project them onto a ‘god’ or goal outside.Anthropomorphism-personalizing/humanizing abstract qualities (to better understand them) is the basis of mythology.Th...e abstract is given life-the intangible is made tangible thru name form history...

Barbara Thyab Ali: Do you know that Eve's DNA is in each and every one of us ?

Divyaa Kummar; yes~ and not only 'eve'....but of the whole!

Kiran Rai:  An age old topic...leads to contemplation and thought so deep that one forgets the purpose behind the thought...Lines from Kahlil Gibran spring to mind:
"The veil that clouds your eyes shall be lifted by the hands that wove it,
And the clay that fills your ears shall be pierced by those fingers that kneaded it.
And you shall see
Any you shall hear. ... See More
Yet you shall not deplore having known blindness, nor regret having been deaf.
For in that day you shall know the hidden pupposes in all thngs,
And you shall bless darkness as you would bless light."
Whether we made our Gods or the Gods made us,... in the end we are all free spirits that envelop the earth and move in the ether. We seek, search, yearn to be one, be near...with whom?? with the one 'within'?? But how can we one be near unless he be far??...ah so that is why we separate our Gods from 'us' ...???

Divyaa Kummar: yes kiran..thus the paradox that not in onneess & union...but in vairagya and sepration! In onneess who will love whom? it is only in speration from self that 'love' comes into being!

Anurag Anand : what do mean by love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Divyaa Kummar: love can be expereinced and understood at myriad levels! the above refers to one of its deeper implications!

Anurag Anand : nice thanks D

Tanja Reiæ : I injoyed reading your note Divyaa  We have to make up our Gods, because he/she/it is beyond a reach of our human mind. The only way to know him is to be ONE with him. And to be one with him we have to shout up our mind. So the mind, who is magining God and thus helping us in process of spiritual growth, is in the same time big obstacle too.

Divyaa Kummar: yes tanja..the mind is the first takes us out of our godhood....into the sperated self we choose to explore our godhood thru! then it becomes the way/path back...! and then it needs to be surrendered...Words belong to the mind, the mind arises in separation and thus words can only help us define the separation, understand the separation and then form a bridge out of it…but finally we must get off the bridge!


Dearest all
I got a lot of positive feedback for the parable -CAN YOU SLEEP WHEN THE STORM BLOWS- Also put it up on facebook and am sharing some of the dialogue from there as it enables us to understand the parable deeper! (have pasted the story at the bottom for those who may have missed it)

Facebook friend 1 : Rootedness is what all of us r searching 4 ...and proves very hard 2 find..or r v fickle in our search???? Very enlightening Have intellectually understood it but still has 2 sink in at a deeper level

Divyaa:  -Relax! Its a process! First you find it all interesting…then its an intellectual understanding... then through  repeatedly exploring, reading & understanding...they becomes yr beliefs... then over time you cant think any other way...then its yr energy signature, your truth ..... then all the words concepts that got you here begin to leave and you are left with simple centeredness....! Its a process alchemy.... trust ...explore and it will become you..

Facebook friends :  Thanx 4 that stabilizing piece of advice.

Facebook friends :I love the way you put the "process" to words. Very nicely said. Thank you dear one♥

Facebook friend 2- I did not understand the message in the parable, so I thought I shall resort to the umpteen comments here. Please clarify for me: according to the parable, the worker had made all preparations for the storm and so he could sleep well at night. However, in life, how do you know what storm is coming next? Especially if it is a new type of a turmoil, then you can not be prepared. So you can not remain prepared for everything coming your way. Am I missing something here?

Facebook friend 3: Khatro se khelne ki aadat par gayi.thnx fr sharing.

Facebook friend 4-Very nice...mind is ready 4 any storm...just went thru one few months ago...WHEW!!!!! is d calm...

Divyaa: The story implies moving into a phase where there are not 2 states- a) the storm/dangers- b) and its after calm! The story implies moving into one seamless state..! For our farm worker in the story there wassss no storm/khatra! The storm and  its by passing/handling was for the farm owner only!

The parable can be understood at so many levels! In short -its about your spiritual journey-inner preparation- once you are centered due to are at rest thru life's ups and downs! It is not about external preparation! Nor about 'handling' the storms turbulence but being beyond their turbulence  due to your inner work being done!

It also points out that seeming storms-'challenges' will appear -for many think spiritual growth & evolution implies no outer problems/challenges! but the story tells us they will come...and go as they must- its part of the duality experience- but you will be at rest within and thus do they 'pass' over..

You can call this complete empowerment and its surrender; you can call it centering; you can call it the state I refer to 'it is it is'- where one moves into  state of equanimity..beyond the labels of good/happy and bad/painful...!

Facebook friends: Now does it become clear ... thank u, yet again and yet again it was a gift from the Self (you) to the Self (Me)
Thanks for your insights..

Facebook friends- great parable. i've never heard it before. it so clearly points to the simplicity & peace of one who is grounded in awareness. quite powerful.

Facebook friendsThere is a great message in this parable. The one who is firmly rooted in his inner being, he can sleep soundly come what may. Adversities and difficulties will have no impact on him. Thank you for sharing this wonderful parable . Love to remember it for long time.

Divyaa-yes -this rootedness reflecting in day to day ways is what its all about! "Real awakening holds no differences!"


Bryan Jackson The ego is merely another mental construct generated by the mind. Ego has no weight just like any of the other construct. If we believe in the ego as something as we must work with or get rid of, we have as search on our hands to a certain "egoLESS" state. Such a state would be impossible to maintain as many aspects of personality have many ...
necessary ego qualities. You just have to chase the ego, and ALL things in appearance back to their source, awareness. The effortless awareness that IS and ALWAYS IS. Awareness is what you are this very instance and what you have always been. However, many people choose to come in and add something like removing the ego, or embracing awareness, or becoming this or that, or maintaining or stablizing. All will keep you chasing your own tale. All are merely mental constructs. No mental constructs can tell you what you are.

Divyaa Kummar This is the diff in western phsyco analayis and eastern medit /Self awareness methods! in the previous we give so much focus to the ego and the past and what doesnt exist ! indeed giving life to what isnt! in meditation or awarness we focus on the conscioussness...That we are... and even as focus /operate from here - the limited self...beliefs... See More ...ego cannot coexist. It begins to shed like autumn leaves -and the authentic Self automatically comes increasingly into view! In analogy, think of switching on lights in a room and the darkness of ignorance automatically dispelling

Thomas Springer Wonderful divyaa misinformed people give misinformation

Divyaa Kummar My point of view on this is that each one shares as per their truths...and attracts those who resonate to/need to explore those truths;-)) so in the deeepest sense there is nver any misinformation!!! only exploration... expereinces...the journey...the game!

Neeraj Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you."

Divyaa Kummar Mastery does not come from dabbling. We have to be prepared to pay the price. We need to have the sustained enthusiasm that motivates us to give our best." Eknath Easwaran

AND THEN SOMETIMES: Forget the resolutions. Forget control and discipline...too much work. Instead try experimenting. Go in search of something to fall in love with...something... See More about yourself, your career, your spouse."Dale Dauten ! so cheers to the many appraoches to life! wisdom is in knowing when to use what approach! in not thinking one is better than the other!


Seshu Kumar Raju "The stream of thinking has enormous momentum that can easily drag you alongwith it. Every thought pretends that it matters so much. It wants to draw your attention in completely. Don’t take your thoughts too seriously." -Eckhart Tolle

Divyaa Kummar Its like an actor taking his screen story and its thoughts and persona off stage! its like a top sucessful actor who plays the role of a convict- giving thought to jail expereinces in his real life! ! its like a happy actress playing the role of a depressed wannabe -giving off screen thought to if she needs therapy!its like waking up from a dream of being burgled and thinking of calling the cops!!

PREM NIRMAL"Don’t indulge too much and don’t renounce too much. Don’t be only in the world and don’t escape out of it. Go on keeping a balance. When you feel that now you are falling into too much indulgence, lean towards renunciation, and when you feel that now you are going to become a renunciate, an ascetic, lean back again to indulgence. Keep in the middle. -- OSHO


JUAN I monk walked along with his student when they were approached by a man who asked, " Please tell me what it is that I should do to find my way". The monk replied, "Relax and enjoy life more." A little further down the road another man approached the two and asked, "Dear sir, please tell me what I should do to find truth." The monk said, "Work ...hardee and increase yr meditation time.
 After hearing this the student was somewhat perplexed. He inquired of his teacher, "Why did you tell one man to enjoy life more and yet another to work harder, it would seem that you are somewhat confused." The monk smiled and said to his student, "The Path is like a bridge with no railing, if one is moving too far to the left, I tell him to go right a bit and if one is moving too right than I instruct him to move more to the left."

DIVYAA : Bingo juan! Mastery does not come from dabbling. We have to be prepared to pay the price. We need to have the sustained enthusiasm that motivates us to give our best." Eknath Easwaran AND THEN SOMETIMES: Forget the resolutions. Forget control and discipline...too much work. Instead try experimenting. Go in search of something to fall in love with... ...something... See More about yourself, your career, your spouse."Dale Dauten so cheers to the many appraoches to life! wisdom is in knowing when to use what approach! in not thinking one is better than the other!


DIVYAA-My fav zen story:A student went to his meditation teacher and said, "My meditation is horrible! I feel so distracted, or my legs ache, or I'm constantly falling asleep. It's just horrible!"
"It will pass," the teacher said matter-of-factly.
Some months later, the student came back to his teacher. "My meditation is wonderful! I feel so aware, so peaceful, so alive! It's just wonderful!'"It will pass," the teacher replied matter-of-factly.

Divyaa Kummar @Phalgun...ah yes.. be renunciate internally rather than renounce externally!

Whenever you come across a beautiful object, it is God saying “Ah you found me... See More”!” RUMI

Allow this to awaken your soul memory and remember that God is the unmanifest centre of all that is manifest! You cannot reject the physical world without rejecting its very core – spirit; and if you embrace everything around you as the divine choosing to experience Itself- you enter into true worship; into sacred and abundant living; into your life’s’ wholesome reason to be. So come beloveds and discover the unmanifest that imbues all that is manifest; view how ‘this’ world and ‘That’ world are synonymous; choose not one or the other but the whole;


ARUNA:  Why did it want 2 experience what it wasnt and then disempower that part 2 reach what it was earlier..ALL THAT IS Why????

DIVYAA: thanks all, and dear one increasingly become one with the whole...this question ceases to arise!  as our concioussness evolves we find our self as a wondrous part of the play! and while cant ... See Moreintellectually understand this sweetness...i promise becomes more n more your beingness... as we journey along!


HARSH LUTHAR: Modern psychology tries to probe and find causes for things, and they have their interpretations. Why analyze causes? There is a way whereby those subtle energies can be brought forth to clear away the dirt and muck. In this room, if there is a lot of dirt lying around, are you going to analyze the dirt? Or are you going to bring the broom? Which is better? What is the sense of saying this is sawdust, and this is what the wind blew in, and the baby made a wee there!Bring the broom and sweep it out! That is why we say. Take the direct line. And a human being has this ability"Leonato

DIVYAA: Thanks harsh lovely article! especiallyresonate to this above piece: sometimes we get stuck in whats now beng called the 'cleansing' process-on the dirt-psychoanalysing-whereas by becoming aware and focsssing on the expanded self that we intrinsically are-- its quintessence permeates you and limited beliefs or negativity cannot coexist. focus on the expanded self- whether thru medit, mantra , gyan or bhakti or whatever yr route maybe- works like a tuning fork lifting your concioussness ! like rose petals make a room fragrant , rather than cleaning out any musty smell...! so seed yr energy fields with the higher frequencies rather tah focus on the denser ones you choose to move away from-andyr energies move towards them a lover drawn to a lovers voice or gopis to krishnas flute!...

Harsh K. Luthar :Wow!! Thanks Divyya-ji. I can't wait to read your articles.


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