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Here are some excerpts from various Guru Purnima meditations of mine, over the years!

Guru Purnima at its deepest is our homage to Guru Consciousness Itself- Comprising of your special guru in any Now yes- and the many gods, masters, guides and teachers you have mingled with in the physical or inner dimensions. Also Its many different faces, known and unknown - your friends, family, colleagues seeming strangers and foes are all part of guru consciousness .As are Its many different forms, visible and invisible - sacred texts, books, emails, movies, nature, life beautiful life and its many events  .So on guru purnima, don't define 'guru' ... be in homage and thankfulness to guru consciousness in its largest sense

View Guru Consciousness as that aspect of consciousness... that gestalt of consciousness... whose very purpose to exist is to keep all aspects of consciousness connected to the Whole, through Its game of seeming separation and ignorance! So that when Its units sojourn far and wide and seemingly forget who they are- Guru consciousness, remains intact within them as the way back home!  It then takes the faces of Guru’s… known and unknown... visible and invisible! And comes as knowledge and wisdom… through texts... classes... satsangs...and epiphany- eureka’s! And even more importantly, it remains intact within you at your deepest core, always holding you in its embrace

Guru consciousness is that aspect of consciousness which has explored consciousness before you! That is all!   Explored, experienced, fulfilled its role in the cosmic play ...  and in that it shares’s with you its journey! It has not sat loftily separate as the god, guru, master... in the skies or heavens! It contains within it the experiential sum of All That Is ... and that is why Guru Consciousness does not reach you through your masters, gurus, teachers’ words - but through energy field permeating and mingling with you...!

Guru consciousness does not only help you go 'back home' as many think... it plays its role in all aspects of the journey. It indeed helps you how to best enter the game when that is required...!It helps you how to best play the game when you are within it...!It does not preach about cutting short your journey as much share how to make the most of it! And only when 'you' have fulfilled your role in the cosmic play does guru consciousness help you go back...home...! Thus based where you are in your journey in this life, and in the larger cycle, does Guru Consciousness come your way for what you need in the Now! Where ever you are- be it to enter into certain areas- to move away in others...

Guru Consciousness does not seek acquiescence .It indeed encourages you to explore... the many paths even... to debate...  and to question; to understand deeper... and explore deeper still...and question more... to retrospect. Till finally... there is no 'seeking' left. Where contradictions can co-exist… where the more we ‘know’ the more comfortable are we with the unknown! The ‘surer’ we become in our path - the more comfortable are we with contradiction! The 'steadier' our truth becomes - the more comfortable are we with paradox! Indeed the knowing, surety, constancy that we view as spiritual ripening- is in our ability to embrace the unknown, contradiction and paradox

Guru consciousness then takes us beyond all the words, concepts and knowledge we have gathered! It then attracts you... beckons you... beguiles you to surrender beyond the questions... beyond the intellectual debates of the mind. Debates belong to the mind and at its deepest Guru consciousness takes you beyond the mind, and its words and concepts, beyond all those ponderous understandings and complex ideas...To its simple inexpressible sum within the heart. 

Then Guru Consciousness plays its 'master' move... role... Having prepared the ground it helps us move into the one and only True Guru… into Awareness… which takes us beyond self and ego notion…the one single step to awakening! Indeed every other guru is but a step towards this Guru… of Awareness… for all that awareness activates is us (non judgment, acceptance, forgive ness, equanimity, surrender etc) is what every gurus message is! Its vastness….Its Love is what every guru generates in us! And it is Awareness that propels us out of duality, maya, ego self…awareness that liberates us from the self!

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