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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
Angela Monet

Life is beautiful!

That's the consciousness for the week. Can you handle it? Can you manage without your problems for a while? Can you reconcile your self to living in joy and thankfulness! Can you focus on the positive and all that works rather than keeping yourself busy with what doesn’t? Can you allow yourself to believe that all is well with you; and your world?

Are you willing to give this a try? For a fortnight? Bringing in more to be happy about! Thus having less to fuss, fret and fear! And when that makes you feel better, and life goes just that little bit smoother, perhaps extend this focus for another fortnight?

Start by looking back on the positive aspects of your life. Make a mental list of all that you have to be thankful about. Identify what is good about you. And think about the infinite positive directions your life can go in from here! Give your attention to all the things that make you smile, make you feel good and make your heart swell up in some name less wonder…be it that shiny star atop the x’mas tree. Or that starring role you hold deep within your heart.

And you may well be unable to revert to any other way of being! Everything in the universe is energy which can be measured and reduced to vibrational frequencies- with joy being amongst its finest frequencies. Add to that the universal law that as we vibrate we attract…and we may catch a glimpse of how joy begets joy! The future then belongs to you in ways you have not even dreamt of, for every vibration you offer creates your future!

There is always something you can be happy about—it is simply up to you to identify it! Each time you discover some new source of happiness, the belief that the world is a happy place will find its way more deeply into your heart. For the only way to guarantee happiness ‘tomorrow’ is to consciously choose happiness today! Then, it awaits you at every corner! And a shift occurs in the very fabric of your being: moving you from thankfulness for this, that and the other to pure thankfulness for being alive and the rich potential life offers; and you discover that the best way to make dreams come true is not focus on the end-products they offer, but a life well lived.

And as you increasingly fill your cup to the brim… it flows out indeed, filling the cups of those around you! And you discover that if your answer to the question ‘Am I joyful? ’ is in the affirmative; so will your answer to the question “Do I bring joy to others?” be! And as you live in joy, you indeed spread joy and are in service to your beloveds, humanity and the planet!

And this is true spirituality or the hall mark of a life well lived! Concerned as it is with a joyous here and now and not only a heavenly thereafter or some happy ‘future’! And if you sometimes wonder whether you are you on the right track, ask yourself what states of joy do you live in? Does life feel a celebration? Take a deep breath … and recognize in that pure prana- the pulsating life force! Pure joy!

Steel bars add nothing to their structure to become powerful magnets- a change of molecules within does the trick! And likewise, one joyful thought becomes a mighty magnet, drawing to it other joyful thoughts, which in their union become so powerful that not only do they attract more and more to be joyful about but also sweep away all that is not harmony with them!

This is the wonder of joy! A 24/7 meditation! And pure service from self to selves! The universe indeed floods us with its essence over the Christmas and New Year week, that’s why you can feel it all around you! Embrace this gift and read on that star atop the Christmas tree, Nietzsche words: “As long as men have existed, man has enjoyed himself too little; that alone is our original sin.”

Love from my heart to yours
Divyaa Kummar

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